Can We Start Over Again 4

Can We Start Over Again 4

After reigning as champions of The Voice Duets, Maya dela Rosa and Richard Lim had been in demand in almost all kapamilya network shows.

They guested in talk shows and talked about their lives and their success.

They were interviewed for the showbiz segments of the network’s news program.

They also sang and even danced in the Sunday variety show, ASAP.

They played in the game show of the network.

They were even made guests in one of the network’s sitcoms.

Everybody wanted to feature them – radio programs, teen magazines, newspapers and even tabloids.

They were suddenly catapulted to fame.

The network signed them up to be part of the roster of stars of the Star Magic, the stable for the network’s talents. It was part of their prize.

Being members of Star Magic ensured that they were well taken cared of. They were assigned their own personal assistants to fix their schedules and provide their needs. The Star Magic management was in charge of everything Maya and Richard will be doing after having won The Voice Duets.

After winning, Maya and Richard were given two months to honor all their commitments in the network.

It was still their school break so they could see no problem if they extended their stay in the Philippines.

Both their mothers stayed with them while their fathers already left for the US a week after the finals.

“Ricky okay ka lang? Pagod ka ba? Masama pakiramdam mo?” Maya was worriedly asking Richard while they were resting in the dressing room assigned for them. They were guests in the top-rating noontime show of the network. They just did their hosting spiels and will be singing at the last gap of the show.

“Okay lang ako Maya. Don’t mind me. Matatapos na rin naman tayo. Sa hotel na lang ako magpapahinga.”

Richard was actually not feeling well. He has fever and he really wanted to go back to his hotel room to rest but he doesn’t want to leave Maya and he also doesn’t want to be a burden to the staff of the noontime show. Despite what he feels, Richard vowed to finish their commitment  for the day.

Maya felt his forehead and got worried when she found out he was burning with fever. She immediately left their dressing room and seeked for Richard’s mom who was watching the noontime show with the audience.

Esmeralda Lim and Teresita dela Rosa rushed to the dressing room and requested for medicine for Richard. The noontime show’s staff and hosts were all worried and they suggested to cancel Maya and Richard’s duet. Richard insisted that he could still do their number. He pretended to be okay. He never wanted to cause inconvenience to others.

Despite being sick, he was able to do the duet with Maya. They sang “Beauty and the Beast” which was the hit song that time. The crowd was cheering. Just like in any other duets they sang, the duo always gets the loudest screams and fans are going crazy just seeing them. Even the show’s hosts couldn’t deny the charisma of the kids and their inexplicable chemistry.

Maya was the usual bubbly, funny talkative one during the interview after their duet while Richard, who was sick that time, just tried his best to smile and answer the questions of the show’s hosts.  He was actually uncomfortable with the attention they were getting that’s why he would appear as aloof and suplado to some.

“Maya ang tahimik talaga nito ni Richard no?” Vice, the show’s host commented during the interview segment after their duet.

Richard just smiled.

“Yes po Ate Vice. Mahiyain lang talaga kasi yan si Ricky. Hindi siya sanay sa maraming tao. Atsaka may sakit po kasi siya kaya medyo hindi sya makulit.” Maya answered.

“But Maya and Richard are you staying here for good or are you going back to the States?” It was Anne who asked this time.

It was Richard who answered, “We will just finish our commitments po then we will go back to the States.”

His statement was met with groans from the audience.

“Naku ayaw nila. They want you guys to stay.” Vice again commented then even joked, “Actually you guys can be artistas here. Tita Vice can produce a tv series for you. I can be Richard’s mom…”

Both Maya and Richard just laughed at Vice’s jokes.

After their guesting at the noontime show, Richard was brought for check-up at the nearby hospital and was diagnosed to have a simple case of fatigue. He was just asked to rest for a few days.

Maya continued going to their scheduled guestings alone. She had no choice but to do it on her own. She just sang solo song numbers in the shows she did. Since she was really talented, funny, charming and a true crowd-drawer,  she easily earned the admiration of the fans.

They were down to their last show before their flight back to the States in a few days.  Maya and Richard were part of the biggest concert of the network which featured the country’s top singers.

It was an anniversary concert of the network. Maya, Richard and the other finalists of The Voice Duets were privileged to be part of it. Maya and Richard had their own number which they had been rehearsing for days already.

Maya was also so elated to be performing with her idol, Darren in the finale number where all the singers and dancers gets to do a grand number together.

“Maya, stop smiling. Para kang baliw. Atsaka you’ve been staring at him for about 10 minutes now. Baka matunaw yan.“ Ricky joked and pretended to check his watch. He saw his partner smiling while glancing at Darren.

“Shhh Ricky wag ka ngang mangialam. Ang cute kaya niya. Ang gwapo. Ang ganda ng smile. Atsaka nginitian nya ako kanina. Haaaayyyy….” Maya said giddily which earned a smirk from Richard.

“Sus, mas gwapo, cute at mas maganda ang smile ko dyan. Mas maganda rin ang mata ko. Lamang lang yan ng kalahating tabo ng paligo kasi nabihisan na at may make-up pero when he was still starting, he doesn’t even look good.”

“Naku ang yabang ng bestfriend ko. Uy Richard Lim gwapo kaya yan si Darren. Atsaka pano naman gaganda ang smile mo eh ni hindi ka nga ngumingiti. Ang suplado mo. Tapos yun mata mo, well sabagay asset mo naman talaga yan. Pero lamang na lamang pa rin si Darren sa’yo. Ang yabang nito. Iligo mo na lang yan mamaya.” She countered.

They were bantering and teasing each other like they used to.

Unknown to Maya and Richard, a network executive, who was at the concert was observing them. She was already planning the future of the kids.

She saw the potential of the two and she knows that the network has hit big time with their The Voice Duets champion.

She dialed a number.

“Mr. M may kailangan tayong pag-usapan.”

“Ano yun Cory?” the person on the other line asked.

“I think we found a solution to our problem. Maiaangat na natin ulit ang lugmok nating ratings.”

“And how will we do that?”

“Let Richard Lim and Maya dela Rosa sign an exclusive two year contract with us.”



A/N : Short lang muna ha!


5 thoughts on “Can We Start Over Again 4”

  1. Thank you dreamytimmy sa update. Hala hindi pa sila makakauwi ng tuluyan to continue their studies pala kung magsasign sila ng contract. Distance learning na lang ang gawin nila para hindi silamahuli sa studies nila.

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