Can We Start Over Again 3

Can We Start Over Again 3

Richard Lim and Maya dela Rosa represented the Filipinos of the US  in The Voice Duets Philippines.

Together with the other Filipino contestants from Canada, Middle East, Europe and of course, the Philippines, they were trained by their respective chosen coaches as they continue to advance in the levels of competition.

The network converted the famous PBB house into a studio for the rehearsals of the contestants.

Maya, Richard and the other kids were provided with a place to stay nearby. They had assistants to take care of their needs.

Both Maya and Richard enjoyed all the new things they have the opportunity  to experience.

They met new friends and even visited the beautiful places of the Philippines.

They were able to experience the warmth of their kababayans and were able to immerse themselves in the Filipino culture which their parents have been so proud of.

They were also privileged to be coached by the famous Tony-awardee, Coach Lea.

They busied themselves with rehearsals, voice lessons, dance lessons and even guestings on the network’s talk shows.

Since Richard and Maya were the most good-looking, most smart and articulate among the contestants, they would be sent to various TV shows and radio programs to promote The Voice Duets.

They enjoyed the entire experience despite being tired from the daily activities.
Richard kept his promise to Nanay Teresita and Tatay Arturo.

He really took good care of Maya. He would always stay with her and always warn her whenever she gets very close and so trusting with people she meets.

Maya was  always very friendly that Richard had to always remind her to be careful in dealing with people. Ricky was very much aware that despite the glitz and glamour of showbiz, the business of entertainment is full of insincere and superficial people.  For him, it is better to be safe than sorry and he definitely would want his and Maya’s stay in the Philippines safe and of course successful.

They stayed in a two bedroom condo nearby just like the other contestants from abroad. They were accompanied by Maya’s Auntie Fe and the assigned Personal Assistants from the network.

Everything they needed from clothes, food, transportation were provided by the people behind The Voice Duets Philippines.


After many rounds of competition, Maya and Richard finally emerged as one of the three finalists of the competition. They represented Coach Lea’s team.

The many weeks of being seen on TV already earned  them many fans. Regular viewers of the show have noticed the chemistry of the duo. They were already being tagged as a loveteam which they just took in jest.

The network have seen the potential of the kids even when they were just starting. They vowed to offer them a career in their network regardless of the results of the competition.

Their parents have arrived a week before the finals. They made sure to be around to give moral support to the kids during the finals.

During the finals, Maya and Richard sang three OPM songs ‘Araw Gabi’ ‘Please Be Careful With My Heart’ and ‘Sana Maulit Muli’. All songs were arranged to suit their voices and the proper blending of their vocals.

They were able to sing the Tagalog songs fluently, flawlessly and full of emotion despite being born and raised in the US and it  made the audience appreciate them more.

With their undeniable vocal talent coupled with their inexplicable charisma, Maya dela Rosa and Richard Lim emerged the champion  of The Voice Duets Philippines.

The moment their names were announced, Maya and Richard couldn’t help but be emotional. They were beaming with happiness. They hugged each other and tearfully whispered words of thanks and congratulations to each other.

It was a difficult journey to be joining a prestigious competition in an unfamiliar country and culture especially being far from their parents.

Every step towards their success had been with sleepless nights, tiring rehearsals, song memorization, difficult dance choreography,  homesickness, nonstop travelling to various parts of the Philippines.

Their young minds and body could only take too much but doing these things together made everything easier and a wonderful experience.

“Ricky we made it!” Maya was saying  while tightly hugging him.

“I can’t believe it Maya! Salamat! Salamat talaga! Papa won’t leave for Australia anymore.”

They were congratulated by the people behind the show.

They were also congratulated by the big bosses of the network.

Their Coach Lea was so elated. “I am so proud of you guys!” Then she hugged both as well.

Even the other coaches Sarah and Bamboo were also satisfied with the results.

Richard and Maya, though being with Coach Lea’s team, had always been a favorite of the other coaches as well.


Maya and Richard and their parents are now staying at the hotel provided for them.

They still couldn’t believe the fortune they have won and the success they have achieved.

“Maya, Richard you both know na magagaling kayo. The results of the competition even proved it. But always remember that you should never let all the success get in your heads ha! Remain humble and just be the same kids na minahal ng mga sumuporta sa inyo.” Nanay Teresita adviced them while they were having dinner at the hotel’s restaurant.

The network allowed the families to have their own private time so they ensured that no press people or fans would be following them.

“Nanay siyempre naman po. Kami pa ni Ricky! Ambabait kaya namin.” Maya was quick to answer her nanay.

“Maya seryoso ako. Hindi ako nagbibiro.”

“Opo Nanay Teresita. Hindi naman po namin iniisip ni Maya na mas nakakalamang na kami just because we won. We were just blessed but we are still the same Ricky and Maya na siyempre hinding hindi kayo bibigyan ng sakit ng ulo.” Ricky replied.

“Compadre medyo hindi ata ako pwede sumama sa mga lakad ng mga batang to. Nakakatakot kapag dinudumog sila ng mga tao.” Roberto voiced his concern to Arturo.

“Ako rin nga. Grabe pala yun mga supporters ng dalawang to. Hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala. Noong panahon kasi natin mga Pilita Corales lang yun mga pinagkakaguluhan.” Tatay Arturo joked.

“Naku si Tatay nagpapahalata ng edad. Samahan nyo po kami ni Ricky sa mga guestings namin. Mas kampante kami kapag kasama namin kayo.” Maya told her tatay.

“Kids ha ayaw ko ng mga teasing teasing nila ng loveteam loveteam kuno ha! Baka mamaya makaapaekto yan sa inyong dalawa.” Esmeralda also pointed out one concern she and Teresita had been worrying about.

They were aware of how the fans see them as a loveteam. Though both parents want their kids together, they were worried na baka mailang yun dalawa sa isa’t isa. They were still very young anyway to be thinking of those things.

Maya and Ricky stared at each other, smiled then they just gave their parents a hearty laugh. “Si Mama Esmie nagpapatawa. Kami ni Ricky? Yuck ayoko nga! Sungit sungit kaya nito. Suplado pa. Atsaka may crush ako sa ABS. Si Papa Piolo! Lamang yun ng 100 na paligo sa iyo bestfriend!” Then Maya giggled which made both parents laugh.

“Ako rin naman, kung si Maya lang naman,  I’d rather stay single all my life. Ang ingay ingay kaya nito atsaka ang kulit.” Richard also teased Maya.

“Naku tigilan na at baka magkapikunan pa kayo. O siya akyat na kami sa kwarto namin. Magkita na lang tayo dito bukas for breakfast. Kelangan nang makapagpahinga ng mga bata.” Nanay Teresita reminded the kids.

After their goodnight hugs and kisses for each other, they all went to their respective rooms to rest.

After winning, they still have lots of scheduled interviews, pictorials, guestings in various TV shows, provincial shows and other commitments to honor. They will also record an album and have a concert with all The Voice Duets contestants.

They still have to finish everything before they return to their normal lives in the States.


Maya and Richard’s  winning the top prize opened lots of opportunities for both of them.

It made them instant celebrities of the network.

It made them famous not only in the Philippines but worldwide as well.

It gave them the opportunity to make the lives of their families better.

But it also forced them to make the very difficult decision which would change their relationship and lives forever.


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