Can We Start Over Again 2

Can We Start Over Again 2

A/N Matagal na to but as promised, I will finish all the stories, matagal nga lang. πŸ˜…

I appreciate all your comments. Di lang talaga ako palasagot. Shy ako eh πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚ but seriously thanks and I’ll try my best to continue the love story of our dear Maya and Ser Chief.

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“Ricky kinakabahan ako. Baka mamaya makalimutan ko yun lyrics. Baka mamaya masintunado ako.” Maya was so worried of their audition.

“We will be fine Maya. We practiced naman and coach Jeff taught us well. Kahit sina Mama at Nanay Teresita lahat naman ng alam nila in joining singing contests naituro na rin nila. Atsaka marami na rin kaya tayong nasalihan before and marami na rin tayong napanalunan. We prepared naman for this kaya kalma ka lang.”

Richard was trying his best to assure Maya that everything will be okay. He didn’t want to see his bestfriend all rattled and stressed a few minutes before their audition.

Richard and Maya both decided to join this prestigious singing contest of the Philippines top network, ‘The Voice duets’. The prize for the winner includes 2 Million Pesos each, a house and lot for each member of the duo, two cars as well, negosyo packages, travel for ten to all Asian countries and recording contract to the network. The winner also gets to be part of the roster of actors and singers of the network.

It was Maya who suggested that they join. She wanted to help Richard so that his father Roberto won’t need to take the job in Australia anymore. She was confident that she and Richard could do it. They have won in various singing contests already.

Maya had been following the career of those who won in the various contests of the network and she admired how these winners’ lives have changed. One was Darren, her idol, who like them also lives abroad. He auditioned in Canada. He may not have snatched the top prize that time but he still became a very famous singer. He was able to build a house for his family and have them transfer to the Philippines. He is now a top singer of the network and he’s been holding sold-out concerts in the Philippines and abroad as well. Darren had accomplished everything in just two years and he is still on top of his career.

She also dreamed of achieving that for herself, for her family and for her best friend, Richard’s family.

Ricky has always been adamant in joining singing contests before. Those they had joined in the past involved lots of convincing from his parents and even Maya. But now she didn’t have to convince him. He was motivated to join and try their luck. He was driven by the desire to win so that his dad wouldn’t have to accept the work in Australia and leave them anymore.

“Ricky kinakabahan talaga ako.”

“You will be fine. We will be fine. Ikaw pa kakabahan eh ikaw nga ang mas makapal ang mukha sa atin.” He was trying to make her laugh.

Effective naman. “Grabe ka Ricky! Hindi naman makapal mukha ko. Confidence ang tawag dun.”

“O see! Kaya nga. Confident ka! Kaya dapat hindi ka kinakabahan. Let’s just enjoy this Maya. If we won’t be chosen okay lang naman. What’s important is we tried and we enjoyed.”

“Pero gusto kong makuha to. Para to kina nanay at tatay. Para din wag nang umalis si Tito Roberto.”

“Let’s not think about that first. Wag natin iprepressure ang sarili natin. Let’s just enjoy.”

“Sige Ricky. Salamat ha!”

“San ka naman nagpapasalamat?”

“Kasi di ka nakukulitan sa akin. Kasi pinapakalma mo ako.”

“Siyempre malakas ka sa’kin atsaka magagalit si Nanay Teresita kapag pinabayaan kita.”

“Oh dahil lang kay Nanay?”

“No. Of course dahil din sa bestfriend kita.”

“Sus palusot ka pa!”

“I have an idea Maya para mas maging exciting ang audition natin.”

“At ano naman yan Ricky?”

“Whoever sings out of tune or forgets the lyrics, I mean kung sino sa atin ang magkakamali gets to make the others school assignments and projects for the whole month. It includes whatever materials din for the projects yun mas maraming mali sa audition ang bibili.” He suggested. He knows na hindi nagpapatalo si Maya so this could be one way to lessen her jitters in their audition.

“Ayaw mo ata. Siguro tama ako na mas magaling ako sa school kesa sa’yo.” He joked.

“Oy hindi ah! Mas magaling ako no! Hindi ko lang gusto yun pagawa ng project at assignment. Aba bawal kaya yun. Magagalit yun teachers natin. Pero sige call ako dyan.”

“You said that ha! You agreed.”

“Oo naman Ricky! O tara pinky pact tayo.” Maya suggested.

Ricky just shook his head amused at his best friend. Then they did the pinky pact.


The audition, actually blind auditions went on smoothly. Maya and Richard sang their own rendition of Ms. Saigon’s ‘Sun and Moon’ flawlessly.

They hit all the high notes and were able to put the right emotions for the song.

The moment they started a few lines, all three judges, the famous singers of the Philippines, ‘Lea Salonga, Bamboo and Sarah G.’ immediately turned their chairs.

The song ended with the judges and audience giving them a standing ovation. Both Maya and Ricky held hands, relieved to have done it successfully. Maya was even elbowing Ricky’s side and trying to make the thumbs up sign. This didn’t escape the judges who were amused by Maya.

“You guys sang that song perfectly.” It was Lea, the original singer of the song. “Had you guys auditioned with me for Miss Saigon, baka mas kayo pa ang kinuha nila. My God that was mind-blowing.” She was really impressed with their performance.

Maya and Ricky sheepishly smiled. They didn’t expect it to turn out that way.

“Wow!” It was Bamboo. “Well that was impressive.”

“We were so blown away by their performance di pa natin nakukuha mga pangalan nila.” It was Lea again.

“Okay guys tell us about yourselves” she continued.

“I am Maya dela Rosa. I am 12 years old.”

“I am Richard Lim. I am 14 years old.”

“Okay why did you join The Voice duets?”

“We want to share our talents po and we also thought that it could help our families.”

“Are you guys related?” It was Bamboo.

“No po. But we are best friends po.” Maya answered.

“Actually ang cute nyo tingnan together. Napakabagay ninyong dalawa. Kumbaga ang lakas ng chemistry nyo.” Sarah voiced her observation.

“I definitely agree with you Sarah.” Si Leah again. “Artistahin ang mga batang to. Oh well may something ba sa inyo? I mean do you like each other? Crush nyo ba ang isa’t isa?” Ms Lea could be frank at times.

Instead of getting shy or embarrassed with what Coach Lea said, the two looked at each other then laughed.

“Naku hindi po! Parang kapatid ko na po si Ricky.”

“We grew up together po kasi very close yun parents namin.” Ricky answered as well.

“Malay natin in the future since hindi naman kayo blood related…Oh well…”

“Hey easy they are kids.” Bamboo jokingly warned.

“Kasi naman they really look so good together. Ang ganda ng rehistro nila sa monitor. And may spark… I don’t know. Naku don’t mind Ms. Lea. Ang dami ko lang napapansin. Pero okay I’ll make my comment on your performance now. The moment you started to sing the first line, wala na. I already knew you were very good. Then you even sang my song. That makes me feel very privileged because you guys sang it so well. Sang it better than me and my partner pa nga. Then you Richard, napakagwapo mong bata ka. I hope you choose me to be your coach.”

It’s Sarah’s turn “Okay ako naman. Yung pagkanta nyo ng napakahirap na kanta ni Coach Lea, mukhang napakadali lang. Hindi ko nakita yun parang nahihirapan kayo sa kanta. Puno ng emosyon yun performance nyo at napalabas nyo yun pagmamahalan ng characters ng kumakanta kasi nga love song sa medyo malungkot ang Sun and Moon di ba? Ramdam na ramdam namin yun at kahit yun audience natin ramdam yun.” The audience were cheering in approval.

Then Ms. Lea again butted in…”Coach Sarah, pacomment ulit ha… One thing which also impressed me is yun nga sinabi mo, this is a sad love song and they were able to make us feel that love kahit hindi naman nila nafefeel yun considering their age.”

“Oo nga Ms. Lea. Alam nyo Maya and Richard, pwedeng pwede kayong maging singer na artista pa kagaya ko so sana ako ang piliin nyo.” Coach Sarah tried to convince them as well.

“My turn guys. Okay first is you two look so positive and pleasing to the eyes. You are both very good-looking and you have what they call chemistry. It just radiates. Even just standing there beside each other has that invisible I don’t know what to call it pero parang kuryente. That’s a huge plus point in the entertainment industry. Then when you guys sang… It’s just wow! You sang Coach Lea’s song but you definitely could do a very good version of all my songs as well. So there I hope you choose me.”

Maya and Richard were both very happy that all three coaches appreciated what they did. They also get to choose from the three very respected, famous, talented icons of the entertainment industry. They were just very happy.

After briefly talking to each other about whom to choose, both Maya and Richard chose Coach Lea.

“Siya po ang pinipili namin kasi idol po siya ng parents namin. Siya po ang laging pinakikinggan sa bahay.” It was Maya.

“Songs po ni Coach Lea kasi ang palagi naming kinakanta sa mga contests. Parang pasasalamat po namin sa kanya.

So they chose Coach Lea and were told by the staff of The Voice Duets that they would be flying to Manila for the next level of competitions in two weeks time.

Both were very excited. This would be the start to reaching their dreams.


The kids were now waiting for their flight to Manila.

They will fly together with the coaches and an ABS-CBN staff who handles the show. They will be joined by two other duos who were also chosen for the next level of the contest.

“Richard alagaan mo to si Maya doon ha. Ibinilin ko na kayo sa Auntie Fe ninyo. Habang hindi pa kami nakakasunod ni Mareng Esmie siya na muna bahala sa inyo. Maya makikinig ka dito kay Richard. Wag ka magpapasaway ha. At wag na wag kakain or iinum ng malamig.” Nanay Teresita was giving her instructions to Maya and Richard.

“You both heard that ha, Ricky you take care of Maya ha. Susunod kami agad once naasikaso na namin yun business natin dito and nakapagpaalam ako for work.” It was Richard’s mother Esmeralda this time.

“Mr. Lopez we entrust our kids to you. Please take care of them. Whatever problems arise, please let us know asap.” Roberto Lim reminded the TVKD staff.

“You don’t have to worry po. Welfare ng kids ang first and foremost priority ng network. Safe naman po kami sa flight because all the coaches are with us. Masasaya at mababait ang mga yun na kasama. I assure you po that Maya and Richard here will be having a wonderful experience.”

The excited kids then bade goodbye to their apprehensive parents.

They sat beside each other and as usual the two wouldn’t stop bantering about anything and everything they could talk about. The coaches who could see them just shook their heads and smiled. They were really enjoying the infectious positive aura of the two.

“Mamaya pag nakatulog ka Maya don’t lean on my shoulder ha. Baka malawayan mo yun GSW shirt ko.” He was grinning.

“Kapal mo Ricky! Hindi ko ginagawa yun no!”

“Behave ka na Maya. Nakatingin si Coach Bamboo. Mukhang naaasar na oh. Ang laki na ng eyes nya.” teased Richard.

Maya was laughing “Ang sama mo. Malaki talaga eyes nya. Sabagay ang liit at parang guhit lang kasi yun mata mo kaya sobrang malaki na yun kanya compared to yours. Pero ang gwapo ni Coach Bamboo no?” Maya was giddy.

“Hindi naman. Sakto lang. Mas gwapo kaya ako dyan.” Richard whispered.

“Ang lakas ng hangin Ricky. Sobra!” Then she giggled. “Pero si Miss Sarah ang ganda di ba?”

“Sobra! Nahihiya nga akong tumabi kanina and when she was hugging us, I got goosebumps.” Richard admitted.

“Uy crush mo siya no?” Maya teased.

“Ssshhhh wag kang maingay. Nakakahiya.” Ricky warned but Maya didn’t stop teasing him so inside that plane to Manila the two didn’t stop doing what they normally do.

They didn’t stop bothering and pestering the other which made their flight even more fun.

They were both excited for their new adventures in the Philippines. They were bound to experience an event that would change their lives forever.


A/N : Patience is a virtue ha. Konting backstory na muna on this one.

Trivia din. Both Jodi and Richard have worked with the three coaches in their past concerts/ world tours so ayan may konek pa rin. 😊

Have a great weekend !


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