Kwentong Maya and Ricky : Crush

Kwentong Maya and Ricky :  Crush


Richard Lim woke up with a smile on his face.

He never felt so happy and he’s looking forward to having the best day ahead.

He proceeded to his bathroom to shower.

He was even surprised to realize that he was singing in the shower.

He never sang in the shower, not a single time in his 45 years of existence.

He just shook his head.

He was happy.


He was beyond happy.

The reason for that foolish grin on his face is downstairs probably having breakfast with his kids.

After taking a bath, Richard chose his best clothes, sprayed his very special cologne. He had a hard time deciding which tie to wear, trying his best to remember her favorite color.

He wanted to look his best, smell his best.

He was even having a hard time deciding which watch to wear. Should it be his very expensive watch or should he just use his normal daily watch. He remembered that she’s a very simple lady so she probably wouldn’t mind whatever he wears. She might not even notice it. He decided to just wear the simple one.

He shook his head again. He finds himself silly for the way he’s acting.

God he acts like Luke.

Correction… not even like Luke for his son is smooth when it comes to girls.

He acts like Nicolo. Yes he acts like Luke’s bestfriend whenever he’s with Nikki. He needs to be nicer to Nicolo now that he already knows what it feels to be in front of ones crush.

God! Did he just admit that?

Maya dela Rosa is his crush.

She was the one who admitted it to him last night but actually Maya just verbalized what he also felt for her.

Maya is his crush!

He smiled.

The butterflies in his stomach are dancing again.

He’s too old for this but he’s actually enjoying the feeling.


A few hours earlier…

“Maya ang aga mo naman. Tulog pa ako. Atsaka alas nuebe pa yun summit five pa lang o nandito ka na. Kaasar mo naman eh. You disrupted my sleep. Ngarag ang beauty ko nito.” Emman who just woke up was complaining.

Maya decided to go to Emman’s place to prepare for the summit there.

She accompanied Sabel and Joma in their early morning trip to the wet market then from there she rode a jeep to Emman’s condo which is just nearby.

She can’t face her boss after what she did last night. She was so embarrassed.

“Emman damayan mo naman ako.”

“Bakit ba? May problema ka ba?”

“Meron Emman! Ihhhhh!!!! Nakakahiya!!!!” Then she told Emman everything that happened last night.

Emman was laughing so hard at his friend but of course he also assured her that it’s normal and everyone has a crush on Mr. Richard Lim so it’s probably nothing to him.

Or so they thought.


“Manang asan si Maya?” Richard asked when Maya seemed nowhere in the dining area.

“Ah maaga umalis. Sumabay kanina sa pamamalengke ni Sabel at Joma. Dederetso daw sya kay Emman kasi hihiram siya ng susuotin na sapatos para sa summit.”

He frowned.

He was looking forward to seeing her during breakfast but she wasn’t around.

He also felt bad that he’s been focused on what she admitted that he wasn’t even able to check if she needed something for the summit. He could have asked Nikki to lend her some of her unused shoes. They seemed to be the same size anyway.

“May problema ba Ricardo?” Manang Fe asked when she saw his reaction.

“Ah wala naman po Manang. It’s just that may summit kami na dadaluhan. Baka mahuli siya.”

“Naku di mo pa kilala si Maya. Hindi yun mahuhuli. Responsable ang batang yun at alam nya yun mga ginagawa nya. O siya kumain ka na at wag ka nang sumimangot dyan. Mukhang grabe pa naman ang paghahanda mo para sa summit. Bago yang damit na suot mo ah atsaka mukhang naligo ka nang pabango.” Manang Fe voiced her observation.

“Yes daddy. You seem different. Extra handsome ang mabango ka today. Huy si daddy. Siguro may pretty lady kang expected doon sa pupuntahan mo.” Nikki was teasing him.

But he didn’t want being teased. “Stop it Nikki. Let’s have breakfast now.”

He seemed serious so the kids kept quiet.


At the summit…

“Maya ayan na si Ser Chief Ricky. At sobrang gwapo nya today!!!” Emman shrieked. He saw Mr. Lim entering the lobby of the hotel where the summit of the Philippine Aviation Society was being held.

“Sssshhhh!!!!! Emman wag ka magpapahalata.”

Richard saw her. His sour mood immediately improved. His lips curved into a smile. He approached them.

If it’s just possible, Maya would have darted to the restroom. She still doesn’t know how to face her boss after admitting to him that she had a crush on him.

That incident came to her mind again. It was an accidental admission actually. She thought she was dreaming when she did it. Unfortunately, she wasn’t and the object of that admiration of hers was right in front of her. She turned red then shrieked, she rushed to her and Manang Fe’s bedroom without bothering to look back at her boss who was left alone in the kitchen.

Maya closed her eyes and shook her head trying to erase that embarrassing memory of last night.

“Maya I was looking for you. Di ba we agreed na sasabay ka sa’kin?”

“Nahihiya po siya sa inyo si Mayabels.”

“Hihiram po ako ng sapatos kay Emman.”

Emman and Maya said at the same time.

Richard just sighed then held Maya’s hand to lead her towards an empty corner. “Maya let’s talk.”

She just followed her boss, leaving a confused Emman behind.

The moment they were alone, “Maya what’s this? Are you avoiding me?” He can’t help himself to sound upset.

“Ah eh Ser Chief… ano po… kasi po… ” she was turning red again and she covered her face with her hands. Richard’s upset face softened after seeing Maya get all uncomfortable, shy and awkward. He wanted to kick himself for doing this to her.

He gently removed her hands covering her face then in a very soft and gentle voice… “Maya if this is about last night…”

Quick to deny ang Maya, “Ay hindi po Ser ha! Wala naman po yun.”

He smiled. He knows her too well. “Okay. Normal lang tayo?”

“Opo normal lang.”

“Good. Now let’s go. The opening ceremony will be starting in a few minutes.

“Dun na po ako kay Emman Ser Chief.”

“No. Just stay beside me.” Then he now possessively, yet gently placed his hand on her back.

“Mr. Lim!” It was Ina Ruiz with Mr. Julian Jarabata and Mr. Jaime Ventura.

“Good Morning Ms. Ruiz, Julian, Don Jaime. Glad to see all of you here. I want you to meet, Maya dela Rosa, someone who I’m sure will be a big name in the Aviation industry.”

Maya blushed at how her boss described her.

Ina was surprised as well. She knows that Maya is the nanny of Mr. Lim’s daughter.

“Oh Mr. Lim Ms. dela Rosa looks like she’s really going to be one.” Mr. Jarabata commented.

Jaime Ventura couldn’t help but ask, “She is your… ?”

“She is a colleague. Actually she is under your company, Time Airways, Don Jaime. She is training to be a flight stewardess. Right Ina?”

“Ah yes Don Jaime. Maya here is one of our trainees. She is one of the best that’s why she earned a slot her at the summit.”

Richard really felt so proud of her.

Maya couldn’t speak. What her Serchief did was too much. She felt that he was so proud of her. She was touched.

After the introducing Maya to other members of PAS, they were now settled on their assigned chairs.

Richard made sure that Maya is seated beside him. When Maya insisted that she should be beside Emman for Emman was alone, Richard requested for an additional chair so that
Emman could sit beside Maya. Liza was just observing her boss. She was amused and confused with his behavior. It was so un-Richard Lim.


“Maya huy Maya!”

“Ay Maya!” Her thoughts were disrupted by Emman. “Emman naman eh!”

“Anong Emman naman? Hoy Mayabels kanina ka pa tulala dyan habang nakikinig sa crush mo na nagsasalita. Girl nahahalata ka na ha! Konti na lang may makakapasok nang langaw sa bibig mo. Nakanganga ka eh!”

“Ssshh Emman wag ka ngang maingay may makarinig nga sa atin. Atsaka nakikinig ako kay Ser Chief iniistorbo mo ako.”

Richard Lim was now in front giving his speech.

He was in front of the big names of the Aviation industry talking about the breakthrough project of the Lim Aviation Services, the Green MRO. He captured the attention of each and everyone in the room where the lectures are being held. He is very articulate, intelligent and charismatic that everyone seemed genuinely interested in what he’s discussing.

Maya couldn’t help but admire her boss. She already knows that Richard Lim is a very good father, boss, employer but she never thought that he is a very good speaker as well.

He is indeed perfect and Emman is right, natutulala nga siya. Who wouldn’t be?

She felt giddy but embarrassed as well at the way she acts around him.

What made things worse was yun nga. She unintentionally admitted it to him last night that he was indeed her crush.

Naalala na naman nya. Though Richard Lim, being the gentleman that he is, assured her that everything is normal after what happened, siyempre with her hindi normal yun no!

Now she couldn’t concentrate on the summit. All her senses were not on the summit at all but on her boss.


After giving his speech, Richard instructed Liza to just stay and attend on his behalf. He also asked permission from Ms. Ina that he needs to bring Maya with him. Ibinilin na rin nya si Emman kay Lisa.

Iba nga talaga ang spontaneity ng isang Richard Lim na nagkakacrush din.


“May emergency po sa bahay Ser Chief?

“Wala naman.”

“Eh bakit po tayo uuwi?”

“Stop asking na Maya. Sumunod ka na lang.”

Then she followed him to his car.

Sa car…

“Maya stop worrying about not being able to finish the summit. I asked Lisa to request for the video of the entire event. You could watch everything on your spare time.”

“Ser Chief bakit nga kasi tayo umalis dun?”

“Maya boring yun. Atsaka tungkol sa eroplano naman ang paguusapan nila. I could easily teach you all those things.”

“SerChief saan tayo pupunta?” She asked him as they were driving to a different direction, not towards the mansion.

“Nagutom ako. I want to eat.”

“Eh pwede naman po sa bahay. Nakapagluto na rin naman si Sabel sa ganitong oras.”

“Ayoko sa bahay. I want us to spend time together muna.” He casually said


“Spend time together. Pasyal. Kain. Kwento. Is that too much to ask? Ayaw mo?”

“Ah eh… Hindi naman po. Kaso bakit?”

“Eh I just want to spend time with my friend.”

“Friend? Ako po?”

“Bakit parang gulat na gulat ka? Yes friend. Friends naman tayo di ba?”

“Naku Ser Chief parang ang awkward naman ng ganun. Boss kaya kita.” She protested.

“Ano naman kung boss mo ako?”

“Eh unethical yun Ser Chief.”

“Sige kung ayaw mong lalabas tayo as friends, eh di as crushmates na lang.” Then he smiled. Kinilig sa sinabi nya.

“Ano pong crushmates?”

“You said crush mo ako. Well I have a little secret as well… crush din kita noon pa when you had that makeover with Rafi. And since ayaw mo na tawagin na friends tayo, I coined our own little term of endearment. That’s why ayun crushmates tayo.”

Maya couldn’t believe what she heard.

“Inuuto mo naman ako Ser Chief. Kung ginagawa mo to para lang wag akong mahiya dahil sa naamin ko kagabi, wag na Ser Chief. Okay naman na ako. Normal naman tayo sabi mo di ba? Atsaka lahat naman ata may crush sa’yo hindi lang ako.”

“Of course not! I’m telling you the truth at hindi lang para wag kang mahiya. I also won’t allow other people to have a crush on me. Ikaw lang ang pwede. At I hope ako rin lang sa’yo.”

“Ay wagas ka naman makareact Ser Chief at ang possessive mo. Daig mo pa ang boyfriend.” She was already feeling giddy. Naisip nya na may exclusivity pa siya from Ser Chief mismo.

“Dapat ba maging boyfriend muna para pwedeng maging possessive?” He asked her.

“Ay hindi SerChief ha! Okay na. Payag na akong crushmates tayo. Wag friends kasi nakakaalangan naman yun.”

“Whatever you say Maya. So let’s go crushmate? Let’s enjoy the rest of the day? And please drop the po.” He smiled at her.

“Sige SerChief.” Maya demurely replied.

Richard was very happy and excited to be spending the rest of the day with her.

Oo cheesy na kung cheesy.

Iba naman sila eh.


10 thoughts on “Kwentong Maya and Ricky : Crush”

  1. One of my favourite scenes sa BCWMH, hindi na makalimutan at nakaukit na sa puso at isipan. I could still imagine Maya blushing and SC’s be-dimpled smile.

  2. Grabeh “crushmates” talaga ….hay lalo ko tuloy silang na mimiss I can”t wait to see them together again in a teleserye. Anyways thank you so much again for another doze kilig story for us Ms Timmy 👍👍👍

  3. Crushmates! Sabi nga ni Liza, it’s so unlike Richard Lim. Okay lang yun Ms. Liza, adiks are still very happy! Thank you Ms. Timmy! Sana may continuation ang “Crush”, just curious what may happen next from this point where the crushmates spent some alone time..

  4. wahhhh galing naman ng ginawa mo….mas maganda pa ito sa tutoong ngyari during the summit hahahaha…i love it love it love it….at me imbento pang CRUSHMATES? ikaw na Timmy….champion hahaha!!! thank you….me continuation ba ito? yung tipong…ngka aminan na rin lang eh di….boyfriend/girlfriend na sila hahaha!! Thank you and God bless!!!

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