KwentongRicky&Maya : Memorable Date
(my version of one of Jollibee’s heart-tugging tvc shorts❤)

“Sky listen carefully. Kunin mo yun rose. Tanggalin mo yun petals tapos ikalat mo yung petals sa sahig. Lagyan mo hanggang dun sa may pinto. Yung mga lobo dapat red. Isang dosena ha! Yung chicken naman puro thigh dapat. Wag mong kakalimutan, favorite yan ni mommy.”

Sky was carefully remembering every detail his dad had told him.

It should be perfect he thought.

He carefully laid on top of the table the final touch for his date – the bouquet of Sunflowers especially made for his mom. “Yun bouquet important yan ha. Hindi kumpleto kung wala yan.”

After making sure that he had covered every detail his dad instructed, Sky texted his mom who was in her bedroom.

“Mom I need help with something. Please come here po sa veranda.” He texted his mom.

Maya who was chatting with someone on facetime got worried as Sky doesn’t normally text her when it’s not important. She immediately ended the chat and stood up to go where her 10-year old son was.

The moment she opened her bedroom door, she was surprised to see scattered rose petals on the floor. It led the way from her bedroom door towards the veranda where Sky was standing smiling at her.

She saw red balloons too which filled the high ceiling of the mansion. “Exactly how Ricky did it before” she thought.

The table at the veranda where she and her husband spend their time bonding over coffee while updating each other of the happenings of everyday was adorned with a vase filled with lovely sunflowers.

There were two plates of spaghetti, some cupcakes and chicken, yes her favorite thigh part. There were two glasses of iced-tea too.

The instrumental music of ‘the way you look tonight’ was softly playing at the background.

It was just like how Ricky did it.

Exactly how he did it years ago.

The memories of her very first Valentine’s date with her husband came back and she can’t help but get teary-eyed.

Their youngest son Sky was smiling at her and she stared lovingly at him. Sky looked a lot like Richard. He had his dad’s features. Like her husband, Sky was also charming, malambing, funny and he also got his dad’s tiger-like attitude when he’s getting grumpy. All these made her miss Richard more.

Her reminiscing was stopped when Sky approached her. She then saw the small hand of her son waiting to lead her to the dining table. He smiled at her. “Tara na po mommy.”

She allowed Sky to escort her to the not-so-far table, while she’s trying to wipe her cheeks with her other free hand.

As she sat, Sky handed her the IPad. The moment she saw her husband’s video, she couldn’t help it anymore. She cried.

“Hi sweetheart! Happy Valentine’s Day. Sorry wala ako dyan. Di ako nakahabol eh. Sweetheart sorry. Ibinilin muna kita sa mga bata. Sinabihan ko din si Sky na siya na muna ang Valentine’s date mo.”

Her tears are flowing freely now. She was so touched that Ricky, despite his absence, still made the effort to make this day very special.

Sky stood in front of her with the bouquet of Sunflowers. “Happy Valentine’s day mom!”

She gave their youngest a very tight hug then kissed both his cheeks. Sky in return tried to wipe her tears with his small hands.

Then her phone rang. She answered it.

“Sweetheart how did you like my surprise?”

She didn’t answer but just cried again.

“Hey sweetheart what’s wrong? Sorry na. Please don’t cry. Sorry that I can’t be your date on Valentine’s. I tried kaso naiwan ako ng eroplano. Hindi ko nagamit yun pagiging LAS CEO ko sa Time Airways. Di man lang nila ako hinintay. Wag ka nang magalit please.”

In between sobs she managed to say, “Hindi naman ako galit. Pero kainis ka Ricky. Pinaiyak mo na naman ako.”

“Bakit naman? Di ba dapat masaya ka? Yun mga bata naghanda nyan. Sunshine and Nikki baked the cupcakes, Abby cooked the spaghetti, si Luke naman bumili ng favorite mong Jollibee ChickenJoy thigh part. Of course our charming bunso is your escort. Did you like our surprise Sweetheart?”

“Sobra Ricky! Hindi nyo naman kailangan gawin to pero thank you talaga. Palagi nyo akong pinapasaya ng mga bata.” Then she sniffed again.

“That’s because we love you. I love you.” He said tenderly. “I miss you so much. I can’t wait to see you.”

“I miss you too Sweetheart. Ang tagal nang 7 days. Gustong gusto na kitang makasama. I love you sweetheart.” Maya was smiling while still crying.

“Bukas pauwi na ako. Stop crying na. Baka matakot ang anak natin at akalain na girls who are invited to Valentine’s dates are normally iyakin. Baka matakot na yan manligaw.” He joked.

“Ricky! Ang bata pa ni Sky! Wag ka nga! Atsaka mawawalan na tayo ng baby kapag nagbinata na to. Ang gwapo gwapo pa naman.” She had Sky sit on her lap.

“Eh di gumawa pa tayo para may new babies ulit.” Then he chuckled on the other line. “Sige na Sweetheart. Enjoy kayo ni Sky on your Valentine’s dinner. Mamaya dadating na yun mga kapatid nya baka magsungit na naman yan. Babawi ako pagdating ko. Happy Valentine’s day again. I love you so much Maya.”

“I love you so much Ricky. Mag-iingat ka dyan ha.”

“Of course. Bye.”

As they ended the call, Maya hugged Sky tighter and fixed her son’s collar. She can’t help but smile at her son’s effort to follow all his dad’s instructions for today. He also did look, dress up and even smell like his dad. “Mommy is very lucky anak. I have a very handsome date today. Tara kain na tayo.”

Then with a beaming smile, Sky kissed his mommy. He was enjoying his role as his mommy’s date while his dad is away.

A/N : Of course happy ending for our fave couple.

Credits to Jollibee too for some parts of this fanfic.


11 thoughts on “Date”

  1. OMG that “Jollibee Commercial” got me bawling sobra talaga I cant stop crying ……Im so happy for this Valentine Story of youts about our favorite couple cant wait to see them again together in another project ” Happy Valentine”s Day to you Ms Timmy ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Thank u for this story Ms. Timmy..NICE, kakain-love po ang jollibee tvc kaiyak at sakit sa 💔.
    Happy Heart’s Day!!!

  3. Grabe Ms. Timmy! Pinaiyak mo ko! Jollibee should hire you! Very nice story! Of course, no effort on Sky’s part to be that cute, adorable and sweet son of his mom. Thank you! More!!

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