The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya, Sky and Sunshine : Very Good Daddy, Very Good Babies👦👧

“It’s a bad idea that we didn’t bring Leah and Doris with us.”

“Ano ka ba sweetheart! Masaya to para makapagbonding tayo ng mga bata.”

“Yes but Sky might refuse to dance kasi wala si Doris. Di ba he’s imitating her kaya siya napapasayaw.”

“Naku sweetheart, kayang kaya ko na yan. Nagpractice kami kahapon habang nasa trabaho ka pa. Sinusunod naman ako ni Sky. Atsaka kagabi nakita mo naman na sumasayaw talaga siya.”

“You mean gagawin mo yun silly dance moves ni Doris like what you did last night? Yun may pakembot kembot?” He was chuckling as he could already imagine his wife doing the dance.

“Oo naman sweetheart, para sa bata why not. Atsaka ang cute ko kayang sumayaw.” she said proudly.

“Yeah right! Cute and silly.” Then he shook his head and laughed again.

They are on their way to the twins’ school for their nutrition month program.

Sunshine will be reciting a short poem about fruits and vegetables while Sky is part of the five-member little boys who will be dancing while wearing food costumes. Sky will be wearing a chicken costume, while the other four boys will be in a pork, beef, bottle of milk and apple costumes.

They already talked about what they will do in the program. Ricky will be coaching Sunshine while Maya will be coaching Sky. Maya even has a chicken head dress and attachable tail to be able to motivate Sky to dance.

“Now makakaganti na ako sa’yo.” Ricky glanced at her still smiling.

“Makakaganti? Saan?”

“Remember when nagkamali kami ni Sky ng costume? At least now you get to wear that funny chicken costume.”

Aliw na aliw si Ricky. Now the teachers would forget his Captain America shield and mask and would definitely remember the funnier Chicken costume Maya will be wearing.

Wala naman kay Maya. She’s game and cool with it. She even made the dance more elaborate para mas maenjoy ng mga bata. Sky kasi prefers na magalaw masyado yun dance or else he won’t move.

When they were practicing last night, Sky wouldn’t dance if his mom doesn’t dance with her costume and if she doesn’t wiggle her butt earning the laughter from everyone at home. Ricky had been teasing Maya nonstop about it. But Maya was not affected at all.


They arrived earlier than the other kids. Ricky didn’t want to be late like the last time. He wanted Sky and Sunshine to be relaxed before the program starts.

“Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Lim. Ready na po natin yun twins.” The twins’ class adviser informed them.

Maya and Ricky both prepared the twins for their respective numbers. They were so proud of their three year old twins. Both are growing up so fast and both are so talented as well.

Sunshine recited the poem first. Ricky had to stand in front of her so Sunshine could look at her daddy whenever she feels nervous or when she forgets her lines. But Sunshine delivered her poem perfectly and Ricky didn’t have to coach her anymore. Both Maya and Ricky were so proud of Sunshine, who received loud cheers from the audience. The little girl was also very happy and proud of herself.

“Very good baby. Daddy and Mommy is proud!” Richard immediately carried Sunshine and kissed her as soon as she finished her poem.

They both proceeded to where Maya and Sky were seated. They will now wait for Sky’s turn which is the last number in the program.

After a while….

“Sweetheart magbabanyo daw si Sunshine.”

“What? Now? Eh sweetheart tatlong numbers na lang sina Sky na. Why don’t I bring Sunshine na lang? Ako na bahala. You need to be here for Sky’s number.” He was now suddenly worried. Malaking problema if Maya is not around during Sky’s dance number.

“Sweetheart hindi ka naman pwedeng pumasok dun sa cr ng girls. Ako na lang. Mabilis lang to promise.” Then without waiting for Ricky to answer, Maya hurriedly carried Sunshine and proceeded to the girls CR. Nagmadali sya para maabutan nya si Sky.


Tapos na yun program. They are now on their way home. Tahimik si Ricky. Guilty si Maya. Sobrang ingay at kulit naman yun twins.

“Sweetheart sorry na. Hindi naman namin sinasasdya na di maabutan yun dance number ni Sky. Puno kasi yun CR so kinailangan namin maghintay. Sorry na. Di tuloy sumayaw si Sky. Naku sorry talaga.”

Ricky sighed deeply, glanced at Maya with his smirk and eyes in slits. Asar talaga siya.

Siyempre behave ang Maya kasi nga naman, she wasn’t around kaya nasayang yun dance ni Sky. But Sky seemed okay with it. Di sya affected unlike Ricky na super pikon now.

“Atsaka sweetheart okay lang if Sky didn’t dance. Tingnan mo, di naman affected yun bata.”

“Mommy! I danced! And daddy too!” Sky joined in.

Nagulat si Maya. Akala nya fail yun number ni Sky.

Mas napikon si Ricky. He planned not to tell Maya that Sky actually danced and cheers were so loud that he wasn’t even sure if kasali siya sa being cheered on by the parents.

He was forced to wear the chicken head dress and yes he was forced to dance and wiggle his butt for Sky to imitate him and dance as well.

Kinilabutan siya when he heard ladies, mommies, grandmas and yes gays as well shouting “Go Mr. Lim! Go!” which definitely is not pertaining to Sky.

“Sumayaw si Sky? Sumayaw ka Sweetheart?” She asked.

Walang imik si Ricky. Asar pa rin. And he doesn’t want to be teased.

Si Sky yun sumagot.

“Yes mommy! Daddy danced like this.” Then Sky showed how his daddy wiggled his butt. The kids were laughing as if finding it so funny. Maya had to hide her giggles kasi may atraso na naman siya kay Ricky and ayaw nyang mapikon pa lalo ito.

The drive home took longer than it normally should. The twins are now asleep. Hindi pa rin namamansin si Ricky so Maya had to use her ‘paglalambing approach’.

In a soft malambing voice (pawhisper na din para di magising yun twins) “Sorry na nga sweetheart. Di ko naman kasalanan na mag wee wee si Sunshine. Di ko naman kasalanan na di ko abutan yun dance number ni Sky.”

“Hmmm sinadya mo eh. Lagi ka namang ganyan. You want na pinapahamak ako.” He replied in also a soft, whispering voice na may tunog tampo pa rin.

“Hindi Sweetheart ha! Sorry na kasi. Smile ka na kasi.” She reached for his hand.

Napasmile na si Ricky.

He held her hand then kissed it.

“Ano pa nga ba. Okay na sige na! You’re forgiven!” Then he shook his head. Hindi nga naman fault ni Maya. And what’s more important is di na sya inabutan ni Maya dancing or else he wouldn’t hear the end of it.

“Talaga sweetheart? Yes! I love you talaga Mr. Lim. Ikaw talaga and best daddy and best hubby in the whole world.”

He glanced at her, now he’s smiling.

Humirit pa si Maya.

“Kaso sweetheart lugi ako. Di ko man lang nakita yun sayaw nyo. Wala man lang evidence.” Then she giggled.

“Wala! And I’m glad I wasn’t able to set-up the video kasi nataranta na ako kanina. At least di mo nakita at di mo maikukuwento sa bahay, kay Rafi, sa co-FAs mo at kina Nanay and Kute, and specially kina papa at mama. Nasa bahay pa naman sila ngayon.”

He was actually relieved na walang nakita si Maya. That’s the best consolation for him now. Okay lang na sumayaw sya. It’s for Sky anyway.

“Eh mamaya sa room pwede mong idemo?” last hirit ni Maya. She was just actually teasing.

“No! Never!” Then he was chuckling now. He’s very sure na Maya felt lugi not being able to see Sky and also him dance. He rarely dances kasi.


Dumating na sa mansyon.

They were met with jubilant faces. The twins ran to their grandma and grandpa for a hug.

“How was it?” It was Doña Esmeralda.

“Super successful ma! Ang gagaling ng mga bata!” Maya proudly answered.

Mukha nga. Aba ang galing ni Sunshine reciting her poem. Wala man lang mali and Sky danced his heart out. And you my son, I didn’t know you danced so well.”

Nanlaki yun singkit na mata ni Ricky.

Nagulat din si Maya.

“Napanood nyo po ma?” She asked.

“Yes my dear. We all watched dun sa entertainment room. Sa big screen.”

Nikki added “May nagvideo po kasi dun sa school and he uploaded the entire video kaya napanood namin agad. We downloaded it na po mommy.”

Pinagpawisan na si Ricky. He wouldn’t hear the end of it nga.

” ‘Go Mr. Lim Go!???’ My God son, those women at the audience were intently watching you and not Sky.” It was Don Roberto.

“Stop it pa!” He shook his head.

“Anak naman kasi. Imagine someone was even heard sa video saying that she wants to pinch your butt. My God!” Si Doña Esmeralda naman.


Tawanan lahat.

“Heartthrob ka talaga Sir. Dinaig mo pa si Sir Luke!” Si Doris naman.

“Agree ako dyan. Mas maraming may crush kay dad kesa sakin.” Si Luke.

“Oh my gee daddy you are blushing!” Si Nikki.
They were all enjoying the spaghetti, chicken and barbecue prepared by Sabel and Manang Fe.

And yes they were also enjoying teasing Ricky.


Sa bedroom na. They are now lying in bed. Ricky was reading a book while Maya was giggling imagining something.

“What? Why are you smiling?”

“Wala! Natatawa este natutuwa lang ako. Sweetheart ang galing mong sumayaw!”

“Aren’t you done with that topic yet?”

“Hindi. At sang-ayon ako dun sa comment na gusto nilang ma pinch yun butt mo. Ang cute cute nyo kasing sumayaw ni Sky sweetheart! Ang cute cute ng mag-ama ko!” She giggled again.

“Eh kung ikaw kaya pinch ko sa sobrang mong kakulitan!” He teased.

Maya squealed. “Mas gusto ko yan sweetheart!”

And with that, the couple turned off the lights and danced their own kind of dance, malamang yun hindi bagay kay Sky. 😝


11 thoughts on “The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya, Sky and Sunshine : Very Good Daddy, Very Good Babies👦👧”

  1. Wawa naman Ricky, parating napapahamak dahil kay misis. Well, no surprise there. He’ll do just about anything for the family specially for the love of his life. Hay ang sweeeeeet!! Thank you!!

  2. hahahaha…para akong baliw na tumatawa dito…lansyak i cud just imagine Mr. Lim dancing the chicken dance…hahaha…sayang d tayo pinahiram ni Nikki ng video…hingi kaya tayo ng kopya sa school nila Shine at Sky? what say you ms Timmy? thank you again for a very enjoyable story sa buhay ng mga LIMS….God bless!

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