My Safe Refuge – 12

My Safe Refuge 12

Maya couldn’t sleep that evening. She couldn’t s stop from assuming things about Richard and Stephanie and it’s upsetting her. She knows she’s being unreasonable and irrational but she can’t help it.

She knows that she had no right over Richard because they are just friends. Though he already expressed what he felt for her, she couldn’t commit herself because of James. She can’t even tell Richard about James. Now she’s worried that she might lose him.

It’s ten in the evening and he’s still not calling her. He usually calls her and sends messages no matter how short and trivial they may be every night.

She’s wondering why he’s not texting her or calling her.

Her mind tells her that he is with Stephanie.


Richard went directly to Stephanie’s house to drop her off after bringing Luke home. Stephanie tried to invite him for coffee but he readily declined.

He arrived at his buildng a few minutes after. The deliveries for the hardware materials they ordered months ago just arrived and he needs to check the deliveries for quality and for accurate specifications.

He knows that it will be a very busy and long night for him and his employees. He asked Liza to just buy him sandwich for dinner.

He also sent a message to Maya as soon as he arrived at his office for her won’t be able to call her like he usually does every night.

“Hi Maya! I just arrived dito sa office. Buti naman walang traffic pero I’ll be busy kasi dumating na yun binanggit ko sa’yong deliveries ng hardware. I may not be able to call you later. Nagdinner na kayo? I’m having a tuna sandwich now. I’ll just talk to you tomorrow ha. Maingay kasi dito ngayon, di tayo magkakarinigan. Goodnight Maya. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

But that message didn’t reach her.


The following morning Richard noticed the dark circles around Maya’s eyes.

“Maya you lacked sleep last night? You seem tired and sleepy. Maraming kang online clients kagabi?” He asked her.

Of course he wasn’t aware that she lacked sleep worrying about him and Stephanie.

“Oo maraming clients.” She simply replied.

“Ah kaya pala you didn’t text me. Rest ka muna. Bumawi ka ng tulog. Magkakasakit ka nyan. Have you eaten breakfast?”

But her mind was so preoccupied to even answer him.

“I’m ready na po Tito Richard.” Luke interrupted his mom and Tito Richard. Richard didn’t wait for Maya’s reply anymore. He noticed that she was not her usual happy self that morning and assumed that she was really tired and that she needed rest.

“Bye mommy!”

“Maya mauna na kami ng mga bata. You better rest na muna. Later na lang kita tatawagan.”

“Bye po Tita Maya.” Nikki also shouted from their car.

“Bye Nikki! Bye anak! Behave kayong dalawa sa school ha!” She told the kids in her usual happy voice then faced Richard and again and in her lackluster voice “Bye Richard. Ingat kayo.”

He just let her be. Masungit si Maya and he didn’t want to add up to her annoyance.


On the way to school…

“Luke is your mom okay? She’s quiet this morning.”

The boy giggled. “Masungit po si mommy kanina. She didn’t even eat breakfast. May kagalit po ata.” Luke volunteered the information.

He knows that his mom only gets grumpy when she’s mad at him or when his Ate Leah doesn’t follow her instructions at home.

“Ganun ba? Maybe I should bring her favorite cake later para mapasmile ko sya.” Ricky suggested. He couldn’t help but imagine Maya’s smile whenever he surprises her with simple little things. He shook his head while trying to hide the smile on his face.

After bringing the kids to school, he proceeded to their favorite bakeshop to buy Maya’s favorite cake. He planned to just drop it at her place so that when she wakes up, she will be surprised with her favorite cake. He also bought pancakes for breakfast both for him and Maya and also some for Manang Fe and Leah.

Though he also lacked sleep last night, he is not tired. Any chance to be with Maya or even just have a glimpse of her is enough to keep him invigorated the entire day. He draws inspiration from her.


“Sir Richard naliligo pa po si Ate Maya. Pasok na po muna kayo sa loob.” It was Leah who opened the gate.

“Hindi na Leah. I’ll just wait for her dyan sa garden. Pero pakipasok mo na ang mga to.” He handed her the breakfast and cake he brought then proceeded to the garden bench where he sat and started to read the morning paper.

He was supposed to just leave what he bought but hearing that Maya is taking a bath meant that she has no plans of going back to bed.

He also wants to find out why she seemed upset. She might need someone to talk to.

“Ricky bumalik ka? May nakalimutan ba si Luke? Tinawagan mo na lang sana ako at pinahatid ko kay Leah.” A freshly showered Maya who is now wearing a cute printed shirt and a cream shorts which emphasized her curves, without the intent to do so, suddenly appeared behind him.

“Maya good morning again. Wala namang naiwan si Luke. Nagdala lang ako ng breakfast. Idadaan ko lang sana kasi akala ko natulog ka ulit. But when Leah said that you’re taking a bath, I decided to stay and wait for you. Breakfast tayo. I haven’t eaten yet eh.” He gave her his warm smile. Maya never fails to put a smile on his face.

“Kumain na ako Ricky atsaka naabala ka pa. You shouldn’t have. Alam ko na you have other more important things to do.” She retorted unable to mask the bitterness in her last sentence matched with her facial expression.

“Wait. Is there anything wrong na hindi ko alam? Bakit ganyan ang tono mo? You are upset. Is it something I did? Galit ka sakin?”

“Hindi! Hindi. Bakit naman ako magagalit. Teka kunin ko yun almusal.” She replied blandly and was about to leave when he stopped her. He held her arms to stop her from leaving.

“You’re mad. May I know why?” His voice was gentle encouraging her to tell him what’s on her mind.

“Wala naman nga. Atsaka ano naman karapatan ko para magalit sa’yo? Sino naman ako sa’yo para magkaroon ng karapatan na magalit?” She couldn’t stop herself from saying those words.

She was frustrated at herself, at her situation with James and she was afraid that she could lose the only person she wanted to be a part of her and her son’s life because of her unsettled issues.

“Hey hey! Will you calm down?” He held her shoulders and she tried to avoid eye contact with him.

“Kunin ko na yun almusal Ricky.” She was pleading for him to release his hold on her.

“Can you please look at me. Galit ka nga sakin eh. Tingnan mo nga ako.”

Now that she’s being cornered she decided to just act mad. It is better than be vulnerable and pitiful in front of him.

“Bitawan mo na nga ako Richard. Masakit ang ulo ko. Dito ka na muna at kukunin ko yun breakfast!” Then she slightly pushed his hands so she can get away from him.

She was about to leave when he softly said,

“I’m sorry Maya.”

She stopped but didn’t turn to face him.

“I’m sorry for whatever I did or didn’t do, I’m sorry for upsetting you, I’m sorry for making you mad, I’m sorry kahit di ko alam kung anong naging kasalanan ko. Please wag ka nang magalit sakin.”

She clenched her fists willing herself not to cry. She was trying her best not to cry. She’s been so irrational and also embarrassingly immature and she doesn’t want him to see this side of her.

When she didn’t move Richard went behind her and slowly held her shoulders again wanting her to face him.
In his soft voice. “What did i do ba? Inis ka sakin kaya ba hindi mo sinagot yun message ko kagabi?”

This agitated her. She faced him now.

“Anong message!!??? Kaya nga ako asar kasi hindi ka man lang magtxt o tumawag kagabi. Ni hindi mo sinabi kung nakauwi ka na or hindi. Alam ko namang busy ka kasi kasama mo yun Stephanie pero kahit isang text man lang…” She wasn’t able to control herself anymore that she raised her voice.

Richard was amused when she mentioned Stephanie but he didn’t show it. He thinks she jealous. But he wouldn’t want to mess with Maya who’s really mad right now.

“Maya I sent you a message last night pero di na ako tumawag kasi nga dumating yun deliveries sa hardware and I need to check them. Hindi mo natanggap?”

By she didn’t reply. She was already hates herself for the way she’s acting.

He retrieved his phone and showed his message. It must be a network problem that’s why the message didn’t reach her.

She calmed down but she refused to look at Richard.

“Hey wag ka nang magalit. Hindi ko naman kasalanan eh. It’s the network’s fault. Sa Globe ka magalit, wag sakin.” He joked intending to make her smile.

“Nakakainis ka. Nagbibiro ka pa.” Was all she could say.

“Atsaka bakit naman nasali yun Stephanie? And why did you assume na I was with her? Nakisabay lang yun sa sasakyan, nagtitipid kasi sa pamasahe.” he further joked.

“Tumigil ka nga. Sabi ni Luke you’re having fun with her.”

“Hmmm so you asked Luke about me? Interesado ka sa mga ginagawa ko? Nagseselos ka kay Stephanie?” He teased her.

“Kasi naman ikaw.” She was already blushing.

“Maya when I told you what I felt for you, I meant it. Kahit hindi mo pa kayang suklian yun, or kahit wala pa man akong asahan, I’m still willing to wait and prove that I have honest intentions. Mahal na mahal kita and I’ll prove that to you to the best way I can. I love you so much.”

“Ako rin naman eh.” She blurted

He was surprised by her casual remark.

“You love me too? So this means….?”

“Oo. Kung ano man iniisip mo at kung ano man ang gusto mo, yun na rin gusto ko. Teka kukunin ko na nga yun almusal.”

Maya left a very happy Richard who smiled from ear to ear despite Maya’s dispassionate way of expressing how she also felt for him.


11 thoughts on “My Safe Refuge – 12”

  1. Ayan ng dahil sa selos napaamin tuloy ❤️💙💛…i do hope mag open na rin si Maya about James para walang surprises in case he showed up out of nowhere ……thankee sa update Ms Timmy 😀😀😀

  2. Naku naman. Ito ba yung ‘calm before the storm’? Nagkaaminan na kahit pasungit yung pagkakasabi. Paktay pag lumitaw ang James ng hindi pa napagtapat ni Maya. Salamat Ms. Timmy. Kaabang abang ang susunod na kabanata!

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