My Safe Refuge – 9


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Now here’s part 9 …


My Safe Refuge – 9

“Good morning Maya. Daanan na namin si Luke.” Richard together with Nikki dropped by to fetch Luke.

“Aba Ricky, out of the way ang bahay namin. Nag-abala pa kayo ni Nikki.” Maya was surprised to see Richard and Nikki outside their gate.

“May pinuntahan kasi akong customer dyan sa malapit Maya so I decided na daanan na lang si Luke.”

“Ah ganun ba. Salamat Ricky ha. Pababa na yun. Nagtoothbrush lang.”

“Ah eh… Maya…mmm can I invite you tonight? Free ka ba?”

“Invite saan?”

“Dinner lang sana. Only if you’re free.”

“Ah, check ko muna yun online clients ko kasi sometimes busy kapag gabi eh.”

“Okay lang Maya. Text mo na lang ako if okay sa’yo”

“Sure Ricky. Text agad kita. I would also like to have dinner with you.”

That made him smile. It seemed that Maya is already at ease with him unlike their first few meetings.

“O eto na pala si Luke. Luke dinaanan ka ni Tito Richard at Nikki.”

The boy immediately gave Richard a hug and gave Nikki a high five.

“Mauna na kami Maya.”

“Salamat talaga. Ingat kayo ha!”

“Maya don’t forget to text me okay?”

“Yes Ricky, I’ll text you.”

Richard is really full of surprises. He never fails to make her and her son feel special everyday.

He would send her daily messages, would call her to check on her and Luke. He would also visit her place and bring food or some DVDs since he’s aware that Maya loves watching movies.

But she always declines his invitation to go out with him. She still fears her husband James.

The excuse she told him awhile ago was the only thing she could think of. She actually wanted to say yes to his invitation right away, she wanted to know what it feels like to be out on a date like normal couples do, one thing she never experienced with her husband before.

As much as she feared her husband that she wanted to be cautious in everything, her heart also wants to say yes to Richard’s invitation.

He’s been so good to her and her son and he made them feel special and well-taken cared of that she didn’t want to turn down his invitation.

Maybe she doesn’t want him to feel bad or maybe she really wants to be with him. Going out on a dinner date would mean entertaining him, unlike his visits to her house where he would alway bring Nikki and make the kids the reason for the visit.

San Nicolas is also far from Manila so it’s impossible for James to show up.

With a firm resolve she fished out her cellphone from her pocket. She wanted to immediately inform Richard that she’s accepting his dinner invitation.

She wants to enjoy dinner with him. She wants to have him as her company even just for tonight.


Richard just arrived in his office when his phone rang. He saw Maya’s name but he was hesistant to answer as he was afraid of what her reply would be. He was expecting to be turned down. He waited for a few more rings before anwering…


“Ricky are you still driving? Mamaya na lang kita tawagan.”

“Ah hindi Maya. Kakarating ko lang dito sa building. Im at my office now. Maaga pala yun mga bata. Di pa naguumpisa yun flag ceremony when we arrived.”

“Maaga naman kasi kayo Ricky. Salamat talaga ha pero wag mo yun gagawin araw araw ha. Nakakaabala na sa inyo atsaka masasanay si Luke nyan.”

“Maya wala namang problema na masanay si Luke kasi okay lang sakin na gawin yun araw araw . I want Nikki kasi to be happy and she’s happy whenever she’s with your son.”

“Kulit mo naman eh.”

“Ikaw kaya ang makulit Maya. Wag ka ng tumutol at di ko naman ititigil yun pagsundo kay Luke sa umaga.”

“Naku mukhang di ako mananalo sa’yo eh. Sige na nga pero kapag maaabala ka, sabihin mo lang ha.”

“Ok settled then. So why did you call? May sagot ka na sa invitation ko?”

“Ah about that Ricky…”

“Okay lang Maya kung di ka pwede. There is always another time.” he already anticipated that she would turn him down and conditioned himself that it’s okay with him.

“Ah eh hindi Ricky. I mean… pwede ako mamayang gabi… kung tuloy pa. Are you cancelling it? O..okay lang kung icancel mo… wala namang problema.”

“Maya im not cancelling it. Akala ko kasi umaayaw ka. Tuloy na tuloy Maya. Thank you for saying yes. Salamat talaga. You made me very happy.”

“Ay Ricky sa dinner lang ako umoo ha! Grabe ka namang magthank you. ”

“Oo naman Maya. Dinner yun pinaguusapan natin. ” he secretly smiled on the other line.

“Ricky pwede magrequest? ”

“Sure what is it?”

“Kasi hindi ako mahilig lumabas at di rin ako kumportable sa maraming tao. Kung okay lang sana dun tayo sa hindi mataong lugar.”

“Sure Maya. I know a place. Ako nang bahala. What time kita susunduin? Pwede ka mga seven?”

“Okay Ricky. See you at seven then.”

“Okay Maya see you.”

He was so happy when he ended the call. As silly as it may seem but he was actually feeling like a teenager. He shook his head and smiled.


Richard brought her to a cozy jazz-themed restaurant owned by a family friend. He actually requested the owner to close a portion of the restaurant so they could occupy it. He was able to learn of Maya’s preference for jazz, rhythm and blues genre of music that’s why he chose the said place.

When Maya mentioned that she prefers a not so-crowded place, he already assumed that Maya is not comfortable going out with another man because he knows that her husband just died recently.

She has been reclusive and would never attend any activity of the kids in school. It was always Lola Fe and Leah attending big gatherings or ocassions of the kids. Maya would only visit school once in a while and only to talk to Luke’s teachers to ask about her son’s performance in his classes. She would always turn down invitations to go on an outing or even picnic. Richard wasn’t even expecting her to say yes to his invitation.
“Ang ganda naman dito Ricky.” She was appreciating the place called ‘Food, Music and Great Company’.

“I’m glad you like it. Wait till you try their food. Masarap talaga.”

They settled inside the closed area which Richard requested. The music and ambiance was important so as to make Maya feel at ease. The soft music also allows them to have their conversation.

“May ganito pala dito at malapit lang sa bahay.”

“Bago pa lang to Maya. Maybe less than a year. The owner is a jazz singer in Manila tapos nakita nya that may market for this type of resto and music so he ventured in it. Karamihan kasi ng restaurants dito eh maingay at crowded. This one, they wanted to keep it the way it is kaya di sila gumagaya sa mga kainan na maraming promo at gimiks. Kapag weekends the owner usually has a show. He sings pa rin for a few. Next time weekend kita dadalhin dito or if gusto mo try natin magrequest for him to sing.”

“Ay naku wag na Ricky. Nakakahiya atsaka mas gusto ko to na walang ibang tao.”

“Ah sige. Sabagay mas maganda yun ganito. So have you decided what to order?”


They had pasta, steak, wine and various desserts and both really enjoyed the food and of course they enjoyed each others company.

“Luke wants to be a doctor when he grows up.” They were now talking about the kids.

“Si Nikki din. She’s been very vocal about it. When her mom died kasi, nagpromise daw siya sa mommy nya that she will be a doctor. Maybe she was amazed by the doctors she regularly sees then atsaka yun mga gamit sa hospitals tanong siya ng tanong dati sa mga nurses about it.”

“Grabe ang mga bata ngayon. They already have elaborate plans for their future. Si Luke nga rin, he really wants to be a doctor. Dati nga gustong mag pari pero pinakiusapan ko na wag na lang kasi iisa na lang nga siya tapos magpapari pa.”

“Hahaha! Boys usually look up to priests. Ganyan din ako dati kaso when I entered high school I saw how boring it is na panay dasal tapos halos araw araw magbibigay ng mass then bawal pa yun girls. Naku hindi ko kaya ang ganun.” He was laughing.

“Ay oo nga. Boring ang buhay ng mga pari. I bet chickboy ka nung kabataan mo.” She was teasing him now.

“Ah hindi naman masyado Maya. Slight lang. For curiousity and experience only. Wait til Luke reaches high school and you’ll know what I mean.”

“Naku yan nga ang kailangan kong paghandaan. Gusto pa naman ni Luke mag-aral ng highschool sa Manila. Pero hindi ko papayagan. Kahit ata college di ako papayag na sa malayo siya.”

“Kapag high school he still needs to stay close to you. Magaling yun high school program ng school nila ngayon pero kapag college you need to let him explore life and experience how it is to be independent Maya. Para sa kanya rin naman yun.”

“Alam ko kaso nakakatakot sa Manila.”

“Kaya na nila ang sarili nila by then. Ako I would allow Nikki. Sana magkasama sila ni Luke para kampante tayo.”

“Malay natin Ricky yun friendship ng mga anak natin gets to another level in the future. Malay mo maging magkapamilya tayo.” She was smiling at the thought.

“Ay hindi naman ako papayag nyan. If magiging magkapamilya tayo, I’ll ensure that it would be because of the two of us at hindi yun mga bata.”

He was staring into her eyes which made her blush.

“Ay ano ba yan. Mabiro ka talaga. Late na pala. Uwi na tayo. Baka hinahanap na tayo ng mga bata Ricky.” She hurriedly brushed off what Richard said as she was feeling uncomfortable already and she was sure that she was blushing in front of him.

Richard was also aware of it and he doesn’t want her to be uncomfortable too.

“Oo nga. Napasarap yun kwentuhan natin. Mag aalas dose na pala. Halika na.”

After getting the takeout food he insisted to order as pasalubong for Luke and also for his daughters, he led Maya to the parking area.

In less than 30 minutes they were inside Maya’s house. Richard assisted her in bringing the food he ordered and also the box of cake which is Luke’s favorite.

She offered coffee for Richard so he won’t get sleepy in driving home. He didn’t decline the coffee. He actually wants to spend a few more minutes with Maya.

After a few more minutes of coffee and conversation they were near the gate…

“Thank you Maya for this wonderful evening.”

“Thank you din Ricky. Nagenjoy ako.”

“Let’s do this again?”

“Ikaw… ikaw ang bahala. Okay lang naman sakin.”

He smiled. His heart couldn’t contain the happiness he is feeling now that his eyes automatically stared at her slighty-parted lips. Without giving it much thought, he gently cupped her face and slowly brought his lips to hers.

He gently kissed her and after a few seconds he could feel her responding to the kiss. Her hand was in his chest with the initial intention of pushing him. But she didn’t push him away. She instead transfered her hand to his nape. They were at it for a few more seconds until they felt the need to breathe. When they disengaged both had shy smiles on their faces. Both were also blushing and at a loss for what to say.

He was about to caress her cheeks when…

“Mom? Tito Richard?” Luke was as the main door seriously staring at them.


Preview for Chapter 10

“Luke… what you saw the other day, when i was … “He was finding it hard to verbalize it to Luke.

“When you were kissing my mom po?” It was Luke who continued it for him.

“Yes Luke. I hope you weren’t mad at me or your mommy.”


14 thoughts on “My Safe Refuge – 9”

  1. Thank you sa update, it gives me the creeps knowing that James is just lurking in the background of their life, could Maya just be honest with Richard pls. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 her safety might be better ensured with him knowing her real status.

  2. Thanks for the update … by july 8, me & my husband will see the movie of Ms. Jodi, richard & Ian here in Ontario, california.

  3. Hello Ms Timmy,I love it at kiss na rin ni Ricky si Maya at very excited sa next update at sana soon na Ms Timmy please🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
    Take care always 🌻🌻🌻

  4. Thank you Timms sa update. Yes sana maging honest si Maya kay Richard and tell him about her husband para kung sakaling biglang sulpot ni James, Richard is there and to be her knight with the shining armour, diba? Cheers!

  5. Thank you Ms. Timmy for the update! There are a lot of questions that need answers and issues to be cleared. Hope that both will clear things first before they move forward. James is a big factor. Richard thinks that James is dead even if his not. He needs to know so he can protect Maya and be there for both of them if James finds them. Malaking gulo ‘to. Looking forward to the next one!

  6. Thank you miss Timmy! Wow naman si Richard, iba ang damoves dito ha! super like it!!! Sana Luke will not be upset and mad for what he may have witnessed between R&M…..and hopefully the issue with James will be dealt with and be out in the open for Maya to share it with Richard para nman ma-protektahan siya ni Richard when the time comes if James finds them, pero pinakamadali ay ISAKO si James and throw him to the outer space, and be legally declared dead…and bingo FREE na si Maya, paving the way for Richard to take her as his wife….( HAY NAKO…… masyado yata advance ang flow ng story ko!!! he he he I will leave it up to you miss Timmy at baka mabatukan ako ng mga kaadiks) next one please!

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