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Let’s show the kapit-bisig strength we have. Both for Richard Yap to get to top 2. Poll: 100 Sexiest Men in the Philippines 2016 – Heat 6 Note: not sure where my first post went

via Poll Time Once Again — My Blog

Instead of stressing ourselves with the bashers of Sir RY, let’s just show our support by watching their movie. It’s something we really hoped for –  a reunion project of our favorite love team, Jodi and Richard, Maya and SerChief.

Let’s show the management how thankful we are that they are given this movie. Surely once they realize how we missed them so much, a teleserye would be very possible after the movie.

Please join the twitter party today by posting your thoughts about them and their movie. Let’s keep it positive.  Add the tagline JOCHARD THE ACHY BREAKY HEARTS

Please support Sir RY in the poll too.

Kapit bisig ulit.



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