Can We Just Stop and Talk Awhile 4

Can We Just Stop and Talk Awhile 4

Richard Lim was again waiting for Maya dela Rosa the following day. He didn’t enter the restaurant but just stayed inside his parked car in front of the establishment.

The moment Maya de la Rosa arrived, he immediately saw her and hurriedly gathered the bouquet of flowers he had at the back of his car.

He saw Maya carrying what seemed to be a heavy bag so he tried to help her but she dismissed him.

“Wag na po Mr. Lim. Kaya ko na. Mas maaabala ako kung tutulong pa kayo.”

“This bag you are carrying is heavy. Ako na.”

“Eh heavy pala, akin na kasi.”

But he already successfully got the bag from her and even accompanied her inside the restaurant.

“Mr. Lim okay na po. Salamat!” She said sarcastically. She was not amused to see him at the start of her day.

Her seemingly happy disposition he saw earlier, when she still wasn’t aware of his presence, suddenly turned into annoyance. Her brows were furrowed and he could say that she was trying her best to be polite with him. He just dismissed it and gave her the bouquet of flowers he bought for her.

“Here. This is for you Ms. Dela Rosa.” He had a tentative smile while giving her the flowers.

She could no longer control herself as she didn’t like the attention they are now getting from the early customers of the restaurant.

“Mr. Lim hindi ko tatanggapin yan. Ibigay mo na lang sa iba.”

“But Ms. Dela Rosa, I had this made especially for you. I even personally chose the flowers”

“Bakit sinabi ko ba na bigyan mo ako ng bulaklak?” Her voice is already an octave higher.

“No… but…” he doesn’t know what to say to an agitated lady in front of him.

“Wala akong sakit para bigyan ng bulaklak. Hindi rin tayo close para bigyan nyo ho ako nyan.”

“Ms. dela Rosa, this is my peace offering. Please just give me 10 minutes. We need to talk.”

“Busy po ako at mahalaga ang oras ko hindi kagaya nyo na may oras sa paglalasing.”
He cringed at what she said.

He wasn’t a drunkard.

It only started when he learned that his ex-girlfriend, whom he was still so much in love with, got engaged to another friend.

But his ex was the least of his concerns now.

He is determined to make it up to the lady he violated, he disrespected.

He would do whatever it takes for him to earn her forgiveness.

And bringing flowers is one way to soften any lady’s heart, he thought. But he was wrong.

Maya dela Rosa gave the flowers to Lino even while he was still around. She even told Lino to throw it.

But that didn’t deter him from his intention of earning the forgiveness of Maya dela Rosa.

If he’s lucky, he might even earn her friendship as well.


“Grabe ka naman Maya. Ang ganda kaya nung flowers tapos ipinatapon mo na naman lang.” Emman who already had an exaggerated horrified look on his face even frowned at his best friend.

“Oo nga medyo oa na ata yan inis mo kay Mr. Mabango at Mr. Pogi na si Mr. Lim. Pang limang araw na yang flowers na yan ha at palagi mong ipinapatapon. Mukhang mamahalin pa naman yun mga flowers.” Edz commented.

“Maniniwala na talaga ako na the more you hate, the more you love, este, the more na obvious na he’s your crush.” Emman again added.

“Oy hindi ah! Tigilan nyo nga ako. Kung gusto nyo sainyo na lang yun bulaklak. Ipakuha nyo kay Lino dun sa basurahan.”

Pikon na si Maya as her friends were tag-teaming her.

After that day, when he personally gave Maya the flowers, which unfortunately ended up being thrown, Mr. Richard Lim had been sending various kinds of flowers to Maya’s work place every single day.

It was his driver Joma who was delivering the flowers as Mr. Lim had been busy with work lately.

All these flowers ended up in the trash bin as well.

Though she really wanted to keep the flowers, Maya couldn’t do it coz she will surely get a lot of teasing from her friends.

Mr. Lim’s efforts have been effective in gaining her forgiveness already. In fact she was getting giddy when she remembers that kiss he gave her.

But she is stubborn and didn’t want to admit it. Her pride keeps her from sending a thank you note or even a text message to her regular flower sender.

Everytime Richard Lim sends flowers to her, he tells Joma to ask her for any message for him. He even provides a blank note, a pen and he even regularly attaches his calling card.

He doesn’t care if she throws them with the flowers as well.

But no. Maya doesn’t throw the note and the calling cards that comes with the flowers.

When no one watches, she discreetly retrieves it from the trash and keeps it then reads it over and over again in the confines of her bedroom.


Saturday evening, Valentine’s day.

The restobar was filled with customers and the whole team were so busy tending to orders and making each of their loyal patrons enjoy their stay to celebrate Valentine’s. They even hired an acoustic band to sing the song requests of the customers.

Emman and Edz were at the kitchen preparing the dishes being ordered when Lino came in.

“Emman nandyan yun pinsan mo. Emergency raw.”

“Ha! Hala bakit?” Emman frantically ran towards the entrance of the restobar where his cousin Jona was waiting.

It turned out that Jona’s son, Migs, met an accident and since she was hard up on cash, she needed Emman’s help for the hospital bills. Emman was short in cash as well so he was forced to borrow from Maya and Edz. He could easily replenish it since they will have their salaries in the next two days.

“Uy Maya maraming salamat talaga ha! Promise ibabalik ko agad pagkakuha ko ng sweldo.” Emman was teary eyed as he thanked Maya profusely. His nephew Migs was only 4 and he was so worried of him.

“Ano ka ba Emman. Wag mo na munang isipin yun. Sige na. Samahan nyo na ni Edz si Jona. Ako na ang bahala rito. Ayan may pinahanda rin si Sir James na pagkain para kay Migs. Tapos dumaan ka dun sa kanya kasi may ibibigay daw siya. Sige na Emman. I text mo ako kung anong hospital para makasunod ako pagkatapos ng trabaho dito.” Maya has concern written all over her face. She loves kids since she has a nephew of her own, Cho, who’s the son of her only sister Cristina Rose.

“Maya okay ka lang dito? Sa hospital ka na lang namin hintayin?” Edz asked again. She needs to go with Emman since her ATM card was left at her apartment. She needs to get it to be able to withdraw cash for Emman.

“Oo Edz. Marami naman kami atsaka nandyan si Sir James. Kayang kaya na namin rito.”


It was already 1 am and he was already getting sleepy when he saw her emerging from the restobar alone. He immediately got out of his car. And she immediately saw him. She reverted to her ‘annoyed-of-him’ front again.

“At ano na naman ang ginagawa mo dito Mr. Lim?” She said in a raised voice.

“Ah eh…I was hoping to invite you out… for coffee sana earlier kanina. I thought you will be out early.” He sheepishly replied.

“Sa tingin mo sasama ako sayo? Atsaka Mr. Lim di ba may kape rin kami dito?”

“Well, pwede namang iba na lang. If you don’t want coffee, sa ice cream shop, or tea house, or donut shop. Anywhere you like.” He was really nervous and he doesn’t even know why Maya de la Rosa has that effect on him.

“Mr.Lim salamat na lang sa imbitasyon mo pero nagmamadali ako. Wala akong panahon makipagkulitan.” Then she was flailing her arms to hail a taxi completely ignoring him.

“Hatid na kita sainyo. Mahirap maghanap ng taxi ngayon.” He volunteered but Maya pretended not to hear and continued extending her arms to hail the cabs passing by.

He sighed and just stared at her.

She was getting frustrated. It’s past 2am already and at 2:30 her other workmates and boss James will find out that she’s still looking for a cab. They were volunteering earlier to bring her to the hospital where Emman’s nephew was confined but she was too adamant to decline. Maya never liked getting favors from anyone.

Sensing her frustration, Richard offered again. “Ms.dela Rosa, halika na. Ihatid na kita. It’s getting late and you need to rest after a long day’s work. I’m sure pagod na pagod kayo sa dami ng customers nyo. Gusto ko lang makabawi sa napakalaking atraso ko sa’yo. Please?”

She stared at him and saw sincerity in his eyes.

He added, “And I won’t do anything foolish. Hindi ako nakainom at takot rin kaya ako na masipa mo ulit.”

That made her smile a bit. He liked that. She was softening up  already.

“Halika I’ll bring you home. Saan ba yun bahay nyo?”

“Sige pero walang kapalit ha! Ikaw ang nagpumilit.”

“Of course wala. Ako nga yun may atraso di ba?”

She nodded her head.

“Sige payag ako pero hindi ako sa bahay magpapahatid. Sa St. Luke’s. Nakaconfine kasi yun pamangkin ng katrabaho ko. Okay lang ba sa’yo?

“No problem Ms. dela Rosa. Anything mapatawad mo lang ako.”

He gave her his lopsided smile which caught her heart off-guard.

She wasn’t able to stop herself from giving him a smile as well.

“Ayan marunong ka naman palang ngumiti.” He was staring at her.

“Pwede sa daan ka lang tumingin Mr. Lim. Baka mamaya nyan maaksidente tayo.”

“Oo na po Ms. dela Rosa. And please just call me Richard.”

“Hindi ko gagawin yan Mr. Lim at wag nang magpumilit at baka mag-expire yun kabaitan ko sa’yo.”

“Okay I’ll be quiet na”


When they arrived at the hospital, Maya thanked Richard and asked him to leave. She didn’t want her friends to find out that he accompanied her.

“No I’ll just stay here. I’ll wait for you. Di ka naman pwedeng mag-stay sa hospital without your things. Sige na. I’ll just take a nap.”

“Ang kulit mo! Bahala ka na nga dyan kung umagahin ako sa taas. Wag mo akong sisisihin.”

“No I won’t. Sige na hinihintay ka na ata nila.”

But Richard Lim was right. Maya couldn’t stay in the hospital. Emman was no longer there. He went home to their province to ask his parents to ask for additional cash.  Edz already went home. Jona and her husband were left with their son Migs and Maya is not that close with Emman’s cousin. It would be awkward to stay for the night.

She wasn’t able to contact Edz and Emman because her phone went dead even before she finished her shift in the restobar.


Before proceeding home Richard suggested to have coffee. Maya agreed for she knows that he needs it so he can stay awake while driving.

As they were waiting for their orders…

“Why are you such a man hater?”

“I am not!”

“Yes you are!”

“Excuse me Mr. Lim. Wag mong idadamay yun iba. Isa lang ang hated ko at ikaw yun.”

“Di ba I said sorry already? Why do you hate me that much?”

She just stared sharply at him.

“Okay okay. I get it. Dahil sa kiss. Ganito na lang para you won’t feel na lugi ka. Gantihan mo na lang ako by doing that to me also. At least quits na tayo.” He maintained a serious innocent-looking face

He was amused with Maya already.

“Eh siraulo ka pala talaga!”

“Hey hey! I don’t get it why you women always talk about equality. You say that everything a man does, a woman could also do it. Pero sa ganitong pagkakataon it is always a man’s fault. Di ba it’s logical na para makaganti ka sa akin, eh di just kiss me too. Quits na tayo.”

He was trying so hard to hide his smile.

He knows that the moment Maya decided to take his offer for a ride to the hospital then on her way home, she had already forgiven him. She just wouldn’t admit it.



Next Chapter:

“Miss Liza busy ba si Mr. Lim?”

“Hindi naman po Ms. dela Rosa. Teka sabihin ko na nandito ka.”

“Ah eh… wag na. Wag mo nang sabihing dumaaan ako. Gusto ko lang makasiguro na wala siyang sakit at okay lang siya.”

“Okay naman po si Sir. Nasa opisina lang siya parati at bihira lumabs ng mga nakaraang araw.”

“Sige Ms. Liza, alis na ako. Wag mo nang sabihin na dumaan ako.”

“But Ms. dela Rosa, Sir Richard pays me to tell him everything. Teka lang tawagin ko.”

But the moment Liza disappeared to inform Mr. Lim of her presence, Maya hurriedly left his building premises. She doesn’t know how to face him.





Pasensya na po sa delays. Busy with other things lang. But don’t worry, tatapusin ko yun mga stories, kahit medyo matagal ang updates.

Thank you for reading. 






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  1. Thank you Timmy sa update. Wow in the end sumama na rin si Maya na ihatid ni Richard at nakapagcoffee pa eh diba madaling araw na yun? Walang tulugan ha……….. looking forward sa next chapter, hopefully maihatid ni Richard si Maya sa bahay nya. Cheers!

  2. Thanks Ms Timmy. Ano kaya ang nangyari at napunta si Maya sa office ni Mr Lim. At saka “she doesn’t know how to face him”. Can’t wait for the next chapter.


  4. hindi malalabanan ni Maya ang charm ni Mr. Lim ayan at bumigay na hahaha kilig-much na this time magkapalit sila, si Maya ang tigre at si singkit ang tupang buntot ng buntot 😂

  5. Hay salamat at kahit pano medyo lumambot na ng konti ang puso ni maya he he he ayaw ayaw pa e kinikilig din naman! Cguro hinalikan din ni maya c ricjard pra mabawi yun first kiss niya ha haha thanks po buti namam inspired kayo mag sulat ngyn.

  6. Thank you Ms. Timmy for the update! Napalambot din ni sir si ma’am. Kaya lang bakit bumaliktad ata sa next chapter? Excited to know what happened.

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  8. Everything is at the right time at the right person, so in love at last Ser. Chief nakukuga muna and heart ni Maya I di kata IKAW na and na iin love Kay Maya. Thank you miss Timmy I love it. Happy lang walang ending.

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