Traces of Love 9


“Richard…” the look of uncertainty and worry is evident on her face.

“It will be fine Maya. Nikki have always loved you.”

“Pero kahit na. Natatakot ako.”

“Hey we’ve talked about this already di ba?”

Maya and Richard were at the airport. They were waiting for Nikki’s plane to arrive. They were fetching Nikki, her husband Nicolo and son Lance who will be spending their vacation in the States with the couple.

“Iba pa rin kasi yun pinaguusapan lang kesa sa totoong pagkikita na namin. Chard baka hindi nya ako gusto.” she voiced her concern again.

“Maya, my daughter loves you. I can assure you of that. Don’t you trust me?”

“Oo kaso…”

“Stop okay. You are worrying over nothing. Nikki never disliked you. She was actually very fond of you before when we were still working together. Just like Sky, who you say likes me kahit noon, ganun din si Nikki. She had fond memories of you.”

She just stared at him, her eyes getting misty.

He continued.

“She was really supportive of me when she learned that I was madly in love with you. When her mom got married, Nikki did try to volunteer to find you Maya. My daughter knows how I was without you. She was aware how lost, angry and lonely I’ve been all these years. She knows that I was that way because you weren’t with me.”

“Chard naman…”

“It’s true. Alam ni Nikki that you gave me back my happiness. She knows that you are the reason why I am smiling again.”

“Richard ikaw rin naman eh. I am happy because you’re with me, dahil magkasama tayo.”

“Kaya nga stop worrying na. Mamaya nyan umiyak ka pa at mamugto ang mata mo, malalagot ako kay Nikki nyan.” he tried to joke

She slapped him lightly.

“Atsaka Sweetheart, nakakalakad na ako pero hindi pa kita mabubuhat incase magfaint ka so enough of worrying na. You look like you’ll pass out any minute soon.”

“Oa ka Chard hindi naman ah!”

They were bantering with each other when…

“Dad!” Nikki Grace Lim rushed to give her dad a very tight hug. She was beaming with happiness.

Then after giving her dad a very tight hug, she hugged Maya with the same intensity she gave her dad as well.

Without saying anything, Nikki gave Maya that smile of happiness, gratitude and of acceptance.

Richard, who doesn’t actually agree of having those emotional moments in public tried to divert the attention of these two women in his life. He is very much aware that Maya would cry any moment same as Nikki.

“See Maya, you’ve been worrying a lot eh mas kakampi mo pa yan si Nikki for sure. Hay ako na naman ang kawawa nito.”

“Si daddy talaga.” Nikki just shook her head and smiled.

Ricky hugged both Maya and Nikki at the same time.

“Asan si Nicolo and Lance?” Ricky asked after he realized that his son-in-law and grandson was not in sight.

“Ah nandun dad. Pasunod na yun. Dala lang kasi yun suprise namin sa inyo ni Mommy.” She shyly uttered the word which automatically made Maya tear up in an instant and look at her in awe.


“Okay lang po ba if I call you that?”

Maya stood speechless but nodded her head  while trying her best not to cry for she also didn’t want to make a scene.

She was the one who hugged Nikki  this time and while they were in that position, Nicolo arrived with Lance and trailing behind them were Sunshine and Sky.


The kids, without the knowledge of their parents had been constantly communicating. Sky who knows Nikki was the one who initiated it. He is worried that his Mom and his Tito Richard might again waste many years before finally letting Sunshine and Nikki meet.

When Sky traveled to the Philippines to visit Sunshine, little did Maya and Richard know that he actually planned on introducing his sister to her sister.

Years ago when Maya and Richard were still working together, Sky and Nikki had been very close. They play on the set and even tag along when their parents have out – of – town or out- of – the – country work. When the tv show where their parents work together had ended, Nikki would still visit Sky and give him toys. Sky, who was a young boy then was indeed charming that Nikki really missed him when they no longer saw each other.

They lost touch when Maya disappeared and severed ties with everyone in her line of work.

Richard never understood why she did it before and his daughter was also sad to lose contact with the boy she was also so fond of. Nikki was in her teens and Sky was just around seven that time.


Both Sky and Sunshine had beaming smiles when they finally saw their parents.

Maya and Richard had the surprised look on their faces.

“Dad? Mom?” Sunshine who was going for a hug, suddenly stopped seeing the surprise on her parents faces.



Both Maya and Richard blurted  at the same time.

But without answering them, Sunshine threw herself to her dad and then mom.

Nikki was smiling while witnessing it. She was overwhelmed to have a sister and she felt so blessed to even see her dad walk again.

“Nikki you know each other? How?” Ricky asked his eldest daughter.

“Dad, yes we know each other already and we’ve bonded the past weeks. Daddy thank you for giving me a younger sister. And mom, thank you. At least hindi na malungkot to be an only child. Even may family na ako, iba pa rin yun may kapatid. I didn’t gain only one but two. May younger sister na ako and younger brother din. Thank you Daddy, Mom.” Nikki sincerely expressed how grateful she was .

“Yes mommy, daddy. Ang saya pala to have a big sister. At least may kakampi na ako for girl talk. Si kuya Sky kasi hindi naman pwede at lagi lang akong inaasar. ” Sunshine was smiling so brightly at the thought.

Maya was trying her best to stop the tears that had been flowing already.

She never expected that it would be this easy, that Nikki would readily accept Sunshine and that the kids would enjoy each other’s company and love each other like what she could see now. She was more than blessed.

She thought having Richard alone, was the ultimate blessing. She was wrong.  She’s even more blessed to see Richard’s daughter Nikki so accepting of her and Sunshine and even Sky.

Richard draped his arm on Maya’s shoulder’s for he knows that she was very emotional already.

“Come here nga, my princesses”

And with the emotional Maya, who was already being hugged by Richard, both Sunshine and Nikki proceeded to be engulfed by Richard’s embrace.

“Hep! Hep! Unfair naman ata yan? Paano naman ako?” Sky who was carrying Sunshine’s bag jokingly complained.

“Si Kuya talaga panira ng moment.”

“Of course hindi naman ako papayag na kayo lang, di ba dapat kasali din ako dyan Dad? Mom?” Sky forcibly joined in.

Sky had been calling Richard, Daddy already after that night he allowed his mom to stay with his then Tito Richard.

He was at first just joking but eventually decided to continue calling him dad. Richard had always treated him like a  son anyway.

They were a picture of a happy family then Sky interrupted again.

“Bayaw, Lance hali na kayo. Group hug tayo!”

Then just like that, Sky was able to break the rather very emotional moment.

“O tama ng akapan at nasa airport pa tayo. Naku mga Pinoy talaga akapan ng akapan sa airport.” Sky complained.


The family now proceeded to the waiting car which would bring them home.

Richard still uses a cane to support him but he could very well walk now to the surprise of Nikki.

As the kids were walking ahead of them, Maya and Richard were trailing behind, with fingers intertwined and contented smiles.

They were really blessed with their wonderful children and they were so blessed to have each other.


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Finale and epilogue na pala ang susunod sa chapter na to.



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  2. yes!!!! i was always waiting for the next episode..Sana may sweet moments pa rin sila Maya and Ricky…happy family na sila!!! i’m always voting for the 2 pero bakit urong sulong and ratings??? sigurado naman ako na marami tayong bomoboto sa dalawa….but i’m still going to vote as always para di matalo…next na naman ohh please!!!!

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