The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and the Munings: If There’s No Will, There’s No Way


A/N At dahil aliw talaga ako sa pets, hiramin ko muna ulit yun real life names ng kittens ng gumanap kay Mayabels.


Maya came home one afternoon finding Ricky all sweaty and looking very tired but with a contented smile on his face, as if he’s accomplished something that he is so proud of.

“Oh sweetheart anong ginagawa mo? Bakit pagod na pagod ka? Have you eaten?” She kissed him as she grabbed the towel hanging on his shoulder to wipe his sweaty forehead and neck.

“Oo na sweetheart. Ikaw? Kumain ka na? I cooked something for you. Nandun sa ref. Initin mo na lang sa microwave. Di ko pa kasi tapos yun ginagawa ko.”

“Ano ba kasing ginagawa mo. Pawis na pawis ka na o. Bihis ka na sweetheart. Matutuyuan ka ng pawis nyan eh. Pasok na tayo sa loob.”

“Sweetheart susunod na lang ako. I’ll be done soon. Sige na get in na. Kumain ka na muna then rest ka na.”

“Sweetheart di naman ako makakakain kapag wala ka.”

“You’re getting clingy again sweetheart. Sige, you change na muna then sasamahan kitang magdinner. I haven’t eaten dessert pa naman so I’ll have some while you eat dinner. I made some fruit salad kasi marami akong fresh fruits na binili kanina. Bibilisan ko na yun ginagawa ko.”

She went inside their house while Ricky proceeded to their backyard.

They were left in the mansion.

The kids were all having their vacation in San Nicolas together with Manang Fe, Joma, Doris, Leah and Sabel. Ricky and Maya will be following them in two days because Maya still had some scheduled flights and Ricky had some meetings in LAS to attend to.

He resumed his carpentry work.


After a few minutes, she came out and called out to him.

She was frantic.

“Sweetheart nawawala sila!”

“Huh? Sinong sila?” He came running to her finding her still on her work clothes yet seemingly worried.

She was on the verge of crying already.

“Sweetheart bukas pa naman yun gate kanina. Baka nakalabas sila.”

He just stared at her, clueless at why she was over reacting.

“Ricky nakakainis ka naman! Hanapin na natin. Nakatulala ka pa dyan.”

“Sino nga sweetheart? ”

“Sino pa eh di sina Courage, Miracle, Destiny, Freedom, Harmony, Charity, Serenity.”

She was teary already.

“Oh the virtuous memorial park gang…” he grinned.

She got more upset. Tiningnan si Ricky ng masama. At umiyak na nga sya.

“Hey I was just kidding. Hindi sila nawawala. Andun sila sa likod. I’m building something special for them. Grabe ka naman maka-react. Halika nga. Don’t cry na.”

Then just like that, she smiled widely while trying to wipe her tear-stained cheeks.

He kissed the top of her head. He loves this trait of her. It warms his heart actually whenever he sees her care for her kittens. She’s indeed a very caring person to everybody – her family, friends, co-FAs, random people she meets, and yes even the kittens.

She is a very kindhearted, nurturing and loving person and he was blessed to be the one witnessing it and being on the receiving end of it. Oh well, there are those kittens too who, admittedly. he’s sometimes so jealous of.

That’s the reason why he is busy at the backyard now.

Her smiles upon knowing that her kittens were safe suddenly turned to annoyance then anger.

“Ano yan?!?”

He was smiling widely, not aware of her change in expression.

“That Sweetheart is a Cat House I made especially for them. They can play inside. Hindi na sila kailangan mag-stay sa room natin. See I also got each of the them beds and toys. May cat gym din. Hindi sila mastress.” He was smiling widely when she glanced at her only to be met by those dagger looks of hers.

“At sinong nagsabing pwede silang matulog dito sa labas?”

“Sweetheart they have beds. Comfortable sila dito see. Pinaghirapan ko to. I did this for them. Ang ganda di ba?”

He was trying to convince her to like the Cat House he did.

It was actually a big cat house, sort of like a stable. He even sought the services of the LAS carpenters so they could finish it in a day.

The LAS carpenters left 2 hours ago and Ricky was left doing the finishing touches on the cat house. He really enjoyed doing it and he was sure that Maya, Nikki and Abby would love what he did and appreciate him for doing it for the kittens.

He was wrong.

Maya has gone ballistic. She got mad at him and hurriedly gathered all the kittens and brought all of them inside the house, actually inside their room.

She looked silly carrying all the seven kittens in her arms but instead of the usual amusement Ricky feels whenever his wife acts funny, he’s had enough now.

He was also angry.

He’s been tired and he hardly had a decent meal during lunch because he was so engrossed in building the cat house.

He even cancelled all his meetings for the day just to be able to surprise his wife. Oh well, secretly, he built it so the kittens would be finally out of their room. He’s no longer comfortable that the seven kittens stays inside their room when the kids have their exams or are busy with tons of homework.

Pikon na pikon at asar na asar na siya sa kittens and now he’s also pissed with his wife’s reaction.

He went inside the bedroom and saw her fixing the individual kitty beds lined up on their floor.

He just stared at her and didn’t say a word.

He just proceeded to their bathroom and took a bath. When he emerged donning his pajamas, he’s all the more annoyed to see his wife feeding the kittens with milk from a milk bottle.

He doesn’t want to admit it but he is so jealous of the attention she gives the kittens.

He grabbed his pillows and stormed out of their room leaving Maya in awe yet unaffected. Alam nya babalik lang naman si Ricky and di siya nito matitiis. She even felt giddy at the thought.

But she was also wrong.

More than an hour has passed and Ricky haven’t returned to their room yet.

She felt guilty. Alam nyang pagod na pagod si Ricky but instead of taking care of him, inuna pa nya yun kittens. They weren’t even able to eat the dessert he prepared and she even forgot to eat dinner.

She hurriedly left their room and searched for her husband. She would apologize and make up for her immaturity and the irrational way she reacted. Babawi siya.

But he wasn’t at the veranda, he wasn’t at their guest room.

She can’t find him in the kids’ rooms as well. She rushed to the garage worried that maybe out of anger, he decided to sleep at LAS.

She was teary eyed already and really guilty for what she did.

She was relieved to see that the car is in their garage. It means Ricky didn’t leave.

She searched the entire house even the room of Joma but when she didn’t find him there, she realized that he might be staying inside the cat house he made. It was big actually, the same size as Manang Fe’s room and it has comfortable sofa and for the kids to stay in when they play with the kittens. Maya is sure that Ricky  is there.

She hurried to their bedroom and gathered the things they would need.


He was tossing and turning on the small sofa inside the cat house which was intended for the kids to use when they play with the kittens when Maya entered with more pillows, their brown comforter, a sleeping mat and the puting kumot.

He was startled when the door opened and even surprised and yes, annoyed to see Maya.

“What are you doing here? Matulog ka na. You have an early flight tomorrow.” He said in a voice void of tenderness. Asar talaga siya.

Maya didn’t mind it. Di siya affected sa pagsusungit ni Ricky kasi alam nya that it’s her fault at inaabuso na nya ang napakabait, pasensyoso at kadalasan ay nauuto nyang Sweetheart.

“Sweetheart hindi naman ako makatulog ng wala ka sa tabi ko.”

“Hindi rin ako makakatulog with your furry friends. And you won’t be able to force me this time.”

“Eh hindi naman kita pipilitin bumalik sa room eh. Kita mo nga may dala ako ng mga to. Dito rin ako matutulog.”

“What? No! Bumalik ka na doon. Atsaka ang sikip ng sofa. I am also very tired and I have no energy anymore. Ayoko ng makiargue sa’yo.”

“Hindi naman tayo dyan sa sofa. Kaya nga may dala akong sleeping mat eh. Dito tayo sa  floor. Para na rin tayong sa PUS nito.”

He just raised his brows and shook his head as he watched Maya setting up the sleeping bags, brown comforter and pillows.

“Are you really serious? Balik ka na doon sa room Maya. You won’t be comfortable there.”

“No Ricky. Hindi mo ako mapapabalik sa room. Dito tayo matutulog. Atsaka maganda dito, kasi di ba nga cat house to?”

“Maya good for cats hindi for people. Balik ka na doon sa kwarto natin. I want to sleep now.” Ricky pleaded. He was really exhausted.

But Maya had something else in mind.

“Sweetheart hindi pa ako inaantok atsaka bagay tong ginawa mo sa atin.”

“Bagay sa’tin? Bakit na naman?” he was already impatient and it seems Maya is game for her makulit mode.

“Kasi di ba cat house to? Bagay sa’tin kasi ayan tiger mode ka na. Masungit ka na Mr. Lim.”

“Ikaw kasi eh.” He said with a voice making his wife all the more guiltier.

“Kaya nga sorry na. Babawi na nga ako eh. Pwede tayong maging parang cats dito.” then she giggled.

Ricky was now getting a bit excited, his annoyance slowly getting forgotten..

“And what do you mean by that?”

“Eh ikaw pwedeng maging parang tiger.”

“Maging masungit?”

“Hindi! Ano ka ba sweetheart! Maging wild na parang tiger. Tapos ako naman parang cat… feisty!” then she giggled again. Kilig at excited siya sa mga pinagsasabi nya.

Naalert yun ears ni Ricky, namula din ang mga to at siyempre he got very excited that his anger was now totally forgotten.

He wasted no time in joining his wife who is now settled on the sleeping mat she prepared on the floor.

“Ricky! Ano ba! nakikiliti ako. Wait lang! Time first!” She was shrieking as her husband was attacking her with kisses and tickles.

“Walang bawian Maya or magagalit talaga ako!”

“At sino namang nagsasabi na babawiin ko? Hindi no!”

Then just like that, the couple again enjoyed their “You and Me time”.

Yun mga kittens? Ayun behave at mahimbing na natutulog sa bedroom ng mag-asawa.

Eh yun dalawa behave rin ba?  Ewan. Di ba nga wild and feisty daw sila according to Maya.

Ano sa tingin nyo?

A/N Ay bahala na silang dalawa. Matanda na sila at siguro dapat sulitin nila ang you and me time while wala pa sila sa San Nicolas at wala pang istorbo.


9 thoughts on “The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and the Munings: If There’s No Will, There’s No Way”

  1. Good morning Ms Timmy,tlga nman you always make us smile sa mga story m at nkktwa tlga pgging tiger mood ni Ricky at kpag my gnwa ang isa they always end up sa you and me time,thank you sa lhat ng gngwa mo for us making so happy all the time,take care always ❤️❤️❤️

  2. feel ko si Ricky, imagine ba naman 7 yung roommates nyo, at talagang buhay mga prinsesa pa hahaha hindi ko ma-imagine yung gastos sa kuryente para ma i-vacuum ang room nila everyday to get rid of the fur, anyways mayaman naman sila 😃

  3. So love their misadventures with the cats haha!!! Does it mean na may made in cat house na sila dahil naging wild and feisty sila? Thankiee, sis!

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