The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and the Munings : Three’s A Crowd

A/N : Since mahilig yun gumanap kay Maya sa mga kittens in real life, I’ll have a story with them. Dogs sana kaso kittens yun alaga nya so there… Munings na lang.

I again remind you all that this is fiction!



Ricky  went home one late evening looking annoyed. His brows were furrowed. He wasn’t even talking to her.

Abby excitedly called him few hours ago to tell him of the good news. Well, good for Maya and the kids but not-so-good for him.

Maya who kissed him when he arrived was met by his indifference and he didn’t even spare her a glance.

He proceeded to the dining table to have dinner. He was starved and despite his annoyance, he needs to eat.

She just ignored his temper and  continued to serve him his favorite dish.

Doris and Leah were with the twins who were having their vacation with their lolo Arturo  and lola Teresita in San Nicolas.

Sabel already left earlier as she was no longer sleeping at the mansion after getting married to Jerry.

Maya just ignored him. She was so happy to be bothered by her husband’s mood.

He might just be tired from his overtime in LAS.

She and the kids  already ate ahead of him. She didn’t expect him to arrive around midnight for he usually arrives early morning whenever LAS had extra jobs to do, extra planes to fix.


After eating he proceeded to take a shower then watched TV in their bedroom.

She entered their bedroom expecting that his mood changed. She was carrying a small box with her and the kids’ three kittens in it.

Maya, Nikki and Abby were so fond of kittens especially after Abby found Gus, who was eventually returned to the real owner.

They were so sad then and Maya vowed to replace Gus with a new kitten.

Ricky relented but just allowed one.

Maya found kitten number one, which was actually a stray kitten, while she and the twins were at the park.

Abby was super ecstatic. After having the kitten checked by a vet and cleaning her up, the kitten, they named Harmony were welcomed by everyone except the discreetly seething in annoyance Ricky.

But he cant go against the kids and his wife. He also didn’t want to spoil their excitement so he just acted cool with it.

Then just as he was already adjusted to the intrusion of one kitten in their home, Maya found another one, while they were strolling at Manila Bay with Abby.

He can’t do anything since Abby had that pleading look on her face. Ricky relented again and they named her Serenity.

But when Abby called him this afternoon to excitedly report about another kitten which she and her Ate Nikki named Charity, Ricky had enough.  Of course he didn’t tell the kids but he vowed to have a word with Maya about it.

The two kittens are already disturbing his you and me time with his wife. Another one would definitely worsen his problem.

Maya would oftentimes bring the kittens to their room and she even volunteered to watch them for the kids.

Abby and Nikki were having their exams so they are off-limits to the kittens.

“Sweetheart okay ka lang?”

He just stared at her. Mas naasar sa nakita niya.


Napikon na rin tuloy si Maya.

“Alam mo ang arte mo. Nakakainis ka na ha!”

He just smirked and turned his back on her.

Sa asar niya, she stood up and left him alone in their bedroom.


After 30 minutes.

He couldn’t sleep.

He felt guilty all of a sudden.

But asar pa rin siya.

Still he went out of their room to search for her.

It was already midnight and she needs to rest for she has an early flight tomorrow.

She was not at their veranda where she usually strays.

She’s not at the kitchen either.

Then he saw her, curled at their sofa in the living room, with her three companions, he disliked so much right now.

Sleeping beside his wife were the three kittens she and the kids had been picking up randomly in different places.

He sighed deeply to expel his annoyance then he carefully carried her to their bedroom.

As he settled her on their bed, she suddenly woke up.

“Sweetheart asan na sina Harmony, Serenity at Charity?”

“They’re at the living room. Tulog na ang mga yun!”

“No Sweetheart! Dapat dito sila sa tabi natin! Magagalit sina Abby at Nikki kapag hindi sila sa bedroom.”

“What? No!”

“Anong no? Namamahay pa yun si Charity so dito na muna sila. Hindi naman sila malikot eh.”

“Sila hindi pero tayo maglilikot mamaya at maiipit natin sila!”

“Basta dito dapat sila matulog!”

Then she went out of their bedroom to get the kittens.

When she entered their bedroom, she saw him fixing a comforter, some pillows on the floor. He was really annoyed right now.

“O ano yan? Bakit naglalatag ka sa floor? Kasya naman tayong lima sa bed.”

“I definitely won’t sleep with your furry friends!”

“Ay bad ka sweetheart! You’re not an animal lover!”

“Of course I am but this is too much! Ang dami na nila. Overpopulated na tayo!”

“Nag-ooverreact ka naman masyado. Mga kittens lang yan asar ka na.”

“Of course maaasar ako. I allowed you and the kids to adopt two, heck I was even with you when you found kitten number two…”

“She has a name. She is Serenity!”

“Whatever… memorial park name she has, basta I just allowed two. Bakit nagdagdag  pa kayo?”

She realized that pikon pala si sweetheart because of her kittens. Natawa siya.

“Naku kaya pala tampururot ang sweetheart ko kasi nagseselos sa mga babies namin ni Abby at Nikki.”

“Hindi ako nagseselos.”

“Hindi raw eh halos pandilatan mo na etong tatlo. Ang cute cute pa naman. Ang helpless pa nila tapos inaaway mo.”

“Matulog na nga tayo. I’ll sleep on the floor. Magtabi na kayong apat!”

“Ha! No! Tabi tayo sweetheart!”

“I won’t be able to sleep with them.”

“Dito naman sila sa side ko at hindi ka naman maiistorbo.”

“Ang kulit mo naman. I’m tired arguing with you. Let’s sleep now coz you have an early flight tomorrow.”

Maya just gave him her angry stare.

He sighed. Pagod na talaga siya.

“Fine! Tabi tayo!” Then he suddenly placed her kittens on top of their bed and carried his wife and laid her on the floor where he had set up the comforter and pillows.

She shrieked.

“Sweetheart ano ba! Nakikiliti ako!”

“I’m annoyed and pissed and I will claim my reward from you sa pagpapahirap mo sakin!”

“Eh matigas dito sa floor sweetheart… ”

“Don’t worry, you won’t feel the floor. Change position tayo ngayon.”

Then he laid on the floor while settling her on top of him.

“Sweetheart nakakaconscious, may audience tayo. ” she was pertaining to the kittens.

Kinuha nya yun pillows at hinarangan yun bed para hindi na sila matanaw ng mga kittens.

“There! Satisfied?”

“Yes sweetheart! Halika na!”

Then finally he smiled as he settled on the floor again ready to enjoy their reward for each other.

Yun kittens? Tulog na tulog sa malambot na bed ng mag-asawa.


A/N Pantawid lang muli. Pagthank you ko din a masigasig na pagvote. Number one na tayo.


20 thoughts on “The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and the Munings : Three’s A Crowd”

  1. Hahaha kakatuwa naman kaya pala naiinis si Ricky sa mga munings dahil istorbo sila!
    BTW, may pusa kami , my hubby rescued him too kaya mas malapit sa kanya si Muning. Yes, Muning is the name (so cute with her pure white fur).

    Yup, number na tayo with 36.19%. I made countless votes already…ang bilis ng arangkada sana naman because of that, pagbigyan ng abs-cbn ang clamor ng fans …kung di movie, kilig serye ulit!


  3. voted already….at natutuwa sa kwento ng mga munings….hahaha si Ricardo kaya pala galit…d maka iscore kc me mga munings na madadaganan hahahha…kulit mo din ha? taba utak….love it…thnx and God bless!

  4. may nagsabi doon sa comment doon sa voting site may nandadaya daw…eto sabi…Please admin paki check ang poll nyo may himala yatang nangyari parang may majic na nangyayari sana patas namang lumaban dahil kaming fans ni juday at piolo ay patas lumaban napaka unfair naman sa mga fans na maayos at patas lumaban kung may nandadaya naman just saying.

    eto naman sagot ko….Oh, paano may daya…eh pwede namang magvote ng unlimited. I voted for JOCHARD countless times already and there’s a lot of us doing that. Just imagine wala na ang BCWMH pero buhay pa rin ang mga FB groups at ibang forums and buhay na buhay pati fanfic stories nila!!!

  5. Hahaha dami tawa ko naman don sa pang memeorial na name ni serinity! Thanks Ms Timmy as usual enjoy it much! Now back to voting 🙂

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