May the Force Be With Us this 2016

A year and a month is too much waiting already. We need to see them together again.

Let’s show the network that we still love to see them together in a movie, in bcwmh book 2 and other projects.

We can vote repeatedly so guys if you have the same sentiments as I have, please do vote.

Here’s the link. You can vote as many times as you want depending on how badly you want Maya and Serchief / Richard and Jodi together again in a project.



And yes guys I’m posting an update of my ff soon. (maybe later or tomorrow)


Happy New Year!


9 thoughts on “May the Force Be With Us this 2016”

  1. Thanks…well me since last night I didn’t stop voting until I beat the #1👍 imagine from no. 3 siguro naka more than 600 votes or more pa… when I woke up at 2am vote uli ako…ano sa palagay mo hindi ako desperada na magkaproject sila noh?😅😂 slight lang! LOL

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