The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and Iskay : Be Careful Mayabels!

It is the morning of December 25

The entire Lim household are happily gathered around their Christmas tree. Earlier this morning, while their parents are still sleeping and only Manang Fe was up, the elder kids, Luke, Nikki and Abby excitedly went out of their rooms to take a peek on the stockings they hanged on their giant Christmas tree.

Oh well the two elder kids know very well who fills those stockings with goodies but they still join and play along for their three younger siblings.

Santa Claus gift opening time, as they call it , is one of the most exciting and fun events in their household during the 25th of December. It is also hilarous because Ricky and Maya has this habit of giving funny gifts to everyone. It was fun because aside from the kids, the entire household is included. Everyone has a stocking with their name on it embroidered by Manang Fe.

Last year they had a good laugh with what each one got.

Manang Fe had a framed teenage picture of Mang Anastacio which elicited the teasing from everyone and made Manang pinch Ricky when no one was watching. She knew it was her former ward who thought of that gift.

Doris had a brand new blond detachable bangs which made everyone laugh. They all took turns trying the bangs on themselves.

Joma, who had been complaining about his stubborn curly hair got a hair iron which made Doris and Sabel run to him and begged that they swap gifts. It was Maya who thought of the funny gift.

Leah who was known to be very tactless got a roll or duct tape.

And Sabel who had been complaining of her husband Jerry’s schedule which, she regularly monitors, got a logbook and a whistle.

The couple decided that to make their gifts a surprise for each other, Maya would buy Ricky’s gift and the same goes with Ricky who will be the one to buy Maya’s gift.

Ricky got a basketful of various liniments while Maya got a boxed set of those miniature wines. Whatever the reason was why they gave each other those gifts were kept to themselves. They elbowed each other and discreetly teased each other relentlessly no one was watching them.

Nikki, got a book with the title “Studies Before Boys”, Luke got one with the title “How to Court A Girl the Proper Way” and Abby got one which says “Why People Love Short Girls”, this was because Abby had been complaining about her height.

The twins got toys for they wouldn’t find the humor on the gifts anyway. Aside from those, each stocking had a bunch of goodies, candies, chocolates and cookies as well.

Now it is the time of the year again and everyone was anticipating the gifts they would get.

Everyone was excited except for Sky.

Sky, now a talkative four year old was seated at the foot of their stairs, sulking.

Luke noticed him.

“Oh Sky let’s take a look at what Santa gave you na. Halika na!”

“I don’t want to.” he shook his head.

“Mommy, mukhang masama yun gising ng bunso natin.” Ricky who heard Sky and Luke, whispered to Maya.

“Ah teka lang Daddy, puntahan ko nga.”

As she was nearing Sky, the boy abruptly stood up and went near Ricky, wanting to be carried.

“O Sky what’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?”

The boy just hid his face on his daddy’s neck. He avoided his mommy’s face.

Maya whispered to him. “Aba mukhang sakin may tampo ang baby natin ah!”

“Kasi Sweetheart pinatulog mo agad kagabi di ba? Gusto pa nitong maglaro eh.”

Ricky had Sky on his lap while the rest of the family and the Lim household were noisily teasing each other with the gifts they got from Santa this year.

“Sky don’t you want to open your stockings? Santa surely gave you your favorite toys. Di ba you asked for a toy airplane?”

But the boy vehemently shook his head. Wriggled out of Ricky’s hug and down his lap.

“I don’t want Santa anymore.” then he ran upstairs to his room.

“Hala daddy napano yun?” Maya was surprised with Sky’s tantrum.

The boy never had tantrums anymore since he turned four. He actually stopped when he and Sunshine turned three so both Maya and Ricky were surprised at how he acted this morning when he was usually the one very excited with Santa’s gifts.

“Sundan na natin daddy.” Maya nudged Ricky to stand and follow Sky.
The rest of the household had worried look on their faces.

“Sundan muna namin ng daddy nyo si Sky ha! Sige ipagpatuloy nyo na muna yan. Bababa agad kami.” Maya assured them while Ricky already followed Sky leaving Maya behind.


“Sky what’s wrong buddy?” Ricky asked his son who was now sulking on his bed covered with his Spiderman blanket.

“I hate Santa Claus!” The boy grumpily answered his daddy while still hiding underneath his blanket.

“Why are you mad at Santa? Di ba nya binigay yun gusto mong toy? You haven’t even checked your Christmas stockings yet. Halika na. Let’s join your Kuya Luke, Ate Nikki and Ate Abby downstairs.”

“I don’t want to Daddy. Kayo na lang po.” Sky still didn’t go out of his blanket.

Maya was by the door quietly signalling Ricky to ask if everything’s okay. Ricky just shook his head.

“Sky you want Mommy?”


Both Ricky and Maya was surprised with Sky’s reaction.

Maya’s eyes grew big. She worried as to why their son was seemingly angry at her. She already noticed the boy avoiding her awhile ago but she thought it was just Sky’s tantrum.


“I don’t want Santa. He wants to take Mommy from us.”

“Hey little buddy, Santa doesn’t take mommies away from their babies. Why would you think that? Halika na labas ka na dyan kay Spidey blankie mo.”

Now he heard the boy crying but he can’t remove the blanket which Sky held so tightly.

Maya now came near them but still didn’t say anything. She allowed Ricky to handle Sky.

“But last night daddy, I took a peek sa stairs and I saw Santa with Mommy.”

Both Maya and Ricky had worried look on their faces. They were afraid that Sky might have found out that it was only his dad who was the Santa Claus they believed in. Maya stepped back and hid herself from her son’s view when she saw Sky peeking from the blanket.

“Sky, maybe you were just dreaming. Maybe you thought you saw Mommy and Santa.”

“I saw them Daddy. He even carried mommy to the sofa then kissed her. Di ba mommy should be kissing only you and me, Sunshine, Ate Abby, Ate Nikki and Kuya Luke. I don’t want Santa daddy. He is bad.”

Richard didn’t know how to explain it to his son without blowing his cover. She seeked his wife’s help but she just covered her mouth and smiled at the situation his husband got himself in.

“No Sky. Santa Claus kisses mommies and even daddies especially if they have been very good parents to their children. It’s his way of saying thank you to them. He should have kissed me too if I was there. Daddy kasi was in his room last night kaya di ko tuloy nakita si Santa Claus.”

“But he kissed mommy differently. The way daddies and mommies kiss each other.”

“No Sky, he was just thanking mommy. Are we okay now little buddy?”
Sky seemed to have been convinced with Ricky’s explanation. He now gave his daddy a smile and a kiss on his cheek.

Maya still hid herself from Sky. He didn’t want the boy to be upset. She still needs to talk to her son later.

“Let’s now join them downstairs little buddy?”

“Okay daddy.” Sky smiled and held his daddy’s hand.

They went out of the room with Maya following behind them.

But as they were nearing the foot of the stairs within the hearing distance of everyone, Sky had something else to say…

“But Daddy Santa kissed mommy differently. He was like eating Mommy’s mouth.”

Eyes grew wide, ears turning red all of a sudden, Ricky defensively and loudly blurted out…


All eyes were on him.

Manang Fe, Joma, Sabel, Doris and Leah were all trying to control themselves from laughing.

The elder kids were laughing as well. Abby and Sunshine was clueless on what’s happening much to the relief of their mom and dad.


Maya was the one who appeased Sky after she saw that Ricky was already helpless on what to tell the boy.

Maya was able to convince Sky that Santa was just kissing her and it just looked differently because the living room was dark and there were shadows. The boy was convinced and he even lovingly hugged his mom and dad and excitedly took his stockings to take a look at what Santa gave him.

Luke went beside his dad.

“Dad next time kasi do it inside the room. Di talaga matiis kay Mom eh. Good that it was only Sky. What if si Abby yun nakakita sa inyo?”

He teased his dad who just smirked and shook his head.


They were now cuddling in bed about to sleep.

“Sweetheart stop that!” Ricky was annoyed at Maya already as she was teasing him nonstop with that incident with Sky.

“Nakakatawa ka kasi Sweetheart. Pero in fairness ang galing mong magpalusot.”

“It’s your fault naman kasi eh. If you didn’t follow me with your sexy sleepwear eh di sana walang nangyaring ganun. My God good thing Sky only saw the kissing part.” He was so worried that his son saw what happened after.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, madilim naman and he wouldn’t know naman what we were doing.” Maya tried to calm her husband.

“Pero kasalanan mo pa rin. Ikaw kasi you’re such a tease.”

“Sige na nga, ako na. Pero di ko naman kasalanan na sexy ako eh.”

“Kahit na. Dapat bumawi ka pa rin.”

“Aber ano ang gusto mong pagbawi Sweetheart?”

“Hmmm since Sky mentioned it, it would be nice if you demonstrate yun sa song na ‘I saw Mommy ‘eating’ Santa Claus’ ” he grinned at her.


Then the demo begins….

Happy Holidays!!!


18 thoughts on “The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and Iskay : Be Careful Mayabels!”

  1. Hala! At may demo talaga?! But, Daddy and Mommy, kelangan super ingat sa mga “BTS” at baka may makakita na naman. Hirap kaya mag-explain. Hahahaha….Merry Christmas, Ms. Timmy! You never seize to make me laugh with your Adventures and Misadventures nila Mr. and Mrs. Lim.

  2. Hahahaha…..ang lakas ng tawa ko so happy talaga ang Lim’s family love to the max this family❀❀❀ Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year Ms.Timmy🌻🌻🌻

  3. Very funny. Love it! Can I have the password please? Have a merry Christmas and may 2016 inspire you more to create stories. God bless.

  4. Naughty Santa Claus kissing Mrs Chief πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜€ kaloka buti ba lang yun lang ang nakita ni Sky πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Merry Christmas to all JoChard ADIKS πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽ

  5. waaaaa bitin…d na tinapos hahahaha….ayan Sky kasi naman y did you take a peek at Santa….iba tuloy nakita mo harharharharhar! Kaw talaga Tims gnamit mo pa talaga ang song na I Saw Mommy…but not kissing but eating Santa Claus hahaha…pag ganito ng ganito merry na merry ang pasko ng Adiktus hahaha….Merry Christmas….enjoy d holidays at sana me pampasabog sa New Year hehe! God bless!

  6. hindi pinatawad si Iskay sa ka naughty-han mo ms. timmy hahaha ano kaya ang gawin ng mag-asawa kung more than “eating each other” ang nakita ng anak nila? i, too, demand ng demo na yan πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€ Merry Christmas everyone

  7. Binasa ulit hihi, kakaaliw! Hay naku naman kasi tama si Luke, ingat sa PDA sa room na lang gawin baka makita ulit ni Sky haha.

    Merry Christmas, sis!

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