Traces of Love 5



It is November 28, 2015.

A year ago, our favorite show ended and until now, we’ve been trying to cope by watching our treasured BCWMH DVDs, watching those numerous videos and pictures we’ve accumulated and treasured during the 2 years and 4 months the show was on air, reading and rereading fanfics about the show and the most loved couple, and even watching the teasers which we patiently wait for every single night, when the show was still on air.

All these still gives me and maybe some of you, the same level of ‘happiness and goodvibes.’

When it ended, I felt bad just like the rest of you but I was certain that after a month or two, I would easily forget and be able to replace it with another show or another hobby. I was wrong. It’s been a year and the fondness never waned. Not one show, local or foreign had me interested. But instead, I just kept coming back to the bcwmh DVDs.

I even found myself writing stories. I never imagined myself writing fanfics. I’m bad with writing actually and I really have a hard time choosing the suitable words, making scenarios as vivid as possible in the stories I make. But surprisingly, I’ve done more than a hundred already and that was after the show ended. Thanks sa mga nagtyaga at nagbasa, hahaha! Talk about pagiging adik! 😝😁 I don’t know but I’m happy doing it. When I think of Maya and Ser Chief, many ideas would enter my head. Sila naman kasi eh! Ewan ko talaga why they have that ‘magic’!

So to reminisce my most loved show which had been a source of my positivity until now, here’s one of my treats for the day….

Good vibes everyone!

The surgery of Richard turned out to be successful as his doctors expected it to be.

Maya and their daughter Sunshine was with him all throughout the procedure.

The doctors attributed Richard’s positive response to the surgery and his fast recovery to the presence of his daughter and her mom.
During his past encounters with the doctors, Richard usually gave them a hard time, but now he was all the more determined to get well for his daughter and for Maya as well.

The doctors were all hopeful that he will be in perfect condition sooner than expected.


Maya would usually leave Richard and Sunshine to bond.

Richard was asked by the doctors to stay in the hospital since it will be easier to follow up on his medications for his recovery. With his condition, mobility had been a problem and the doctors and even Maya suggested for him to spend few more weeks in the hospital.

“Dad I will be going home na next week. Pagaling ka agad so pwede ka nang sumama kay Mommy pag dumalaw siya sakin.” Sunshine was hopeful.

“Yes I promise I’ll go with your mom then ipapakilala kita kay Ate Nikki mo. I will miss you when you go home. Always think of daddy ha!” Richard was getting emotional now.

“Si dad ang oa! We will be seeing each other naman soon. Three months na lang vacation na namin and matagal tagal ang bonding natin for sure.”

“I just want to be with my daughter all the time. I missed seeing you growing up. Gusto ko na nasa tabi kita palagi.”

“Kaya nga dad you should follow your doctors and also mommy para gumaling ka agad. Then you could visit me agad.”

“I promise I would. Magpapagaling agad si daddy so I can be with you and your mom. Thank you Sunshine ha! And take care of mommy muna while hindi pa masyadong magaling si daddy.”

“Yes po daddy kong makulit pero hindi naman masungit gaya ng sabi ni mom.”

“Your mom said masungit ako? I’m not ha! Siya nga yun inaaway ako palagi when we were still working together. She was quite a bully then.” Richard defended himself.

“Naku dad, sabi ni mom suplado ka nga daw.”

“To others oo, pero sa kanya hindi. Takot ko kaya sa mommy mo. She was a very good and sikat na actress already when I met her. I was intimidated by her.”

“Oy oy! Ano yan! Why did I hear my name?”

Richard and Sinshine was interrupted when Maya suddenly entered with Richard’s scheduled medicines.

“Nothing! I’m just telling our daughter here that ambait bait mo sa akin sa set before.”

Sunshine was laughing. Her dad looked amusing trying to explain himself to her mom.

“Hmmm talaga lang? Iba yun narinig ko ah! May parang bully ako at masungit….”

“I was just kidding.”

“Pasalamat ka, you’re still recovering kundi lagot ka sakin Chard.”

He winked at their daughter… “See what I mean?”

“Si dad talaga!”

“O tama na yan. Chard uwi muna kami ni Sunshine. We’ll be back later. May aasikasuhin muna kami. Bibili din ng pasalubongs. You’ll be okay here? Nandyan si Ate sa baba. She’s just talking to someone. We need to go na kasi si Kuya Carlo malapit na sa baba. Baka mahirapan kumuha ng cab so papahintayin na lang daw nya yun nasakyan nya.”

“Yes Maya. I’ll be fine. Do what you have to do muna. Shine, give dad a hug muna.”

Sunshine hugged her dad.

“Ikaw mommy hindi mo man lang ako ihuhug?” He was in a teasing mood.

But instead of protesting, Maya hugged him as well.

“Oh kala mo magproprotesta ako! Ikaw talaga Mr. Lim!” Then she pinched his nose.

“Aww! Ouch partner! Sige na nga you go na at baka kung ano pa ang gawin mo sakin.”

“Ewww…You guys are cheesy and nakakakilabot. Tara na mom! Bye daddy!” Sunshine complained and went ahead of Maya to meet his Tito Carlo who already called her phone.

Richard and Maya just smiled at each other.

Maya was fixing Sunshine’s bag when his room suddenly opened…

“Oh my God Richard what are you doing here? Bakit di mo man lang ako tinawagan? I could have accompanied you.” A woman who seemed near Richard’s age barged into his hospital room. She looked pretty and sophisticated despite her age.

Maya stood speechless.

“Stephanie how did you know I’m here?”

“Pumunta ako sa bahay at si Liza sinabi sakin. Ricky are you still mad that’s why you’re not answering my calls? You know I didn’t mean what I said the last time we talked. Please don’t be mad.”

“Stephanie, please… we will talk but not now.”

“Are you okay now. Oh my God! I should have been here…”

“It’s okay. Maya took care of me. Maya halika… Maya?”

But Maya was no longer inside the room. He didn’t notice that Maya already left.


“Bakit ang tahimik ninyong dalawa?” Maya’s brother asked.

They were now in a cab heading towards a shopping center where they would be buying pasalubongs for the family back home.

He wasn’t used to silence when it comes to his sister and niece.

They usually had many things to say but surprisingly they seemed to be out of energy now.

“Okay lang si Richard?” He now worriedly asked.

“Oo. Okay siya. He’s recovering fast. Ilang araw lang makakauwi na yun.” Maya answered.

She realized that she musn’t let what she saw affect them.

Not now when she’s with her daughter.

She can just deal with her feelings when her daughter goes back to the Philippines.

She voluntarily cared for Richard but it doesn’t mean that they could be together.

She has to remind herself that having Sunshine doesn’t mean that they are now a family.

Indeed many years had passed and many things had happened already.

Of course Richard won’t be open about it especially now that he met their daughter.

But what she saw was enough to remind herself that she should distance herself from Richard once he’s completely recovered.

That’s the least she could do for the man she left and she hurt.

That’s what she should do for her heart as well.

Sunshine also couldn’t forget what she overheard when she saw the woman who entered her dad’s room.

The woman was talking to a doctor.

“My husband is here. I need to see him. Okay we’ll catch up later. Bye doc.”

Her young mind could only feel pain for her mom. She thought they could be a family now. She was obviously wrong.


Few days before Sunshine’s flight back to Manila.

“Sunshine, will it be okay if I court your mom?” Richard nervously asked the permission of their daughter who was seated at the empty space in his hospital bed. He was hopeful that she will say yes. He was so sure that their daughter will be very happy.

But he wasn’t prepared of her reaction.

Sunshine didn’t say anything but rather evaded his face, his eyes. She turned her back on him. And he noticed her trying to wipe something from her face. He heard her stifling her sobs.

He reached for her shoulder willing her to face him.

When she did, he saw the tears in her eyes which she wasn’t able to completely wipe.

“Hey… Why are you crying Sunshine? Ayaw mo ng sinabi ni daddy? You don’t want me for mom?” He was was wiping his daughter’s tears. He was hurt with Sunshine’s reaction.

In a very soft voice “Gusto po but I don’t want mommy to be hurt. She’s been through a lot already.”

“Why would you think that? I won’t hurt your mom. I love your mommy so much. I love both of you and even your Kuya Sky so much.”

Sunshine still didn’t say anything but she just cried. Richard just reached for her and engulfed her in his arms while kissing the top of her head.

“Ssshhhh… stop crying na Sunshine. Please trust daddy. I want to make it up to you and mommy. Please give me a chance. I won’t hurt you mommy. I won’t hurt you. You guys are my life. Hey stop crying….” He managed to say while hugging his daughter. He didn’t know if she was even listening to him. She just continued to cry and he could feel her trying to get away from his embrace.

They were in that position when Maya arrived. She was surprised.

“Anak? Chard?”

“Wala mom! I’ll just miss you guys and si Kuya Sky pag umuwi na ako.”


“Sige na Maya. Samahan mo na muna si Sunshine. She needs to see her Kuya before she returns to the Philippines.” He suggested.

“Ha? Bakit?” Maya who wasn’t aware of what happened couldn’t understand why Sunshine was crying when her daughter was actually a very jolly, far from being sentimental, person.

Sunshine gave him a last hug then said, “We’ll get in touch na lang dad sa emails and chat. Pagaling ka po.”

Richard just gave a rather painful smile and just nod his head while still tightly hugging his daughter. He gave her a last kiss on both her cheeks.

“Tara na mommy. I promised Kuya Sky that I will visit him today.” Sunshine obviously wanted to leave right away.

“Okay anak pero please go to the nurse’s station first and call dad’s nurse.”

The moment Sunshine left…

“What happened Chard?”

“I don’t know Maya.” Richard couldn’t hide the sadness he was feeling and Maya noticed it, so instead of putting more meaning to how Sunshine was behaving, she just downplayed it. Richard just had his surgery and he definitely shouldn’t be subjected to extreme emotions yet.

“Si Sunshine talaga. Sigurado malungkot yan kasi uuwi na siya eh. Ayaw nya ng goodbyes kaya iiwas na lang yan sa’yo. ” She justified her daughter’s action.

“Yes I know. I’m also sad na she will be leaving soon. But you will still let me see her di ba Maya?”

“Of course naman Chard. Bakit naman ganyan ang tanong mo. Ikaw talaga.”

“Maybe you should spend time with Sunshine. Ipasyal mo muna. She wants to go to her kuya. Okay na ako dito. You don’t have to worry about me. Tawagan mo lang ako parati. Our daughter needs your time. Baka magtampo na yan kasi lagi na lang kayong dito sa hospital.”

“Chard masaya si Sunshine to spend time here with you. She wouldn’t have it any other way for sure. Baka malungkot lang yan kasi aalis na siya. Alam mo na. Umiiwas. She’s usually not emotional. Nagulat nga ako sa inabutan ko kanina.”

But before they could talk some more, Sunshine arrived with Richard’s male nurse.

“Sige na Maya. I’ll just call you. Baka naghihintay na sa inyo si Sky.”

Maya relented and left together with their daughter.

She just requested Richard’s other nurse to watch over him. His sister will be arriving anytime soon anyway.

Right now she needs to bond with Sunshine who was unexpectedly too emotional.

She surmised that her daughter was just sad because she will be leaving in a couple of days. Maybe this is just her way of coping.

She wasn’t aware that like her, Sunshine also saw the woman named Stephanie.

Sunshine had been brave in facing her dad.

She even remained calm during her dad’s surgery.

Maya was so proud of her. Now she would heed Richard’s advice that she really needs to spend time with her daughter. They needed it too. They needed it for themselves.


Preview of the Next Chapter:

Then moment Maya and Sunshine left, Richard asked his nurse to leave him alone. He wants to be given privacy.

He could no longer contain the pain he felt that he allowed himself to cry the moment his nurse closed his door.

He never expected how the events turned out. He was expectant of Sunshine’s happy approval of his plan to court her mom.

He had been rehearsing what he would be saying the whole morning before his daughter arrived.


He felt insecure.

“Damn! I couldn’t even move and run after them!”

“Hey watch your language Richard!” His sister scolded him.

“Maybe I should talk to Stephanie now.”


If you still want to let the management know that we still want them back, you can join in our requests for their project/s next year. Check the tweets. 😊

#JoChard2016 Wishlist:
1) MMK @MMKOfficial
2) BCWMH Book 2 @GMOunit
3) Movie @StarCinema

We could hope. Maybe we still deserve to be given the same ‘good feeling’ we had when the show was still shown. A positive, value-laden show is what we deserve to see on TV.



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  1. Hi Ms. Timmy thank you for the update!. Stephanie, the favorite contrabida ng mga FF is back! I hope she does not complicate things… bitin sobra yung update Ms. Timmy. hahaha! affected much lang so please make the next update soon na soon.


  3. Just like you, I can’t still get over BCWMH. Thanks for the DVD’s (currently watching vol. 21). Thankiee also for you and all the fanfic writers!

  4. Lahat tayo pareho ng nararamdaman…after a year still pa rin ang feeling para sa kanila..d nagsasawang mag basa ng fanfics,manuod DVDs,twitters…sana nga po wag magsawa kayo na magsulat ng magsulat e kc marami pa rin talaga gang ngyn nandito pa din naghihintay sa pagbabalik nila.

  5. Who is Stephanie is Richard”s life ???? He better clear the air and talk to Maya and his daughter otherwise he will lose them again …….both deserve to be happy after what they”ve been thru …thanks sa update Ms Timmy 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. So much grief for all of them…is still Stephanie a wife? So sorry for Richard, now that he has hope to be with Maya, start to crumble again. He has to be strong so, he can get out on that hospital, and get after them…now it’s up to him…ok ms Timmy do your magic touch😄Anyway thanks for update, still want more…so demanding ugh😳

  7. Ms Timmy thanks sa walang sawang pgsulat mo ng mga ff, it really help us para d ma homesick lungkot kaya d2 sa US buti nlang may mga DVD ng Bcwmh at mga stories na gaya nito! More please!!

  8. have the same sentiments Ms. Timmy, i can’t find another show to love after BCWMH, ewan ko lang kung meron pa kayang show na kaaadikan ko sa future, kaya muli super thanks for giving us something to be happy and enjoy and that is, reading fanfics about them.

    hay, ok na sana ang planong panliligaw nabulilyaso pa dahil may epal na dumating. feel ko yung frustration ni Richard sa kaniyang situation. 😢💔😩

  9. Thanks ms timmy. Angvtagal na fi nag appear ang stephanie na yan, oanira talaga ang plangalan nya. Richard who is Stephanie in your life explain it to maya and sunshine quick bago pa mawala sila sa yo.

  10. Thank you Ms. Timmy for the update. Richard should explain who to maya and Sunshine and to the rest of the adiks who Stephanie really is before she leaves for Manila. Everybody is assuming wrongly, even Richard. He needs before it’s too late and all hell breaks loose!! Can’t wait for the next one!!

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