The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya, Rafi and Ryan : The One That Got Away nga ba?

It will be the alumni homecoming of PUS and Ricky together with Rafi and Ryan were excitedly discussing and even reminiscing inside Ricky’s principal’s office.

“Alam nyo I can’t wait to see all our classmates. Kumusta na kaya sila? Si Brent kaya asan na yun?” Rafi said in a dreamy manner.

“Tingnan mo tong best friend mo brod. Si Brent talaga ang inaabangan. Let me remind you Rafaela that you have Charlie now.”

“You’re so oa Mr. Molina. What’s wrong with remembering Brent? Of course my dear Charlie is different. I’m just curious of Brent. Siya kaya ang pinakagwapo sa batch natin. Naku ano na kaya hitsura nya?” Rafi thought giddily again.

Ricky raised his eyebrows in protest. “Hmmm really?”

“Yes really!” Rafi confidently replied.

“O hindi sumasangayon si Ricky. Hindi naman kasi kagwapuhan si Brent. He was just maporma. Mas lamang kaya etong si brod.”

“Ano yan appreciate your own? Excuse me Ryan! Hindi rin naman kaya kagwapuhan si Ricky. Singkit at maputi lang pero ordinary naman ang looks nyan eh.”

“Sabagay si Maya lang naman ang gwapong gwapo dito kay brod.”

“At si Roberta, the most unforgettable person in college!” Then Rafi shrieked.

Ryan was laughing too.

Unknown to the three Maya just arrived home. She was supposed to proceed to Ricky’s office when she heard that Ryan and Rafi was with him.

Her ears were alerted with an unfamiliar name being mentioned so she decided to eavesdrop some more.

“Stop it you two! I’m not amused at all.”

“Ohhh! Turning into a tiger, dear Chard. Kilala pala siya ni Maya? Have you told Maya about her?”

“Of course not! And please don’t mention anything to Maya. If you do that magagalit talaga ako sa inyo.” He warned.

“Oh no! I’m scared!” The Rafi again laughed at her friend’s expense.

“Kasi naman brod, who would forget your dear Roberta. At di ba prom noon when you had your very first kiss, tapos ang wild nya pa noon, you were so helpless or baka naman you were enjoying….”

“Stop it Ryan. Di na ako magaattend if patuloy nyo akong tutuksuhin.”

“Uy sobrang affected. Bakit brod first time mo din ba siya?” Then Ryan wiggled his eyebrows.

Ricky shook his head, frustrated that his two best friends were tag-teaming him.

“Ewww Ryan, nandito kaya ako. Wag nga kayong magboys talk dyan.” Rafi complained.

“Ay sorry sorry! Mea culpa Rafaela!”

“But seriously asan na kaya si Roberta? The last time I heard was that she was a model in the US. Akalain mo naging model talaga siya. Malayo rin narating nya. Very driven. May asawa na kaya yun?” Rafi was serious now.

“Yun pagiging heartbroken kay brod ang naging motivation nya sa pagasenso nya. Sino ba naman kasing hindi masasaktan eh sinundan pa talaga si Ricky sa US tapos babastedin din lang naman. You are so mean Mr. Lim.”

“Oh sinundan ka nya Chard? I didn’t know that. Hala ka! Baka super beautiful na siya ngayon, patay ka nyan!” Rafi added teasingly again.

“Stop it you two. At please lang don’t ever tease me again. Nakakaasar kayo. Kung hindi lang ako nagpromise sa Alumni president of my presence, hindi talaga ako aattend.”

“Wag ka ngang ganyan Chard. Why are you so affected? Hmmm siguro…”

“Enough Rafi!” He barked.

“Enough na daw Rafi at super affected na to si brod. Oo nga nagtataka din ako at super affected nya.” Then he chuckled again.

Maya couldn’t take it anymore so she went back to the main door of the mansion and called out Ricky’s name to announce her presence. She was also trying her best to control her anger and annoyance at Ricky.

Ricky met his wife with a very tight hug and a lingering kiss despite the presence of Rafi and Ryan. Maya interpreted it as a sign of guilt on his part.

“Maya you’re here!” Rafi gave Maya a hug too.

Ryan just nodded his head and smiled at her. Alam nya kasi na super seloso si Ricky with anyone when it comes to his wife.

“Nandito pala kayo. Kumain na kayo Ricky?”

“Not yet Sweetheart pero naghahanda na sina Sabel. The table will be ready in a few minutes.”

“Sige magbibihis muna ako. Maiwan ko muna kayo Rafi, Ryan.”

“Sure Maya.” It was Rafi who answered.

When they thought that Maya was out of earshot Ryan again teased him…

“Naku brod ano kayang reaction ni Roberta if she sees how sweet you are to your wife?”

“Wala kasi hindi ko isasama si Maya sa reunion!” He said with finality.

“What?!!! Don’t be ridiculous Chard! Of course you’re kidding right?”

“No I am not Rafi and I don’t want discussing it now. Sige di ko kayo pakainin ng lunch.” He added but they know that he was only teasing.

“Naku tumigil na nga tayo Ryan. I wouldn’t want to miss Sabel’s dishes.”

“Ay oo nga. Gutom pa naman ako.”



Inside their bedroom that night….

The couple was preparing for bed. Maya was combing her hair while Ricky sat beside her sniffing her neck.

“Hmmm you smell so good Sweetheart!”

Maya didn’t react but just continued what she was doing. She was in deep thought. She can’t shake off the conversation she heard earlier that day. Who is Roberta and why wasn’t she mentioned by Ricky at all. The way Rafi and Ryan described her seemed that she was a very significant person in Ricky’s life.

“Sweetheart are you okay?”

“Ah eh..oo naman Ricky bakit? Ikaw okay ka ba?”

“I am very much okay especially that you’re here now. Pero you look spaced out. Bakit? May problema ka ba? Sa work? Sa FAs? Sa mga bata?”

“Wala Ricky. Wala akong problema. Baka ikaw meron.” She still tried her best to keep cool though asar na asar siya kay Ricky.

She doesn’t want to initiate an argument either kasi everytime she does it she usually ends up wrong in her assumptions.

She decided that it is best to discover the truth behind whoever Roberta is. She decided to play innocent and mum for now and she would insist on joining the reunion, whether Ricky agrees or not.

“Ako? As long as my very beautiful and very sexy wife is with me, I can’t think of any problem at all.” Then he continued kissing his wife on her shoulder. Maya can’t help but submit herself to what Ricky does to her.


“Ricky naayos ko na yun schedule ko with Ms. Calandra. Masasamahan na kita sa Alumni Homecoming nyo!”

She announced to her husband who just woke up.

Ricky sat abruptly after what his wife said.


“Oh bakit parang gulat ka sweetheart? Hindi ka ba natutuwa na masasamahan kita?”

“Hindi! I mean oo! Natutuwa siyempre.” He managed to recover but the play of emotions in his face was enough confirmation to Maya that Ricky was indeed hiding something. She just played along.

“Okay naman pala so it’s settled. Excited na ako to meet all your classmates. Masaya rin siyempre kasi nandun sina Rafi at Ryan, di ba?”

But Ricky wasn’t listening. He was thinking of ways on how to discourage Maya from attending.

“Pero di ba sweetheart check up ng kambal sa araw na yun? Baka you need to stay home para mabantayan mo sila.”

“Kaya na nina Leah at Doris ang mga bata. Atsaka nandito naman sina Mama at siyempre sina Luke at Nikki.” She offered a solution.

“Pero baka mainip ka doon. My classmates are boring. I don’t even think I’ll stay that long. Magpapakita lang ako then uuwi ako kaagad.”

“Sweetheart bakit ba parang ayaw mo ako doon? May ayaw ka bang makita ko? Hmm siguro mag ex-girlfriend ka no?” She pretended to joke but in fact she was really trying to observe his reaction.

“Wala! Of course wala akong naging girlfriend sa school before sweetheart. Si Alex lang before you and naging kami after we graduated na.”

“Eh wala naman pala bakit super defensive ka? Atsaka Ricky wala namang problema sa akin kung marami kang naging girlfriends noon kasi ng college ka, aba toddler pa lang ako!”

“Ah ganun ha! So you’re saying ang tanda ko na?”

“Ikaw ang nagsabi nyan, hindi ako!” Then she laughed again momentarily forgetting about being upset that her husband seems to be keeping something from her.


It was a night of catching up, of reminiscing the memories of the past, of happiness and also of melancholy.

Rafi who was with Charlie, Ryan who was with Ivy and Ricky and Maya were sharing a table very near the stage where the alumni homecoming of PUS was taking place.

Some of their other classmates joined them as well and the Ivy, Charlie and Maya were introduced to them.

Rafi was surprised to see how Brent looked now. He’s still so handsome but he gained weight. He actually doubled in size. Ryan and Ricky were shooting teasing glances at Rafi which the latter countered with her sharp stare as well.

But Maya was scanning the place for Roberta. She wasn’t around or maybe she joined was with the other groups. Ryan and Rafi didn’t also mention her at all.

Disappointed that she wasn’t able to see the person she was so curious about, Maya just enjoyed chatting with Ricky’s classmates who were really getting along with her.

They were in deep conversation when Kayla, one of Ricky’s classmates suddenly announced …

“Oh my nandito si Roberta! Ang ganda nya!”

Then all of them turned their attention towards the entrance of the venue.

Maya’s eyes were fixed on the lady by the entrance. She was indeed very beautiful, sexy, sophisticated and undeniably exuding confidence. Her face was so angelic and Maya can’t held but feel insecure all of a sudden. She gazed at her husband but he never spared a glance at the newcomer. Ryan and Rafi on the other hand were grinning foolishly while occasionally throwing glances at Ricky. Ricky, by her observation was trying his best to avoid making eye contact with his best friends. This infuriated Maya more but she still pretended that she wasn’t aware of anything. She wasn’t supposed to know about the banters of Ricky, Ryan and Rafi few days ago anyway.

Everyone was so welcoming towards the newcomer. Surprisingly the three friends didn’t discuss about her at all. They talked about other topics in college.

This made Maya all the more curious so she decided to be the one to bring the topic up.

When most of the couples started to go to the dancefloor, she took the opportunity.

She asked Rafi who was seated beside her. “Ang ganda ng bagong dating. Sino yun Rafi?”

Maya was aware based on Rafi’s facial expressions that Rafi was either controlling herself from laughing or was concerned that she might say something that would put Ricky in trouble unintentionally.

“Ah classmate namin si Roberta…” but before she could say anything more, Ricky suddenly stood up and held her hand. He wants them to dance.

After four consecutive songs, he still didn’t want to sit and she was aware that he didn’t want her asking Rafi about Roberta. She was now so jealous that she couldn’t help herself anymore. While still dancing she told him, “Ricky ang ganda naman ng classmate nyo na yun. Hindi kayo close? Bakit hindi man lang kayo nagbatian? Pakilala mo naman ako.”

“Wag na sweetheart. Hindi ko naman siya masyadong close.” Ricky refused.

Maya interpreted it as Ricky trying his best not to let her encounter an “ex” so as not to find anything about his past. Umiba na yun mood nya and she no longer tried to control herself. She now looked annoyed at her husband.

“Alam mo kanina ko pa pinagmamasdan. Bakit parang ingat na ingat kayong magkakaibigan na pagusapan siya. Sino ba siya sa’yo Ricky? Girlfriend mo ba dati. Wala namang problema kahit ipakilala mo ako. Bakit ikinakahiya mo ba na hindi nahigitan ng napangasawa mo yun ganda nya? Na mas malayo ang narating nya? Ganun ba yun?” She was very angry and he knows that an angry Maya is someone he doesn’t want to see right now. Mahirap suyuin si Maya, alam na alam nya yun.

“Of course not! Why would you say that! Maya I dont want to talk about Roberta kasi…” but before he could say more the music ended and an announcement about awarding the top alumni was heard.

She left him alone on the dancefloor. Maya just doesn’t want to be near him anymore for she knows she was already close to crying out of annoyance.

Ricky sat beside her. He whispered close to her ear,”Hey Maya… you shouldn’t be upset. There’s nothing to be upset about.” She continued to ignore him. So as not to get the attention of the others in their table, Ricky decided to keep quiet and just explain it to her later.

“Another outstanding graduate from our school, Richard Lim! He is a very well known aviation engineer and he manages two of his own companies. He has made the school so proud.” They heard the announcement.

“Wow Chard!” Rafi was so excited for him.

“Congrats brod! Iba ka talaga!” Ryan added as well.

“Let’s also call our very own Roberta Gomez whom we are so privileged to have with us tonight. It is her first time to attend after so many years. She is now a very famous model in New York and she also has her own clothing line.”

Ryan couldn’t help himself and he threw a glance at Ricky while grinning.

Then the outstanding alumni were called onstage.

Maya with her saccharine smile whispered…

“Go Ricky. I’m sure miss na miss mo na yun magandang makakasama mo dun oh!”

He just sighed. Alam nya na either way, he won’t be able to escape the teasing or Maya’s anger anymore. Well, he would pick her anger over her teasing anytime. And he had Rafi and Ryan to think about as well. This will be a long night for him.

With the smirk on his face, he stood up and proceeded to the stage but not before throwing Rafi and Ryan a warning glare.


“Thank you for this recognition. It’s just a small contribution on my part. I’m just so blessed to have the PUS kind of education which helped me achieve whatever I have now. I share it with my inspiration, my kids and most especially my wife. Without them I don’t think I would be where I am right now.” He glanced at Maya whom he knows was still mad at him and was just pretending to smile.

He was standing beside Roberta but he was so obvious in trying to avoid even having a conversation with her. Selos na selos si Maya kasi Ricky seemed so affected with Roberta’s presence. Ang alam nya kasi, kapag sobrang affected, may feelings.

Then the lovely lady with a very sweet voice spoke…

“I’m so honored to be given this. Akalain nyo ngayon lang ako nag attend at nabigyan ako nito. Thank you. Siyempre makatabi lang si Richard Lim sobrang award na yun sakin.” She winked at Ricky who was now turning so red. Maya is witnessing all of it.

Loud shrieks and laughter were heard from the crowd. Even Rafi and Ryan were laughing.

Then she added…

“Seriously now, I offer this to everyone here who became my inspiration in reaching my dreams. To our teachers, to my classmates. To the love of my life, who can’t make it here tonight, this is for you honey.”

Oooohhh and aaahhhhs were heard from the crowd.

Then she again focused his attention on Ricky who was just politely smiling while Roberta was giving her speech.

“At special thank you to Richard kasi despite everything, tinulungan ako nito when I was new in New York.” She caressed his back which earned another round of teasing from the crowd. “Seryoso, salamat Richard. O hindi nyo alam yun no? May moment kami nito together in New York. RoRi in New York.” Roberta even added giddily while Richard was really red now and by the looks of it, he is either angry or so affected by the teasing. Roberta sensed it so she added…

“Your wife is so lucky.” She directed her gaze at Maya, ” Mrs. Lim, ang swerte nyo dito. Kahit suplado yan, he doesn’t discriminate at all”

Then she now added in a manly voice…

“At kahit hindi kami talo, hindi sya nagatubiling tumulong sakin, di ba ‘pre’?”

She gave Richard a hug and a kiss on the cheek which caught him off-guard.

Then super tawanan pa rin yun crowd. Rafi was teary eyed from laughing. Even Ryan. They were all amused with Ricky’s reaction and unease onstage.


Now on the drive home…

“Oh my God sweetheart bading pala yun? Hindi halata! Ang ganda nya, ang sexy! Nahiya naman ako! Nainsecure talaga ako.”

Ricky was just silent. He was smirking.

“Ang gwapo talaga ng asawa ko, akalain mo all genders sakop nya. Nakakaproud ka Sweetheart!!!” Then she clinged to his arm.

“Stop it Maya, I’m driving!”

“Ang sungit naman nito! Di ba nga nagsorry na ako! Atsaka kasalanan mo rin naman kasi naglihim ka sakin!”

“And if I told you, do you think you would be able to control yourself from teasing me?”

“Of course … hindi!” Then she laughed at him again and he shook his head.

“Pero hindi nga. Totoo ba yun sabi ni Rafi na first kiss mo yun?”

“Stop it Maya…”

“Maliban sa kiss may nagawa pa ba siyang iba? Yun sinasabi ni Ryan… Totoo ba yun?”

“I don’t want to discuss it Maya…”

“Kainis naman to. Sabi mo you will teach me everything I need to know. Tapos ngayon nagdadamot ka ng information.” She pouted her lips pretending to be mad too.

“You don’t need to know at hindi mo ako madadala dyan.” He said with finality.

“Sinabi mo yan ha! Sayang may special surprise ka sana tonight. I have a special activity planned for the two of us kaso you’re withholding information so wag na lang.” She teasingly warned.

But Ricky wasn’t giving in. Alam na alam na nya how naughty Maya is and he was sure that the activity was either involving the twins or any weird activity his wife would come up with and not his anticipated “you and me time under the comforter”.

So without having second thoughts he abruptly turned his car and drove towards a hotel with the intention to spend uninterrupted quality ‘you and me time’ with his wife on his own terms.

“Sweetheart wala tayong damit!” She complained.

“We wouldn’t need it so stop complaining. Kanina ka pa Maya! Naaasar na ako sweetheart so dapat bumawi ka sakin!”

“Sinabi mo eh!” She bit her lip and smiled mischievously. Her husband didn’t see the naughty glint in her eyes as well.


“Maya!!!!!!!!” He stood up frustrated as hell.

She was laughing at him.

He called and ordered a bottle of wine and asked for it to be delivered to their room. He was planning on getting drunk.

She stood behind him and gave him a back hug.

“Sweetheart kasalanan mo naman kasi bigla ka na lang magpaplano. Alam mo kung minsan hindi naman maganda ang spur of the moment thing mo eh. Ayan tuloy mas frustrated ka.”

He looked at her and alam ni Maya na mas naasar pa si Ricky.

“O siya, halika na sa bed at gagawan ko ng paraan yan. Wag lang tampururot ang kahit sobrang bugnutin eh napakagwapo pa rin and sobrang mahal kong sweetheart!”

He now let out a smile. He knows that it would be good enough for the meantime. Besides, after another day or two, her monthly period would be over and they could have the ‘full you and me time’. For now he could settle with the ‘partial’ one muna.


He was on the edge of the culmination from what his wife was doing to him. The pleasure was building up and was bound to be released. He was getting there when….

“Sir room service!” A knock and a voice was heard.

A/N: Murphy’s law Mr. Lim?


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  1. everytime may lumalabas na Adventure and Misadventure update, hindi pa ako naka pagsimulang magbasa natotorete na ako kung ano na namang hagalpak na tawa ang mangyayari. itong dalawa ay talagang itinakda para sa isa’t isa, sa kalokohan/asaran/pikonan at PAMBIBITIN. ang dami mo talagang alam na naughty plot ms. timmy, keep it up πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. Sis!!! Wala lang.. Nostalgic talaga yun flashbacks.. Hayyyy… Nov 28 na. 1 year na! But the same fondness for the show never wanes a bit. 😳😊😍

  2. Thanks ms timmy. Syan na nga ba maya assumea pero talaga nr lim ha na kiss ka ni roberta at iba pa. Ok lang yang partial at hopia mr lim ikaw na rin ang nag sabi in couple of days full na ang you and me time juo ni mrs lim bawi bawi lang pag may time mr lim☺☺☺

  3. πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€ partial hah!!! Thankee you really nailed it again pampatanggal ng kahit na ano? Umpisa palang may smile na agad up to the end nakangiti pa rin while reading😍😘

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