My Safe Refuge 3

My Safe Refuge 3

Luke Andrew dela Rosa is now enrolled at Northwest Hills, a private school in San Nicolas. He is a transferee.

Manang Fe was the one who took care of his enrolment and she was known as Luke’s grandmother.

Maya never visited the school and Luke was very much aware of their situation so he was okay with it.

The boy, who was now 8 years old was sensible enough to understand their need for safety and he wasn’t complaining at all if his mom couldn’t bring him to school or if they couldn’t do things normally like go to the grocery together, watch movies together or even eat out together.

For Luke the routine was house and school while Maya was just at home.

He knows how his dad hurt his mom and he vowed even with his young mind, never to let anyone hurt his mommy again. He promised to take care of her like the way she does of him.


“Mr. Lim the classes has been suspended due to the heavy rains.” The class adviser of Nikki Grace Lim contacted Richard Lim’s phone.

Richard was an officer of the school and he was close to the teachers and even the school head so despite his daughter already calling him about the suspension of classes, the adviser still informed him.

“Yes Ms. Pacheco I’ll be right there. Please just let Nikki stay indoors. Baka maglaro na naman sa ulan. You know how stubborn my daughter is.”

“Yes Mr. Lim. Marami pa naman siyang mga kasama kasi Mr. Adriano announced the suspension a bit late already and some of the parents and nannies already left. Don’t worry. I’ll keep an eye on Nikki.” The class adviser Ms. Pacheco assured him.

“Okay thank you. I’ll be there in 30 minutes.”


Richard had just arrived in their grocery and was overseeing the deliveries when he got a call from Nikki informing her dad that they were asked to go home.

While preparing to leave the class adviser also called him up. He hurriedly got his car keys and drove to Nikki’s school.

Richard enjoys his laid back life in the province. He gets to spend most of his time with his two daughters and he gets to be with his parents too.

His life now is very different from his fast-paced busy life in Manila two years ago.

He was on the way to the top in his career. He was working as an engineer in Time Airways and he was the most sought after person in the field.

It was busy working hours and limited time for his family. His wife Alexandra had always been very understanding to his schedule. She never complained and never took it against him if he wasn’t able to act as a husband to her and father to their daughters. Alex had never wavered in being the dutiful wife to him despite all his shortcomings.

Richard was a good father and good husband when it comes to loving his family and providing all their needs.

The only problem was he never had enough time for them. It was always work for him.

He was so career driven for he wanted to provide his family with the best. He never realized that he was missing a lot already.

He didn’t even realize that his wife was suffering from cancer. Alex hid it from him for she knows that Richard barely had time for her and the kids to be bothered with her sickness.

When Alex died, Richard vowed to give all his time amd attemtion to his kids. His kids needed him. They were his life, his everything. Without them, he knows he won’t be able to go on with life.


“Nikki let’s go home.”

“Dad let’s wait for Andrew’s parents first. He will be left alone kasi wala pa yun sundo nya.”

Nikki was playing with Luke Andrew when her dad arrived.

“Nikki you should go home with your dad now. Kami na bahala kay Luke Andrew.” Ms. Pacheco assured Nikki.

“But teacher kawawa naman siya. He doesn’t have anyone to play with.”

“Son, are your mommy and daddy coming over?” Richard asked the boy.

“No po. Lola Fe will fetch me this afternoon pa po.” Luke looked worried.

“Ms. Pacheco natawagan nyo na yun parents ng bata?”

“Walang contact number yun parents nya Mr. Lim. Transferee kasi siya at yun lola nya ang kasama nya. Antayin na lang namin yun sundo nya.”

“But what if they fetch him this afternoon? Where will the boy stay? Bumabaha pa naman sa mga daanan papuntang school. Mabuti pa siguro ihatid na lang namin. Siguro naman malapit lang yun bahay nila.” Richard suggested.

“Ay teka po Mr. Lim. Tingnan ko po yun record ni Luke Andrews at nandun po yun address nila.”

Richard Lim was highly trusted by the school. He was an alumnus and his parents were benefactors of the school for the longest time so they didn’t have a problem if he volunteers to bring a student home.


Luke’s house was only 15 minutes away from the school and Richard didn’t have a hard time finding his residence.

The rain was heavily pouring while they were in front of Luke Andrew’s house.

Unfortunately they didn’t have any umbrella so they had to wait for someone from Luke’s house to open the gate.

He has been honking his horn trying to get someone’s attention.

After almost 5 minutes the gate finally opened and a petite and very lovely lady with a big oversized umbrella emerged from it.

Richard noticed the she had that worried look on her face too just like the little boy’s when he offered to take him home.

Suddenly the heavy downpour stopped and the rain became drizzles which allowed Richard to step out of his car and assisted Luke, who was seated at the backseat of his car.

Maya immediately helped Luke and the man who brought her son home.

“Anak! Bakit? May problema ba? Asan si Lola Fe?”

“Ah Miss I decided na ihatid si Andrew kasi their classes were suspended due to the heavy rains. My daughter is his classmate and she said that he is new in their school. I hope okay lang sa inyo. I was asking him for any contact numbers but he doesn’t have one. Medyo delikado na rin sa kalye so hinatid na namin.”

Maya’s worried look didn’t leave her face. She was not used to having someone else and when she saw an unfamiliar car parked in front of her house, she got scared that it might be James.


“Ah eh… Sir thank you for bringing my son home. Hindi ko naman kasi alam na pinauwi pala sila. Naabala pa tuloy kayo.”

So she was really the mom. He was surprised to know that she was indeed the boy’s mom for she looked so young to be one. He thought she was an aunt or sister.

“No worries. We’re on our way home anyway. Kawawa kasi yun bata if hindi masusundo ng maaga. The roads going to the school usually gets flooded. I suggest you better give your contact number to the school for emergencies too.” He further suggested.

“Ay opo. Nakalimutan lang siguro ni Lola Fe ilagay. Yun lola kasi ni Luke yun nagasikaso ng enrolment forms ng bata. Gagawin ko po yun agad.”

Richard nodded his head. “Good. Sige we have to go. Baka mas lumakas yun ulan at bumaha na sa mga dadaanan namin.”

“Salamat po Sir…”

“Just call me Richard. Richard Lim.”

He extended his hand. She took it.

“I’m Maya dela Rosa.”

“Maya dela Rosa? Ryan’s friend?” Richard asked. He was surprised.

“Ah eh.. Opo. Kilala nyo si Ryan?”

“Yes. He is my friend. So kayo pala yun nagpagawa ng bahay sa kanya. Sa store namin sya bumili ng materials noon.”

“Ah kayo po pala yun sinasabi nyang Mr. Lim. I’m pleased to meet you Mr. Lim.” She smiled and if she was scared of the stranger in front of her earlier, she now began to relax.

“The pleasure is mine Mrs. Dela Rosa. Well, we really have to go. I’ll just see you around, sa school ng mga bata maybe. They have lots of school activities and I’m sure I’ll see you often. Sige ingat kayo.” He gave his lopsided smile.

“Thank you po uli.”

“Thank you Mr. Lim. Bye Nikki!” Luke also managed to speak.

“Bye kiddo! Sige we really have to go.”


On their way home, Nikki fell asleep.

Her dad on the other hand was grinning and shaking his head foolishly.

He was smiling at his discovery.

He realized that Ryan was right.

Maya dela Rosa is very lovely indeed and her doe-shaped eyes could easily mesmerize anyone.

He never felt this excited since Alex died.


Preview of the Next Chapter:

“Luke anong nangyari?” Lola Fe noticed Luke suddenly turn pale and hugged her in fear.

Lola Fe was sitting beside Luke in one of the benches at the school’s auditorium. She accompanied Luke on the school’s annual Family Day.

Richard, who was nearby noticed that the boy literally trembled in fear when he heard the name James.

“Nothing po. Can we go home now? Hindi na po ako sasali sa games. Masakit po ang stomach ko.”

“Diyos ko anak! Bakit? Okay ka naman kanina pagpunta natin ah. Sige magpapaalam tayo sa teacher mo.


13 thoughts on “My Safe Refuge 3”

  1. Ayiiii. Nagkita na cla na love at first sight c Richard….sa tingin ko natakot lang c Luke nun narinig yun pangalan na James…now pa lang magsisimula magkakilala yun dalawa me eekstra agad?

  2. Thanks for update ms Timmy…hope another chapters is coming…wish it’s not the James, his father is coming. Now that they are settled peacefully…James is showing up…hope you can stop it ms Timmy, we need Richard and Maya getting to know each other first so someone will protect them from James

  3. Wow at last they’ve met Buti nalang half day lang sila Luke. Ingat na Ingat talaga si Maya pati sa pag enroll sa school si Manang fe, at si Luke 8 yrs. old lang pero proprotektahan Nya ang mama Nya. Sobrang ang dinulot na troma Kila Maya at Luke ang pag Drugs at lasinggo ni James pati ang pananakit Nya sa anak.
    Super kilig ata si Mr. Lim nakilala na Nya si Maya at ganun din si Maya. Umpisa naba Ito ng love is all around.
    Thank you miss Timmy so excited.

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