My Safe Refuge 2

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“Maya talaga bang ikaw ang mageenrol kay Luke? Pwede ko namang gawin yun para mas ligtas kayong mag-ina. Wag ka na munang lumabas. Mahirap na. Baka matyempuhan ka ng asawa mo.” Manang Fe worriedly reminded Maya as she also volunteered to take care of Luke’s enrollment in the private school nearby.

Maya seriously considered what Manang Fe said. Her bestfriend Rafi’s nanny was right.

James or any of James’ friends might see her.

Even if San Nicolas was 10 hours away from the house she used to share with James, the possibility of seeing him is always there.

It’s been six months since Maya, Luke and Manang Fe transferred to their old house to escape her husband and start life anew.

The architect, Ryan, whom Rafi recommended, did a great job and he was able to transform the old, dilapidated house into a modern two-storey residence.

It had a high fence and had a vast backyard so Luke could play and Manang Fe could grow her vegetable garden.

Maya never goes out of the house. It is their househelp Leah who does the groceries, the payment of bills and other errands which Manang could no longer do because of her age.

Leah knows that Manang Fe is Maya’s aunt.

It was safer that way.

Maya uses her maiden name, Maya dela Rosa so her husband wouldn’t find her. When they were married, she didn’t use dela Rosa since it gave her too many bad memories after her parents were brutally killed. The Dela Rosa surname has been all over the news and she wanted to forget the pain. She shut every memory of her past so she used her mother’s family name Castro. James knows her as Maya Castro.

Now that her and her son’s safety from James is being considered, Maya decided to use dela Rosa again.

She believes James wouldn’t find her and their son.

Rafi and Charlie, though already in Canada had been constantly helping Maya with her legal concerns and with everything they could help her with.

Rafi even gave Maya an online job so she can work in her own home.

Maya has a background in IT and she was able to use it in her online jobs.

She earns well so she was able to sustain all their needs.

Her parents left a few hectares of farm which Maya never concerned herself with when she left San Nicolas.

Since all the papers were in order and with the help of Charlie’s lawyer, she was able to sell the farm and kept the money in the bank for her and her son Luke.

She was already beginning to enjoy her newfound freedom. Luke was happy. She was happy. Maya never had any friends aside from Rafi and now the good-looking architect Ryan is also becoming one.

She didn’t divulge her life to Ryan and never corrected his notion that she was a widow.

She thought that it was better that way. She could sense that he was attracted to her and though she wasn’t attracted to him too, Maya remained friendly. He was nice to her and Luke anyway.


“Maganda siya brod.” Ryan was excited.

He was again visiting San Nicolas and he dropped by his friend, Richard Lim’s place en-route to San Nicolas to have his car checked and to buy some pasalubong for Maya and her son.

Richard owns a grocery, hardware and a car repair shop.

It was the only all-in-one business establishment 30 minutes away from San Nicolas and Ryan usually comes over whenever he has projects near the area.

Richard Lim was his classmate in college. He is an aviation engineer but he opted to help his parents Roberto and Esmeralda run their business. He was an only child anyway. He also wanted to be with his daughters Nikki and Abby while they were growing up.

“Brod, isusumbong talaga kita kay Ivy nyan eh.”

“Ang kj naman nito. I’m just offering her a little companionship or friendship, masama ba yun?”

“I know what runs in your mind Ryan. Tigilan mo na.”

“Pero malungkot naman siya. Namatay yun asawa. You know how that feels. I could make her happy.”

“Brod yun na nga her husband died, you’ll befriend her and then what, you’ll make her a kept woman? Hindi ka na naawa?”

He’s been listening to Ryan’s stories about Maya for months now, from the first encounter when Ryan assessed Maya’s house for repairs, when the renovation was ongoing and even after the project has been finished.

He knew his friend was attracted to the widow he often talks about but he also knows that Ryan was a womanizer.

He would fancy any woman and once they fall for him, he usually leaves them without any explanation. He just disappears. Ivy was his only love and all other women are just mere ‘projects’ for his friend.

He never had the chance to meet the woman Ryan often talks about. Even when Ryan purchased all the materials for Maya’s house renovation at Richard’s hardware, he never got to see her.

Ryan said that Maya doesn’t want going out and she prefers seclusion. Richard wasn’t surprised. He was a widow himself and he knew the feeling of wanting to shut down everything and stay in the comforts of his room while coming to terms with the pain of losing the one he loved the most.

He’s been like that too and his two daughters became his constant reminder to move on despite the difficulty of doing so.

“Alam mo Chard I’m not doing anything wrong. I am just friendly. You know me.”

“Yes I know you that’s why I don’t agree to what you’re doing. Brod if that’s any other woman who just wants a good time, go ahead pero the way you described this ‘project’ of yours, maawa ka naman Brod. She seems broken then sasaktan mo pang lalo?”

Ryan pondered on what Richard told him. His friend was right. Maya was just some other woman to him and he was actually playing with her emotions, taking advantage of her vulnerability and sadness.

He didn’t want to hurt her which he would eventually do once she learns that he’s married.

Besides Maya has been good to him and her son Luke was a great kid. God he hoped he had kids as well. He and his wife of 7 years is still waiting for their first child. He envies Richard who had two girls Nikki who is 8 and Abby 3.

Richard saw the change in his friend’s expression and he knew that somehow he was able to talk Ryan out of whatever he plans to do to the woman he was so fond of.

“Hay Richard panira ka naman eh. I was so happy kanina ngayon nawala yun excitement ko. Dapat ata hindi na ako dumaan dito.”

Richard smirked.

“Kunsyensya ang tawag dyan Brod. You’re growing a conscience now.”

“Whatever! O siya aalis na ako at hinihintay na ako nina Maya at Luke.”

“O akala ko you had a change of heart. Brod, I’m warning you. Mahirap makarma.”

“Oo na. Ill just visit her as a FRIEND.” He stressed on the word friend.”Seryoso brod, it’ll just be a friendly visit.”

“Good! O sige na at para makabalik ka agad. You can stay here tonight. The kids would love to see you.”

“Sige brod, mamaya dito ako matutulog. Next week pa naman uuwi si Ivy from her convention so I’m free. Kumusta mo na lang ako kina Tito Bob at Tita Esmie.”

“Sige. Ingat sa pagmaneho brod.”

As Ryan neared the exit of Richard’s office at the back of the Car Repair shop, Ryan thought of something then uttered….

“Why don’t I set you two up?”

Richard didn’t understand what his friend said.


“Sabi ko I’ll set you two up. Kayo ni Maya.”

“Naku brod tigilan mo ako a mga kalokohan mo. Wag mo akong madamay damay dyan.”

“I’m serious Richard. You would like her. She is just like Alex.”

“Ryan please stop it!”

With Richard’s pissed-off and somber face, Ryan knows that he crossed the line. He hit a very sensitive issue which Richard never wanted to talk about anymore.

“Brod sorry.”

But Richard didn’t say anything anymore so Ryan quietly left.


Preview of the Next Chapter:

“Anak! Bakit?”

“Ah Miss I decided na ihatid si Andrew kasi their classes were suspended due to the heavy rains. My daughter is his classmate and she said that he is new in their school. I hope okay lang sa inyo. I was asking him for any contact numbers but he doesn’t have one. Medyo delikado na rin sa kalye so hinatid na namin.”

Maya has a worried look in her face. She was not used to having someone else and when she saw an unfamiliar car parked in front of her house, she got scared that it might be James.


“Ah eh… Sir thank you for bringing my son home. Hindi ko naman kasi alam na pinauwi pala sila. Naabala pa tuloy kayo.”

He was surprised. She looked so young to be a mom. He thought she was an aunt or sister.

“Okay lang. We’re on our way home anyway. Sige we have to go. Baka bumaha na sa mga dadaanan namin.”

“Salamat po Sir…”

“Just call me Richard. Richard Lim.”

He extended his hand. She took it.

“I’m Maya dela Rosa.”


15 thoughts on “My Safe Refuge 2”

  1. Ang tagal na pala yung part 1 …binalikan talaga haha.
    At nagmeet na ang dalawang bida…waiting for the development of their love story.
    Medyo masalimuot din ang buhay ni Maya dito.
    Thankiee, sis!

  2. Thanks ms timmy. Excited sa next chapter mag memeet ang dalawa at classmates pa ang mga anak. Next chapter please ms timmy at please also wag nang masundan ni james ang mag ina. Thanks again.

  3. Hindi ko pa nababasa ulit ung part 1. Sa naaalala ko, lasenggero, drug user or nagsusugal su James? Tapos sinasaktan nya si Maya? Tama ba? Well, I’ll just gonna read it again.
    Anyways, nagkita na sila! and classmates pa ang anak nila. Exciting to! Thanks for this Ms. Timmy! Sana kung magkita man sila ni James, mas matatag na si Maya at hindi na sya natatakot na makaharap ung lalaking un. Thanks again!

  4. ramdam ko ang takot ni Maya not only for herself para na rin sa anak nya, i think maging instrumento si Richard upang matulungang mapalaya si Maya totally sa masama nyang asawa. hindi maging buo ang kilig hanggang hindi legal na hiwalay si Maya kaya e push na ang pagsako kay James hehehe

  5. Thank you Timms sa update. Ang tagal na talaga nito and everybody went back sa part 1 para maalala ang mga nangyari nuon. Anyway, R & M met dahil sa mga bata at sana yung ang umpisa ng kanilang magandang pagkakaibigan. Cheers!

  6. Oh my! I can’t wait for the next chapter Ms. Timmy! Di na pala kailangan i-set up ni Molina. Fate and destiny will take care of it. Thank you Ms. Timmy! You are awesome!!!

  7. Thank you Ms.Timmy, sana di na mag pakita si James Kila Maya para matahimik nang buhay nila.
    Talagang Gagawin lahat ni ray na makilala ni Richard si Maya, kaya lang si Richard di sya intrisado Kahit Anong magagandang sinasabi ni Ryan.

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