Traces of Love 3

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“Maya what are you doing there? Come here.”

Richard just woke up and saw Maya standing by the window staring blankly outside.

He slept for hours after all the drugs given him. He was being treated for his heart. He would be undergoing a coronary artery bypass grafting in a weeks time. The doctors opted to perform the procedure to normalize the blood flow to Richard’s heart.

What made it rather complicated was his condition. Both of Ricky’s knees were badly damaged during his accident that he could no longer walk and he must have a wheelchair going to places.

“Gising ka na partner? Kumusta ang pakiramdam mo?”

Her face showed how scared she was. She thought Richard was just admitted to have his therapy for his legs. She never expected that it was for his heart.

“I’m okay Maya stop worrying.” He told her as he tried to hold her hand which she allowed.

“Pagaling ka Richard.” She said while trying to avoid his gaze.

She doesn’t want him to see that her eyes were puffy. She had been crying the moment she learned about his condition.

Her chance encounter with him got her emotional already but learning about his condition was more than she could handle.

Good thing he was asleep so he didn’t witness how she cried while with him in his room.

She volunteered to watch over him when she overheard his sister having a hard time looking for someone to stay with him while she talks to his doctors.

Ricky saw it but he didn’t want to dwell on it so he acted as if he didn’t notice it.

They might end up crying together and at his condition now, he didn’t want to be crying too.

“I’m fine Maya. Hindi naman seryoso ang condition ko.”

She just nodded her head, not wanting to continue the conversation.

He was the one who started to change the topic.

“What are you doing here in New York Maya? Bakasyon ka dito? How’s Manila?”

“Dito ako nakatira Richard. Matagal na.”she shyly admitted.

“Oh really? You settled here? How’s Sky? Dito na rin family mo?”

“Ay no. I live alone here sa New York, si Sky naman he’s studying sa Harvard. Yun isa kong anak nasa Manila. She’s studying there kasi. But once she’s done with school, I’ll get her to join me. Di ko naman kasi maasikaso because I work.”

Though he was expecting that she probably had settled and having a blissful married life now, it was still painful to learn that she seemed to have a wonderful life and even had a daughter.

He doesn’t want to hear more so he opted not to comment on what she said.

“Ikaw, kumusta ka? Napano yun paa mo?”

“Ah I had an accident. Long story. Let’s not talk about it.”

“Pero makakalakad ka pa naman di ba?”

“I don’t know Maya. Matagal na rin naman to and I’m used to it already. Sanayan lang. I can travel naman. You saw that naman di ba?”

She just nodded her head, so careful with whatever she would say.

Then all of a sudden his sister entered the room.

“Naku I’m so sorry Maya. Natagalan kasi ako kakahintay sa doctor ni Chard. Here may dala akong dinner, kumain na muna tayo bago ka umuwi. Oh Chard gising ka na pala. How do you feel? Do you want something?”

“Nothing. I’m fine. Inistorbo mo pa si Maya. You could have asked my nurse to stay here.” He sounded upset. He didn’t want to bother Maya. He’s not her responsibility after all.

“Ay Richard, ako yun nagsuggest that I stay. Wala naman akong gagawin atsaka nagpapalipas na rin naman ako ng traffic.”

He calmed down but it was evident that he didn’t like it. One thing Richard disliked the most was having to disturb other people to take care of him. He didn’t want to be depending on others especially Maya.

“Mauna na pala ako.” She has to leave to allow him and his sister some privacy. She just couldn’t intrude in family matters.

“Kain ka na muna partner.”

“Busog pa naman ako partner atsaka I need to feed my pets na din. Wala kasi ako for two days at yun cleaning lady lang yun nagpapakain sa kanila. Eh alam nya na I’ll be arriving today.” She explained.

He didn’t insist anymore.

She was accompanied by his sister in her way out.

When they were sure that Richard couldn’t hear them…

“Babalik ako bukas. I could take care of Richard, if okay lang sa’yo.”

“Maya I don’t think Richard would like that. Matigas ang ulo ng kapatid ko and he wouldn’t want that especially ikaw. Mahihiya yun and mahihirapan ka with his condition.”

“Kaya ko naman. I’m a nurse and sanay na ako. Gusto ko lang namang makabawi. Don’t tell him na lang para di na siya umayaw. I’ll just be here tomorrow or what time do you need me?”

“May nurse naman si Chard Maya. I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“Please….” Her eyes were pleading as if this was something really important for her.

His sister couldn’t do anything but give in.

“Okay sige pero you can come here anytime na convenient sa’yo. Maya, my brother is not the same Richard before na mabiro, fun loving. He is a different person now.”

His sister warned her.

“It’s okay. Kakayanin ko naman yan.”


That night Richard couldn’t sleep.

Maya had been occupying his thoughts. If he didn’t mess up before, they could still be probably friends now. He might have been able to pursue her if what happened didn’t scare her away.

He can’t help but remember that night…

“Richard, Maya mauuna na kaming matulog. Nakakapagod yun activities natin today. Si Cris ata kumukuha pa ng pulutan. Antayin nyo na lang.”

Direk and the rest of the staff went to their respective rooms ahead of Richard and Maya. Their co-star Cris was supposed to get pulutan but already proceeded to her own room. She was already drunk.

Richard and Maya ended up consuming all remaining bottles unaware that they had a lot. They were so engrossed in their conversation that they even forgot the time.

They were both drunk that they decided to rest.

Maya was walking in a zigzag manner to her room and nearly slipped. Good thing Richard was right behind her. He was also drunk but he was still able to assist her to her room.

The moment they entered, she was blabbering nonstop.

“Alam mo yan mga boss nating yan, mahina ang utak. Tayo yun nagpapasok ng malaking revenue tapos bigla na lang tatapusin yun show. Ganon ganon na lang yun?”

Her voice was loud so he had to close her door. She sounded upset and mad.

Both of them were drunk but he still needs to calm her.

“Ssshhh partner pahinga ka na.”

“Sa’yo ba okay lang yun? Bakit parang wala lang sa’yo?”

If she appeared calm when their big bosses talked to them, now she was totally different.

She was blurting out all the hurt and frustrations she’s been harboring from the moment the show’s end was announced to them.

“Sshhh… matulog ka na.”

“Hindi nga partner, bakit ba parang okay lang sayo? Di mo ako mamimiss? Kasi ikaw sobra sobra sobra kitang mamimiss.” Then she giggled while giving him a shy glance.

“Maya you’re drunk. Lie down na. Pahinga ka na.”

“Seryoso ako partner. Di mo man lang ako mamimiss? Ikaw oo. Sobra! Etong singkit na mata mo, etong kumukunot mong noo, yun sweet pero manly na boses mo, yun mga biro mo, etong arms mo na ang sarap umakap sa mga eksena natin, yang lips mo…” She touched all the ones she mentioned then she giggled again.

She was so talkative and the movement of her lips caught his attention.

He’d been very attracted to her for a very long time now. But now alone in this room, with what she’s been saying, the temperature suddenly changed, he felt hot all of a sudden, not from the beer they consumed but from being with her.

Not being able to think anymore, he suddenly silenced her moving lips with his own. He suddenly kissed her. At first a light one, just like a soft caress and when she didn’t protest, he deepened the kiss and she responded..

“Chard it’s time for your medicine. Mabuti naman at gising ka pa.” It was his sister.

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted.

“Ah sige iinom na ako.”


She was inside the bathroom when she heard voices. It was his sister and doctor. They seemed to be discussing the procedure to be done. They didn’t know she was inside for Richard was asleep when she entered the bathroom.

“Mr. Lim once the procedure is done, you will have to rest for at least two months. You just have to stay in your house and not be allowed to go out.”

“What? You mean I will be staying indoors again? No I won’t. I can’t even walk then you’ll again deprive me of going outside even in that damn wheelchair!”

“Chard, please makinig ka naman. It’s better to undergo the bypass para hindi na tayo mag-alala pa. Ilang beses ka ng inatake and the next one might be fatal.”

“Then Ill just wait for that one.”


Richard was surprised to learn that Maya was inside his bathroom. He didn’t know she was visiting him again. He tried his best to control his temper. Though the conversation with his doctor and sister upset him, he didn’t want Maya to feel that.

She just remained quiet while fixing the food she brought. It was his sister who allowed her inside his room earlier.

“Maya you don’t have to visit me. Baka nakakaabala na ako sa’yo.”

“No Richard hindi ka abala. I want to do this. I want to be here.”

“Thank you then. But please, if you need to be doing something, like work or whatever, okay lang ako dito.”

She didn’t focus on what he was saying for her mind was still on the conversation she heard earlier.

“Richard bakit ayaw mo na magundergo ng heart bypass. I heard that….”

“Maya I don’t want to, I don’t need it.”

“Your sister told me that you need it. Ilang beses ka ng inatake. Ayaw mong gumaling?”

“Maya it’s not that. I don’t need it. Besides I’m already old. Pagod na rin ako not being able to walk then this. I’m such a burden already.”

“Do it for yourself Richard. Di ba that’s what you used to tell me whenever I feel down before?”

“Noon yun Maya. Iba na ngayon. And the situation is a lot more different. I can’t force myself. I don’t want to even do it for myself…”

She bravely faced and stared at him despite the tears already streaming down her cheeks…

“All these years I’ve been praying na sana magkita pa rin tayo. I wanted a chance to be able to make things right, makabawi man lang sa’yo sa mga nagawa ko. I was happy to be given that chance. Sana naman you would allow me to make it up to you. Sana naman kung pwede lang… please find it in your heart to make me a reason why you want to be better.. sana bigyan mo ako ng pagkakataon… sana….” She was already unable to continue.

He was surprised by her display of emotion.

He reached for her, trying to console her. She allowed him to engulf her in his arms as sobs wracked her fragile body.

“Ssshhh Maya stop crying na. Hey…”

But she was still inconsolable.

“Tahan na please. Sige I’ll do it na para makabawi ka sa’kin at ako din naman sa’yo. We have a lot of catching up to do. Mukhang exciting yan.” He tried to joke para lang tumigil na sa kakaiyak si Maya.

He was curious why she was so emotional from the day they saw each other.

She seemed so affected.

Oh well even before Maya was really easily moved to tears. Maybe that’s just it.

When she had calmed down, he held her face and tried his best to wipe her tear-stained face.

“Stop crying na ha! Sige I promise ill have the procedure done. Stop worrying na. Pagbalik mo next time, magaling na ako.”

“Sasamahan kita araw-araw. Ako ang magiging nurse mo.”

“What? No! Nakakahiya atsaka hindi mo ako kakayanin. Tingnan mo ang payat mo.”

“Kaya ko Richard. Let me do this.”

“Maya you just being here, kahit nakikita lang kita, okay na. You don’t have to tire yourself.”

“I’m not gonna tire myself and I want to do this. Ang kulit mo naman eh.” She insisted.

“But I’m a very difficult patient Maya. I demand a lot. I’m grumpy. I’m moody. I’m stubborn. Mahihirapan ka.”

“Hindi ako mahihirapan. Kaya ko. I’ve spent many years taking care of patients I don’t even know. It’s time for me to take care of the father of my daughter.” She shyly admitted in a very soft voice.

Silence engulfed the room. He wasn’t able to react at once. It took quite awhile before he found his voice again.

“I’m the father of your daughter Maya? We have a daughter?” Confusion, shock, disbelief written all over his face. He can’t seem to take in what he heard.

She can’t face him either. She just remained seated at the side of his bed, with head bowed down.

He can feel the burden she was carrying. It was the reason why she was so emotional, close to hysterical.

He slowly digested what she said, the words getting through his heart.

He didn’t feel any anger or hatred but instead felt a renewed hope, felt a certain happiness. He felt alive again.

He stared at Maya who was stifling her sobs with head still bowed down.

He reached for her hand then slowly caressed it.

He can’t contain his happiness now as his eyes also turned teary.

“Maya, will you allow me to meet her? Can I see her?”

She finally looked up to meet his gaze. His eyes shining with tears.

“Oo naman Richard. Ipapakilala ko siya sa’yo.”

He wanted to ask her many questions but decided that there will be some other time for that.


Preview of the Next Chapter:

“I know po that you are my dad. Mommy has lots of your pictures at home. We also used to pass by your former house when she visits the Philippines. Stalker yan si mommy.”

Sunshine also talks a lot just like her mom.

Richard chuckled.

Maya was unaware that their daughter already revealed a lot to her dad.


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  1. Thanks again Ms. Timmy. Although masakit pa rin sa dibdib yung scenes may konting saya na. You asked why humahaba na yung story baka kasi inspired ka and love mo kami kaya lagi mo kaming pinagbibigyan. Hahaha! 😁😁😁

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  5. Thank you, Timmy, for not ending the story in just 2 chapters, like you originally planned! I can’t wait for the next chapters! Sana maging inspiration ni Richard yung daughter nya to get well… At sana makalakad pa sya ulit since Maya has come back to his life… Again thank you and mord power…

  6. thanks for update Timmy, like the story and wonder why maya left and quit the showbiz…just because she made a mistake of loving him…looking forward to the next chapter.

  7. thanks for update ms Timmy, love the story…just wonder why Maya left and quit the showbiz..just because she made a mistake of loving him…looking forward to the next chapter.

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