Angel of our Hearts – Epilogue

“Sky! Sunshine! Stop running. Baka madapa kayo.”

Maya called out their twins who were excitedly chasing each other.

Winter, their 5 year old Maltese who was Snow’s daughter were running behind the twins as they approach Luke’s grave.

The family were on their way to Nikki Grace’s school. Nikki, their 10 year old daughter will be the lead star of their school play.

They dropped by Luke’s grave, like they always do whenever they have special occasions and events.

“Kuya, watch over me ha para wag akong kabahan mamaya. Guide me on my lines like yun last time, promise Kuya ha.”

“Oo nga Kuya Luke, kagabi pa kinakabahan yan si Ate Nikki”, Abigail Ruth, their 8 year old joined in. Maya named her after her favorite preschool student back in Dubai.

“Nikki okay naman yun kabahan, normal yun. Maganda nga kasi mas maeexcite ka at mas mataas yun energy mo sa play.”

“But Mom, I’m the lead eh. Baka magkamali ako. It would embarrassing.”

“You will do great Nikki. You prepared and practiced enough for this. Atsaka mana ka kaya sa mom mo who is a best actress, kaya nga she can easily make me follow her eh.”

Maya slapped her husband’s arm lightly then clinged to his arms.

“Sweetheart talaga.”

Then Ricky hugged her and gave her a kiss on her lips.

“Ewww Mommy! Daddy!” Sunshine, one of their 2 year old twins, suddenly screamed as she saw her parents kissing.

“Ewww Mommy! Daddy!” Sky the other twin imitated his sister but went near his mom wanting to be picked up and also wanting a kiss by pouting his lips.

“Mommy kiss din daw po si Sky.” Abigail reacted as she saw how Sky really wanted to be kissed by his mom.

Then Maya kissed him too.

Ricky picked up Sunshine and gave her a kiss also, then, while still carrying Sunshine he gathered Nikki and Abigail close to his arms and hugged them as well.

“Naku my girls are growing so fast already. Tapos isa lang si Sky. Dapat ata Sweetheart we have an addition to the family.”

The girls squealed in delight. Sky, who doesn’t know what they were talking about squealed as well.

Ricky just wiggled his eyebrows at his wife and Maya just shook her head, both smiling at each other.


After the play the family had their lunch at South Curves then proceeded to watch the latest Disney movie.

After the movie, Ricky brought them to BGC to buy some doggie stuff for Winter at Hobbes and Landes.

The couple, seated by the bench in the area just enjoyed watching their kids playing, tickling each other, running around the area while Winter was also running with them.

Maya leaned her head on Ricky’s shoulder, while their fingers were intertwined.

Then Ricky heard her shallow breathing indicating she’s crying. He disengaged from her hold to look at her.

“Oh why Sweetheart?”

Maya furiosly wiped her tears then clinged to her husband’s arm again.

“Masaya lang ako. Nakakatuwa yun ganito. Nakikita nating lumalaki ng masaya yun mga bata, tayo. Maraming salamat Sweetheart ha! Napakaswerte ko talaga, napakaswerte namin ng mga anak natin,” then she got teary eyed again.

“Naku best actress talaga itong misis ko. Kaya naman napakagaling ng panganay natin.”

She just stared at him with her teary eyes and beaming smiles.

“Me too Sweetheart. I would never be complete without you, without our five kids. I couldn’t ask for more.”

Then Abigail came near them all sweaty from too much running after the twins.

Maya immediately got her handtowel and wiped Abigail’s sweaty face.

“Mommy you cried?” The little girl wondered after seeing her mom’s wet cheeks.

“Your mom cried kasi naiiyak siya sa pagiging sobrang gwapo ni daddy.”

“Ang yabang mo Sweetheart!”

“Of course not! I’m just stating a fact di ba kids, daddy is gwapo?”

“Oh my God daddykins you are so humble!” Nikki joined in and kissed her dad.

“Of course your mommy din!” Ricky added.

“Hali na nga kayo at nagbobolahan pa tayo.”

Maya carried Sky while Ricky carried Sunshine.

The family are on their way home.

This was a usual sight in their family.

Finally Dr. Richard Lim has the woman of his dreams beside him to share his life with.

Maya dela Rosa-Lim was also given another chance of happiness after losing Simon and Luke years ago.

They both found their happy ever after together with their wonderful kids and their angel up there who will never be forgotten.

Luke, who was the reason why Ricky and Maya found each other will always be in their hearts.


A/N: Thank you for reading and supporting “Angel of our Hearts”.

I enjoyed writing this one. Thank you for all your comments, your funny and sometimes impassioned reactions. It inspired me to continue writing.

I will continue writing stories with Richard and Maya as main characters until they again show up on TV. Sana may show na ulit sila para matapos na akong magsulat. Mahirap kaya to think of ideas. Now I know what the writers of bcwmh went through.😁

This story may have ended pero marami pang unfinished stories. I’ll try my best to finish them very soon.

Again thank you and God bless! 😊



35 thoughts on “Angel of our Hearts – Epilogue”

  1. Thank you! Ms Timmy sa maganda mong mga stories sana di ka mapagud sa pagsusulat at end na ang “angel of heart” sana marami pang kasunod na mga stories mo. God bless always.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you ang bait bait mo ang susunod na story please don’t make it to long hehehe….request lang ng isang adik salamat Ms.Timmy🌻🌻🌻

  3. I am so thankful to you and the other writers for continually writing about our favorite couple. Praying that you’ll always have an abundant supplies of ideas and creative imagination for their love story. Again thank you πŸ™πŸ½πŸ˜˜

  4. wow, ang sipag nilang dalawa apat agad hahaha it’s a very touching story and a very good epilogue, feel ko yung emotion ni Maya habang tinitingnan nya ang kaniyang family. tama, hindi lahat tayo nabibigyan ng another chance of happiness and to be with the person we truly love. thank you again ms. timmy another wonderful story has ended and looking forward for more to come … good luck. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. Yun finale 2 lang yun ginawa ko today. Yun dalawa nasa drafts na yan. Asar lang sa ginawa ng star cinema kaya hayan para sumaya naman tayo post ko na din. πŸ˜€

  5. Hello Ms Timmy,thank you so much sa gngwa mong pgppsya sa amin sa pmmgtan ng pgsslat ng Fanfic Story dito man Lang mbwsan klngktan nmin,take care always🌹🌹🌹

  6. love your story…love it so much….thank you…i know how much a mother feels just looking at her happy family! galing naman ni mr and mrs lim…apat agad…pero oo nga dapat talaga dagdagan si iskay…aba e d pdeng iisa lang ang lalaki…Tims…salamat…i enjoyed reading…sana more more to come! God bless!

  7. Thanks ms timmy. What a wonderful ending, nakaka iyak nga naman tignan how happy the kids are at of course ang couple very contented with each other. Looking forward to the next stories. More power.

  8. Bravo!!! Thanks much… magrerequest palang sana ako ng epilogue eto na….so much happiness ang Lim family…πŸ˜„ tama thru ffs naiibsan ang disappointment sa di pagsali kay RY sa MMFF…again thankee. God bless😍☝️

  9. Again thank you I have so much fun reading all your stories. Hoping and wudhing na they will be together as they said THE PERFECT TIME. sana soon na at saba may FOREVER. Ingat.

  10. Hello Timmy, just done rereading this story. Still can’t get over sa ating fave couple. Thank you for all the wonderful stories you’ve shared.❀️ And we’re hoping for more and updates to your ongoing stories. God bless and more power. 🌻

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