Angel of our Hearts 17 – Finale part 2

A/N Sa ganitong chapter ng kwento I admit, mahina ako. So you need your wild or mild (whichever you choose 😝) imagination na lang para maitawid ang chapter na to.

Please bear with me. Actually di ko alam kung bakit napunta ako sa pagsusulat ng mga ganito. I’m a Star Wars and sci fi stories’ fan na super layo sa Ricky and Maya stories but sa di ko mawaring kadahilanan, aba nagawan ko sila ng mga kwento. Hay see what these two can do to me.

I better stop explaining na nga (read: palusot😁).

Here’s the finale part 2 of this story.

Enjoy reading. I hope you do.😊


They were greeted by their families and friends as they arrived at the reception area for their wedding.

They wore wide smiles, holding hands and silently exchanging meaningful glances.

Ricky also kissed Maya a lot, on her cheeks, her hands and sometimes lips when no one is looking. Maya, though shy, just allowed Ricky.

Ricky’s parents were beaming with happiness that finally their son had someone with him. He was the most hardworking, responsible, selfless and loving person and he really deserves someone like Maya.

Maya’s sister was also comforted by the fact that Maya would have someone to take care of her. They were aware of all that she had gone through. The pain, sadness and struggles she had especially when she lost her son was something they thought she won’t be able to handle but she found Ricky, or should they say, Ricky found her and from that moment, he never stopped taking care of her and of her son, even when Maya hid herself from him.

As the couple were seated in front of their guests, various numbers were offered to entertain them.

The doctors gave a funny, naughty dance number to the amusement of all those who were at the reception.

Ryan even cajoled Ricky to give a song number for his wife in which he gladly agreed.

Teasing and laughter pervaded. Since most of the visitors were colleagues of Richard in the medical field they were relentlessly teasing the couple about their honeymoon.

Maya gamely laughed with them and Ricky constantly reminded his friends that they were already embarrassing his wife.

Emman also teased the couple and even led the crowd in the constant clinking of glasses for the couple to kiss. Ricky was grinning all throughout and he wanted to thank Emman. Maya on the other hand was so embarrassed already that she pinched Emman when she had the chance to be near him.

It was a very happy celebration of love for the couple.


After the reception they immediately flew to Palawan for their honeymoon.

Actually this was just a part of their series of travels for their ‘you and me time’. Most of their godparents’ gifts were travels to different countries for their honeymoon.

But now, they are on their way to Palawan. The couple decided to travel within the country first since they were both exhausted from the wedding preparations and from entertaining visitors. Besides, Maya also wanted to visit Palawan. This was actually Emman’s gift for them.


It was already dark when they arrived in Amanpulo.

Before proceeding to their room, they both decided to have dinner.

Both were equally excited and nervous.

“Ricky, mauuna na akong maligo ha. Ang lagkit ko na sa byahe.” Maya was trying her best to calm herself and delay the inevitable.

“Okay sweetheart but wag kang magtatagal ha.” He winked at her amused at Maya’s shyness.

She nervously laughed. “Oo naman bakit naman ako magtatagal.”

“Malay ko ba if gusto mo akong takasan. Remember I have a key sa bathroom.” He teased her.

“Ricky ha!”

She hurriedly entered the bathroom leaving a laughing Ricky in their bedroom.

Maya spent almost an hour in the tub scrubbing while imagining things that she expects them to be doing. She closed her eyes embarrassed at her thoughts.

After quite sometime of assuring herself that it will be okay and trying to keep herself calm, she left the tub and dried herself.

She wore her pajamas totally ignoring Emman’s red negligee gift which he specially got for her honeymoon.

The moment the bathroom door opened, Ricky who was watching TV, was alerted.

If he was disappointed that Maya didn’t wear the red negligee Emman gave her, he never showed it. He appreciatively stared at his wife and smiled.

“Hmmm ang bango mo sweetheart. Pa hug nga muna.”

“Eehhh Ricky maligo ka kaya muna. Galing tayo ng byahe.”

“I smell good pa naman sweetheart atsaka baka mapasma ako. Halika na. I need a hug.”

“Hoy Ricky hindi ka po mapapasma kasi wala ka namang ginawa. Hindi ka naman nagdrive. Ligo na.”

“Pero I can’t wait to finally….”

Maya shoved Ricky to the bathroom not wanting not hear what he was about to say.

She was already getting affected by his constant teasing and playfulness, a different side of him she now sees.

After 5 minutes he was out of the shower and smelling so good. He was also wearing his white shirt and gray pajamas. He doesn’t want to shock Maya so he decided to wear a conservative sleepwear. Besides it would be more exciting to be removing more layers of clothing. He smiled to where his thoughts were leading.

For God’s sake, he is a grown man and Maya already had a son yet they were equally nervously anticipating what would happen.

He thought it was really silly for them to feel and act this way. But this is Maya and he wants everything perfect with her.

She was gazing at the window lost in her own thoughts. She didn’t notice Ricky behind her.

He snaked his arms around her waist and settled his chin on her shoulder. She was a bit startled.

“Ambilis mo namang maligo.”

“I told you I can’t wait.”

He began to kiss the side of her neck.

“Ricky ang ganda pala dito no? Ang galing naman ni Emman pumili.”

“Ako rin magaling pumili at napakaganda rin ng napili ko. You are so beautiful sweetheart.”


He momentarily stopped his kisses.

“Let’s go to bed. Bakit nandito ka sa may window. May I know what you are thinking? Ang lalim ng iniisip mo.”

“Wala naman akong iniisip. Tinitingnan ko lang ang magandang view ng dagat.”

He secretly smiled.

“Sweetheart ang dilim sa labas. Wala ka namang makikita.”

“Inimagine ko?” She replied while nervously laughing.

“Sweetheart you’re silly. I know you’re nervous. I am too. I am nervous and very excited.”

“I’m not nervous Ricky. Nahihiya ako. Paano kung i fall short of your expectations. Hindi ko na alam …”

Then he resumed kissing her neck, near the lower side of her ear.. “We’ll rediscover it together sweetheart and don’t worry. You’re perfect. We’ll be fine. Trust me.”

He slowly turned her so she could face him.

She shyly gazed at him while smiling. He smiled too and gently cupped her face.

“You are so beautiful Maya. Thank you for making me the happiest person now. I love you so much.” He softly told her and Maya’s eyes automatically brimmed with tears and she was smiling.

“Mahal na mahal din kita Ricky. Salamat sa….”

She wasn’t able to finish what she was saying for Ricky lowered his lips on hers for a gentle coaxing kiss.

While still kissing her, he slowly carried her to their bed. She was lost in his kisses and responded equally to him, letting him feel her love too.

The slow, gentle kisses suddenly became passionate, fiery and Richard’s hands were slowly finding its way to the buttons of Maya’s pajama top.

Maya could only writhe in pleasure with what her husband is doing to her. He was gentle and she could say how he revered her in the way he touched her, made love to her.

Richard exerted a lot of effort to control himself from what he wants to do.

Though Maya had a son already, he was aware that she hasn’t done it after the first time she did it which gave her Luke.

He kissed her gently while momentarily pausing to give Maya time to breathe, time to recover.

She could feel Ricky’s love for her and she also wanted to show him what she feels for him so she tried her best to match what he’s doing, allowing her hands to roam his body,to feel him, caress him.

Her clothes have been discarded and when Ricky stood to remove his own, Maya tried to cover herself with their blanket, suddenly shy from being totally exposed to him.

He smiled and gently removed the blanket she covered herself with.

“You don’t have to cover yourself sweetheart. You are so beautiful, so perfect..”

Then he continued to trail kisses all over her body, all the more aroused at his wife’s moans and reaction to what he’s doing.

Maya was helpless to the pleasure Ricky is giving her. Her hands were on his back, his hair, his arms, and when the pleasure became unbearable she just closed her eyes..

She was ready, Ricky knew it as soon as his fingers found its way down so he readied himself and staring at Maya’s eyes with all the love he has for her, he took her slowly, allowing her to adjust to him.

Maya’s fingers gripped his arms while she was unaware that her nails already dug on his skin. She was crying in pleasure as they became one – body, heart and soul.


“Did I hurt you sweetheart?” Ricky asked as they lay cuddled after their lovemaking.

She smiled at him, her face glowing with happiness and love for her husband.

“Hindi sweetheart. Thank you ha.” She grinned.

“Thank you saan?”

“Sa patience. Alam ko naman na grabe ang pagpigil mo kanina.” She giggled again.

“Ah so you were aware pala! Don’t worry Mrs. Lim. Ngayon di na ako magpipigil..”

Then he started another round earning giggles, shrieks and laughter from his wife.


Dr. Richard Lim and Mrs. Maya dela Rosa Lim, finally found the love they both deserved. The journey was not all that easy, the ride may be bumpy but their enduring, unending love for each other led them back together. And their angel, Luke will always be there to remind them of their love amidst pain, amidst problems and trials that they are yet to face.


Finally nakatapos din ng story!!!

Thank you for the support, for reading, for understanding the delay and the grammar lapses.

Ricky and Maya fanfic readers are the best!😊

Sana lang talaga we would see them on TV together soon kasi kahit may fanfics, may DVDs na pwedeng mapanood anytime, may YouTube videos, may teasers na kahit ngayon ay pinanonood natin, may mga concerts at shows na lagi pa ring binabalik-balikan, may mga pictures na nakastore sa kanya kanya nating computers or phones, may CarMor splitserye para lang mapagsama sila, iba pa rin yun saya, good vibes at positivity na dulot nila araw-araw. Siguro naman kung each one of us have this same wish for Christmas, baka pakinggan at pagbigyan din tayo. Sana…

Again thank you so much for supporting one of my favorite story, Angel of our Hearts.

Goodvibes! Kapit bisig! 😍😊


26 thoughts on “Angel of our Hearts 17 – Finale part 2”

  1. Thank u Timms sa so romantic na ending….being one heart body and soul. Sana they will another baby Luke II soon. This is amazing Timms and looking forward to more wonderful ffs from you. More power and take care palagi. Cheers!

    1. Thanks Ms. Marian for always reading and taking time to comment. Sorry din sa delays 😊. I’ll try to finish the others and add more ffs hanggat di pa sila bumabalik together.

  2. Thank You Ms Timmy..sana di ka mapagod magsulat ng fanfics of our favorite couple…kahit papano dream do come true at may forever sila dito…thank you again β™‘

    1. I’ll try my best to continue doing fanfics until such time na makita na natin sila together sa TV ulit. Thanks for reading and always taking ntime to comment.😊

  3. Ang galing Ms.Timmy beautiful story for a beautiful couples love it…nawa nga the management will hear our clamor we really really miss them terribly…ang nga naman ng mga adiks…thank you🌻🌻🌻

    1. Thanks for reading. Sana talaga we get to see them in another feel good show together. Nakakamiss yun presence nila together on TV. Thanks for reading.😊

  4. Naku naman parang first time ni Maya…ganda ng honeymoon…travel around the country and the world…tiyak may bunga na agad.

  5. you did it well ms. timmy, kaya mo naman pala at katulad ng ibang ff basta R&M kering-keri namin ang konting SPG hahaha pero can’t help to feel sad maalala yung umpisa ng kanilang kwento especially yung pagkawala ni Luke, indeed he’s their angel, a round of applause to you ms. timmy

    1. Nahirapan kaya ako sa scene na yan 😁 One of my fave at makabagbag damdaming kuwento with Like leaving them sa earlier part. Thanks at nagustuhan nyo naman. I’ll try to update the others pag may time. Hurt kasi ako sa pagbalewala at pag gamit sa fave couple natin last week to hype a movie kaya hayan triple treat today! Para sumaya naman tayo. πŸ˜‰

      1. parang gusto kong e wish na ma hurt ka palagi sa hopia news para palaging may triple treat hehehe pero, nakaka BV ang hopia na yan, kaya thank you sa pagpapasaya sa amin ms. timmy 😊

  6. Thank you Ms. Timmy for another wonderful story. AT least for the adiks, Richard and Maya’s love story is still very much alive because of amazing writers like you. Salamat and looking forward to more of your stories!

  7. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ galing!!! Many thanks to you Ms Timmy…. Ffs pa more like this storyπŸ‘. Good health and take care always…God blessπŸ™πŸ™

    1. Thank you for such a kilig story. I can’t stop reading all FF about our two love lived ones. Sana nga we will see them together again. Still wsiting patiently. Dito na lang muna sa stories nsnagpapakilig. Next pls. Sorry adik lang. Take care.

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