Traces of Love 2


Here’s part 2. Dapat two chapters lang kaso parang mabibitin. Let’s see..

Ibang genre naman ang story kasi paano mabibigyan ng MMK episode ang dalawa if we can’t find it in our hearts to make them do sad stories.

In preparation to for an MMK episode of the two (malay natin mapagbigyan tayo this time at solo pa nila).

Kaya heto medyo drama naman ๐Ÿ˜Š. Don’t worry happy ending naman to.

Thanks for reading and for taking time to leave your comments. I really appreciate all your comments. ๐Ÿ˜Š Sorry din for the delay in the updates of the other stories. Kung minsan mahirap hanapin si inspiration for a certain story. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Well again thanks and here’s the next chapter of this particular sob story.


She stared at the ambulance they were following as their car eased towards the busy streets of New York.

Maya couldn’t help herself from remembering the moments they shared together.

They were both actors. She had been in the business for a very long time already while he was a newcomer.

The series they did was his very first project.

They got along so well.

Aside from being workmates, they were able to have a certain level of friendship where they could say that they had each other’s support in everything they do, in whatever endeavor they take.

Richard was married to Alexandra Lim for 18 years and they have a daughter Nikki Grace who was 16 years old.

Maya had a son out of wedlock, Sky dela Rosa who was 9 years old.

Everything went on smoothly and though they became so close to the point that they could even read each other’s minds, understand each other’s moods, they became so careful not to entertain their growing attraction and fondness for each other.

For the longest time, they have a silent understanding and agreement that their personal separate relationships and lives should not be affected by the growing closeness they have.

Maya was also dating a businessman, James Ventura when they started their series. She eventually agreed to be his girlfriend though she wasn’t sure of her feelings for him.

Maybe she just wanted to belong to someone or have someone to call her own.

Maybe it was easier to ward off intrigues about her and her onscreen partner, if she too has her own special someone.

They were enjoying doing the show together with their hardworking cast and crew.

They were the top series of the network that despite their timeslot, they were earning accolades from different award giving bodies here and abroad.

The production crew didn’t have a hard time selling or promoting the series.

Their fans, followers and supporters themselves were the ones spreading the good news about the show to others.

The fans even took the initiative to promote their most loved show.

The show was even invited to concerts here and abroad and were blessed with numerous opportunities for everyone.

Richard and Maya became the most sought after product endorsers and they were even tapped to be the front cover of various magazines.

Everything was going on smoothly.

Then came the sudden announcement that the network’s management decided to end the show.

The management gave a vague reason to them and to the unit in-charge of the show.

Everyone involved from the cast and crew handling it, were surprised as to why a top rating show with numerous awards and recognitions would have to be stopped.

Richard and Maya was the most affected by the news.

The management even issued a directive that they shouldn’t be seen publicly together so that the viewing public won’t have a hard time accepting their new characters in their next projects.

Simultaneously when the last airing date was announced, the two had been offered to join separate new projects already. The network ensured that they will still be visible on TV since their presence will surely benefit the new projects they will be doing.

Since their roles in the very successful series have been embedded in many viewers’ consciousness, the management was sure that people would have a hard time separating them from their former roles thus make their new characters, new shows ineffective.

Maya was okay with it. She was already used to it having worked in the industry long enough.

She could easily ignore any emotional attachment to anybody she worked with.

Richard on the other hand took it hard. He didn’t agree. The cast and crew of their show, most especially his leading lady, Maya were like family to him already. He was a sentimental guy despite his serious and passive facade.

“Why do we need to do that?” Richard asked Maya after their meeting with the network head.

“Partner ganun talaga. Masyado kasing tumatak yun characters natin sa mga tao. Kawawa yun makakapareha natin sa mga susunod na projects natin kasi lagi silang ikukumpara. Normal talaga yan sa showbiz.”

Maya tried to appease her agitated partner.

She was also affected by the network’s decision but didn’t want to show it, not now while Richard was emotional about it.

They were now inside his car and they were going back to their taping location. Richard was still silent.

“Huy partner. It’s not as if we’re not going to communicate naman. Pwede namang magtawagan, magviber, magskype, magchat. Maraming paraan to get in touch. Wag ka ngang oa dyan.” Maya tried to make the situation bearable for both of them.

“Atsaka pwede naman tayong magkita without their knowledge. Yan sina Direk, maraming alam na mga lugar na pwede tayong magkita kita. Sabihan na lang natin yun mga kasamahan natin sa show para may monthly get together tayo ng hindi alam ng network.”

Maya suggested the idea. She believes that it would strengthen the bond they have in the show.

And that’s what they did.

After their last taping day, they decided to have an outing in Subic.

The cast, crew spent a weekend enjoying themselves.

Their last night was when something happened.

Something Maya could and would never forget.


“Maya where did you meet my brother?”

Her reminiscing was interrupted when Richard’s sister suddenly asked her.

“Ah.. I just chanced upon him on the train. Masaya ako at nakita ko siya after fifteen long years.”

“Oo nga matagal na. Hinahanap ka nya parati. Whenever he’s at the airport, train stations he always looks for you. Mahilig ka raw kasi magtravel and malaki yun chances na makita mo siya.”

“Si Richard talaga….” was all she could say.

“How have you been Maya? Alam ko you retired from showbiz after your show. Ah that show changed Chard’s life.”

“I concentrated on my family and business tapos nag-aral rin ako.”

“Ah that’s good. Malaki na yun anak mo. Kumusta na siya?”

“He’s studying at Harvard. Malaki na siya.”

“Oh sa Boston pala siya? So doon ka rin nakatira?”

“No dito ako sa New York. I work as a nurse sa.”

“Really? That’s totally different from your life sa Philippines. Matagal ka na dito?”

“Fourteen years. Si Richard dito rin siya?”

“Ah yes. He lives in Boston. He moved there around 8 years ago after the accident.”


“Yun reason why he can’t walk. Naaksidente siya while driving.”

“Ha! Di man lang nabalita? I never heard of it.”

“Like you, Chard remained private na rin especially after siyang iwanan ni Alex. Actually theirs didn’t really work kasi fixed marriage sila. You see being a traditional Chinese and business partners ng parents namin, kaya they were forced to marry. Both naman sila may gustong iba. Alex is now living in Canada with her family. We still get to meet kapag may occasion ang family. Nikki has her own family and she manages her dad’s businesses in the Philippines.”

Maya just remained quiet while absorbing everything she was hearing. Her heart went out to the man whom she loved all these years. If she could only turn back time and correct all the wrong decisions she made.

“Naku nandito na tayo. Maya hindi ko alam if matutuwa si Chard that I brought you here. Masungit yun at ayaw may makakita na helpless siya. Whatever his reaction is, pagpasensyahan mo lang muna ha.”

“Okay lang. Don’t worry. Atsaka gusto ko ring bumawi sa kanya. Sana man lang nadamayan ko siya.”

“Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll have lots of time to catch up. Tara pasok na tayo. I bet he’s being wheeled na sa ER.”

She just silently followed but with a renewed hope and determination to make it right this time.

After all, she owes him a lot.

Preview of the next chapter:

“But I’m a very difficult patient Maya. I demand a lot. I’m grumpy. I’m moody. I’m stubborn.

“I’ve spent many years taking care of patients I don’t even know. It’s time for me to take care of the father of my daughter.” She shyly admitted in a very soft voice.


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  1. Wha’???? OMG! Ms. Timmy! Okay yung mga pasabog mo ha?!?! Hindi talaga uubra na 2 parts lang ‘to. Wow bitin na patiwarik naman kami nito! ๐Ÿ™‚ What a cliffhanger! Very eagerly looking forward to the next chapter! Thank you!!!

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  3. Thank you for the update! What a surprise! He had a daughter with Maya! Very interesting… Can’t wait for the next chapter… Thank you again, more power!

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  5. oh-my, may nabuong bunga pala sa “Their last night was when something happened. Something Maya could and would never forget.” ms. timmy, we demand a detailed explanation ng kaganapang ito hahahaha kahit na masakit sa dibdib ang umpisa, pinanghahawakan namin ang happy ending, kaya lang Maya sayang talaga ang mga panahong lumipas dahil sa maling desisyon na nagawa ๐Ÿ˜ข

  6. Hello Ms Timmy,thank you so much sa new update,bitin kami at ngkaanak pla sila at for sure mgging msya si Richard kpag nakita si Maya,take care always๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒป

  7. OMG, that’s what I thought something happen between them, she left 15 years ago. she tried to avoid family problem that she is the cause…thanks for the update Ms Timmy, thought that’s it…so glad may kasunod. waiting for the next chapter, hope will be soon, excited to read the flashback…

  8. hmmm….ganun pala….me something pala sila ng mghiwalay! so…by the next chap can u pls give us a detailed description at kaganapan?? hmmm…sabihin mo na naman wholesome ka waaahhh….gusto namin ni Sis Anne andun kami sa mismong scene at present kami hehe….pde ba??
    so, si Sunshine ba ang anak nila? o si Abby? ay excited na….sana d magtagal ang next chap…thank u and God bless!!

  9. Naku ayan na ang nakakapressure na detailed description๐Ÿ™ˆ. As much as I want to do it, di ko talaga kaya eh. Hahaha! Imagine nyo na lang. And yes Sunshine ang name ng kid nila. Para bagay ang name sa panganay ni Maya na si Sky.

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