Angel of our Hearts 16 – Finale part 1

“Welcome back Doc Richard and Ma’m Maya!”, Joma greeted the couple as he fetched them at the airport.

The couple arrived 6pm at the NAIA. Their flight was on time that Joma didn’t have to wait for long.

“Hello Kuya Joma!” Maya happily greeted Richard’s driver.

Richard nodded in acknowledgement. “Joma yun inutos ko?”

“Okay na po Doc.”

Unknown to Maya, Ricky had Liza reserve dinner at South Curves and had Joma order a bouquet of flowers for Maya.

As they boarded the car, Ricky immediately signalled to Joma to get the flowers which was at the back seat of his SUV. When Maya had settled herself in her seat, Joma handed the flowers to Richard who offered it to Maya.

“Ricky thank you. Pero ano na naman to? Nagpahanda ka pa.”

“Well, I wanted to welcome my fiancee with flowers.”

“Anong welcome me with flowers eh magkasama naman tayo.” She argued.

“Ah eh di, I wanted the flowers to welcome the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Lim.” He gave her a wide grin.

“Ikaw talaga puro ka kalokohan.”

Joma who was witnessing his boss and his fiancee was smiling. He was thankful that finally Dr. Richard Lim found someone who would really make him happy. Actually, he was happy that Maya came back to Richard for she was only one to put back the smile on his employer’s face.


Maya and Richard was married after only three months of engagement.

Richard used his influence to have the wedding preparations done in a short span of time.

He couldn’t wait to have Maya as his wife and many years had been wasted already for them to wait again to tie the knot.

Maya preferred a simple wedding with just their families and friends but she took into consideration Richard’s profession and business and he definitely wouldn’t agree to a simple wedding.

They got married at Manila Cathedral and it was one of the most anticipated and most applauded wedding in the medical community. Their most eligible bachelor finally found the woman of his dreams.

As Ricky waited for Maya at the altar…

“Brod namumutla ka na, relax ka lang.” Dr. Ryan who served as his best man joked. He could sense Ricky’s apprehension and excitement that he might faint anytime soon.

His father Roberto clasped his shoulders to show his support. He smiled at his son.

His mother Esmeralda was now teary eyed as well. She can’t contain her excitement for her only son.

She was very much aware of what her son had gone through and though a part of her should be blaming Maya for the pain Ricky had to endure, she couldn’t even feel hatred towards the woman her son loves so dearly.

Maya easily warmed up to her and the few encounters they had was enough to show her why her son was madly in love with Maya.

Mama Esmeralda was trying her best to contain her tears. She didn’t want to remove the attention on Ricky whose eyes were already puffy as he tried to stop his tears from flowing. His nose was already red and his hands were cold.

As the main door of the church opened, collective gasps were heard.

The crowd was in awe as the very lovely bride walked towards the altar.

Many were in tears.

Maya was accompanied by her brother in law, Jeff and her best friend Emman, who was actually like a father, mother, brother, sister rolled into one. She requested Emman to personally do this for her and Emman happily obliged. He felt so special that Maya regarded him as such and he readily accepted when Maya shared the idea of walking with her to the altar.

“Bessie, masayang masaya ako for you and Doc Ricky.” Emman whispered to her as they were near where Richard was waiting for her.

Jeff was just smiling at the two best friends. Maya’s sister couldn’t walk her to the altar for she just gave birth to a new baby girl 2 weeks ago. She was at the wedding but definitely wasn’t allowed to walk the long carpeted way to the altar.

As they reached Ricky, he immediately shook hands with Jeff and Emman. Maya kissed mama Esmeralda and papa Roberto then together with Ricky they stood in front of the altar.

Both their hands were cold and they were emotional that they were already crying even when the ceremony was just beginning.

“Maya baka pagalitan tayo ni Father. Ang iyakin natin pareho.” Ricky whispered to Maya.

“Sshhh…. ang ingay mo Ricky.” She was trying to lighten the mood for they were both on the verge of really crying already.


The wedding ceremony went on and everyone was so moved by the solemnity of this very special celebration for their beloved couple.

“Maya, words aren’t enough to express the happiness I feel right now. I am very blessed to have you. I may have healed many people but only you have healed my heart, only you, made me complete. I can never thank you enough for coming back to me. And I promise you that from this time until my very last breath I will do everything to protect you, make you happy because your happiness is mine as well. I love you so much Maya.”

Ricky’s voice was quivering as he was overcome with emotions. The people in the crowd especially their very close friends and families were all silently crying.

Maya was also crying as well and tried so hard to maintain her composure to be able to say her vows.

“Ricky, sa simula ng nakita kita, ng nakilala ka namin ni Luke, lagi ka na lang hero, savior, tagaligtas namin. Kahit na hindi mo kami kilala hindi ka nagatubiling tumulong. Kahit na malayo ang agwat natin sa buhay, tinanggap mo ako bilang kaibigan at hinding hindi mo ako iniwan sa pinakamadilim na kabanata ng buhay ko. Mahal na kita noon pa man kaya lang nahihiya ako sa’yo. Ang alam ko kasi sa sarili ko, may taong mas nararapat sa’yo. Kaya lang dumaan ang maraming taon at hinding hindi ka nagbago. Iniwasan kita at iniwan ngunit ganun ka pa rin. Hindi ka nagalit at hindi nabawasan yung pagmamahal mo sakin, sa anak kong si Luke. Sinamahan mo yun anak ko na hindi ko nagawa kasi nasa Dubai ako. Napakahalaga sakin nun Ricky. Hindi mo pinabayaan si Luke kahit wala ako, kahit na iniwan kita…”

Maya is having a hard time to continue as she was really crying now.

Ricky held her hand to give her the strength to continue.

Maya mustered enough courage to go on with her vows…

“Kaya ngayon Ricky, ako naman. Pinapangako ko na aalagaan kita, aalalayan kita at susuportahan kita sa lahat ng ginagawa mo. Mamahalin kita ng higit pa sa buhay ko gaya ng pagmamahal na ipinakita at ipinamalas sa akin. Kung si Luke ang anghel ko sa langit, ikaw naman ang nagiisang anghel ko dito sa lupa. Mahal na mahal kita Ricky.”

Then unable to help herself, she tightly hugged him.

Everyone was crying after hearing that moving and very heartfelt messages from the couple.

Even the priest was speechless. He knew the couple and was aware of their love story and he was so moved by their messages which really pierced through his heart and everyone in the crowd as well.


A/N break muna. Kahit ako affected sa vows. Naiimagine ko kasi sila. 😊


48 thoughts on “Angel of our Hearts 16 – Finale part 1”

  1. very effective mong magpaiyak sa amin ms. timmy 😭😭😭 sobrang affected din. medyo sad ng makita ang finale pero dahil malakas ang GV naisip ko na lang na pwedeng makaroon ng finale 2, 3, 4 and of course epilogue 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 hehehe talagang sinagad ang abuso. can’t get over lang πŸ™

    1. Hahaha! Finale part 2 lang then end of this story na. Nakakaiyak kaya ayoko na. πŸ˜… joke! Focus naman ako sa other stories. Thanks for the support and for the comments. I read them and nakakaencourage to continue writing. Pero siyempre biggest motivation ko in writing is our fave couple Ricky and Maya. 😊

  2. Kaloka ka Ms timmy kung kailan nangahulog na ang butil butil kung luha ninanamnam ang vow nila…pag scroll down ko…BREAk daw munaaa? Waaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Such a great love story ❀️❀️❀️…..i just wish Luke was alive to witnessed their wedding I”m pretty sure his watching over them ………thankee Ms Timmy 😍😍😍

  4. Thank you Timms sa update. Very touching naman yung mga vows nila, nakakaiyak talaga. Di lalo na sigurong grabeng iyakan kung isinasadula nilang dalawa ito sa serye……! Until sa part 2, cheers!

    1. Naku yun wedding vows nila sa show nakakaiyak na nga eh. Kahit si serchief na hindi pa naman masyadong magaling umarte nadala na ng scenes, tayo pa kayang viewers. I really hope for an episode in MMK for this couple. Kaya yan nila.

  5. Waaahhhh….bitin huhuhuhu….grabe so emotional naman ang vows nila tumatagos sa puso hopefully doon sa kakilala natin makarinig din tayo ng ganyan vows OMG kelan kaya yun hehehe….nag sesenti lang Ms.Timmy thank you 🌻🌻🌻

  6. Hi Ms.Timmy,
    I am a constant reader of your fanfics; please share with me the pw of that ASAP SHOW;my email thanks so much

  7. Hello and good day Ms. Timmy, Can I have the PW for the Asap SHow, please.. Thanks ang have agreat day.. Here is my FB name Nelia Barrera..

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