Desperate Moves : A Carlo-Amor Crossover with Richard and Maya (Part 10)

Carlo drove to Amor Powers’ house.

He didn’t mind if he was just in his sleepwear.

All he was concerned of was to see Amor and make sure that she was safe.

The dream he had was so real that he can’t shake off his mind the lifeless body of the woman, named Maya dela Rosa who looked exactly like Amor.

He didn’t know her house but some unseen force led him to drive right into her exact address.

The moment he arrived, he hurriedly went out of his car and furiously rang the doorbell.

A guard opened the gate.

“Sir ano po ang kailangan nyo?”

“Pwede kong makausap si Miss Powers? It is very important. Please tell her that Carlo Asuncion is looking for her.”

“Ay sir madaling araw na po. Tulog na po si Ms. Powers.”

“Please. Kailangan ko lang malaman na okay siya.”

“Sir, papagalitan po ako kung iistorbohin ko si Ms. Powers.”

“I’ll take the blame. She knows me. Please. Nakikiusap ako.”

Another guard joined.


Unknown to them, Amor Powers was actually awake for she was also unable to sleep.

She heard the commotion by her gate as she was at her veranda the moment Carlo parked his car.

She didn’t know that it was him so she just left her guards to deal with her unexpected visitor.

There were only two persons who could have visited her at that time and it couldn’t be Carlo. He doesn’t know where she lives.

It might be the governor, Eduardo Buenavista or his brother Diego Buenavista.

These two have been visiting her to ask favors for their business and political bid even in unholy hours for she ignores them during office hours.

The governor was trying to use his charm to make Amor agree in supporting his reelection bid. He was a former lover of Amor.

His brother Diego on the other hand, was Amor’s former suitor. He also would like to ask help for his business.

Amor was fully aware that the Buenavista brothers wanted to be affiliated with her for their own interests.

She just allows them. She needed them anyway for her investments and she needs them for her planned vengeance.

Her deep thought was interrupted when she heard her butler Peter arguing with a very familiar voice .

“Kailangan kong makausap si Amor!”

“But Sir it is already 4 am and Ms. Powers is probably asleep.”

“Can someone just check on her. I just need to know that she’s okay.”

Carlo’s voice sounded desperate.


Then from the terrace of her home…

“Peter, let him in. He is a very good friend of mine.”

The moment Carlo heard Amor’s voice from her veranda, a wave of relief swept over him.

“Sir pasok na po kayo. Sorry I was just following Ms. Amor’s instructions.”

“I understand.”

Peter led Carlo in the house while Amor hurriedly donned a robe to meet her unexpected visitor.

She met Carlo already in her living room being escorted by Peter and 2 guards.

She dismissed Peter and then her guards and asked to be left alone with Carlo.

His face registered relief yet the trace of fear was still evident.

“Carlo what brings you here at this time? Napakalate na. Or should I say napakaaga…”

Then without saying anything Carlo just hugged her very tight wanting to feel her against him, wanting to be assured that she was indeed alive and safe in his arms.

As they broke the embrace, she gazed at his face and tried to ease the worry and fear etched on it by caressing his cheeks with one hand then the other was on his shoulder easing the tension.

As he was staring directly at her eyes, she saw something else. She saw the desire that has been brewing for quite sometime which she tried to ignore.

Then Amor was caught off guard when Carlo suddenly crashed his mouth on hers, giving her a scorching kiss. He coaxed her to respond and then she did. This went on for a few seconds until both of them were gasping for air.

As they disengaged, he searched her face to see any signs of anger, protest and disdain, but there was none.

“Amor… sorry…”

But before he could continue she gave him a deep kiss conveying the message that she wasn’t mad at what he did.

She held his hands and led him to her own bedroom.

Both were silent, neither of them saying anything. They just went on with whatever they are feeling at the moment. Both of them decided to give in to what’s gonna happen and refusing to back out from it.

Carlo and Amor made sweet, passionate love at that wee hours of the morning.

They explored each other, discovered the depths of their being.

And as they reached their ultimate goal, both uttered at the same time….



Both froze at the names they blurted out.

Fear suddenly registered in their eyes but Carlo readily embraced Amor. He wanted her to feel secure.

They will talk about whoever Richard or Maya was but not this time.

All he wanted was Amor in his arms.

That was all that mattered for now.


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Yan lang ang kaya kong spg scenes so please don’t expect. 😁 I am very sure that your imagination could compensate for the lack of those kind of scenes in my stories. Kayo pa! 😁

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12 thoughts on “Desperate Moves : A Carlo-Amor Crossover with Richard and Maya (Part 10)”

  1. Wahhh !! Aside sa super KILIG eh talaga namang BITIN to the MAX !!!! Eto at nakabitin ng patiwarik at nagaaabang ng sususnod na kabanata 😍😍😍❀️❀️❀️ Super exciting na Ms Timmy kahit bitin (LOL) next na please please please πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. hindi na talaga nakapagpigil ang dalawa, naging wild and fierce to the max level. magbabago na ang status nilang dalawa MU na hahaha at tama yata si sis myrn, baka sumanib na sa kanilang dalawa ang soul nina Maya and Richard πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜ƒ

  3. I guess they are reincarnated souls of Richard and Maya who know no boundaries be it time or space. Talagang forever!!!

    Exciting to know how they would feel when they learn about the past.

    Thank you, Ms Timmy!

  4. Hay, nakakamiss talaga sila…buti na lang may mga ganitong istorya. More pa sis!!!!
    Thankiee for endorsing Flashback Memories of our beloved series!

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