Vague Clarity : A Carlo-Amor Crossover with Richard and Maya (Part 8)

“No Richard please don’t leave! We need you. Our son needs you. We can hide so they won’t know where you are. Please don’t go to that war.” She was pleading.

“But Maya our country needs me. I will be back as soon as the war is over. I love you and our son so much and I don’t want our son growing up in this kind of world. I need to do something to achieve that elusive peace.”

“I won’t be able to take it if may mangyari sa’yo. I will die Richard.”

“Don’t say that. Everything will be okay. No matter what happens I will be back. If I won’t find you here, I will search for you no matter what it takes, no matter how long it takes. I will be back for you my love.”

They shared a warm, tight embrace then Richard kissed his son who was sleeping in his mother’s arms.

He gathered his things then joined the group of men who will be embarking in the war.

Maya dela Rosa was left crying while holding their son.

Five days after..

“Maya! Maya!” Their friend Lino was shouting.

As soon as Maya opened their door, Lino handed Maya a very familiar bag. It was her husband’s bag.

“Maya wala na si Richard. Kasali siya sa mga sundalong nahuli at pinagbabaril ng kalaban. Nakuha na yun katawan nya. Kailangan mong sumama sakin para maiuwi dito ang labi ni Richard.”

“No! Hindi! Hindi ako iiwan ni Richard! Nangako siya sakin Lino. Nangako siya.”

Amor woke up in the middle of the night sweating, heart beating fast and also teary eyed from the dream she had.

She again dreamed of Richard Lim but this time the dream included a woman whose face was hidden from her. There was also a son.

If her previous dreams of Richard Lim was just him calling a certain Maya dela Rosa, the dream Amor just had showed that Richard had a wife and a son and he was killed in the war.

Amor was so affected that she couldn’t stop crying.

Her dreams of Richard Lim had been recurrent after he met Carlo Asuncion who looked exactly like the man in her dreams.

Carlo was just about to go to bed after having a few drinks with Joma and their neighbors when he heard the subdued sobs of his Nanay Fe.

Worried that his mother might have been crying by herself, Carlo silently entered his mother’s room with the intention of comforting her.

He found Nanay Fe asleep but crying in her sleep. He went near her. He saw his mother holding a photograph so close to her heart.

His heart swelled to know how his nanay misses his tatay so much. It would definitely be hard for her to continue living without him.

He pulled up a blanket over her and she moved which caused the photograph she was holding to fall.

Richard retrieved it and got the shock of his life when he read the message at the back of the photograph.

“I will find you Richard, I will never stop. I love you with all my heart and soul. Please come back to me. – Maya dela Rosa (March 1890)”

With trembling fingers, he turned the photograph.

He held his breath and froze as he saw the picture of Maya dela Rosa.

Her doe-shaped sad eyes staring back at him.

He felt the cold wind and a shiver down his spine.

Now, Maya dela Rosa is not just some figment of his dream.

She really existed and his Nanay Fe definitely knows her.

This explains why she acted differently towards Amor.

Not wanting to upset his nanay, he returned the photograph to its original position in her hand.

He would ask her about it but not now, not after losing tatay Anastacio.

He doesn’t want to upset his nanay.

He left her room and slowly closed her door.


It was already 3 in the morning when Carlo finally went to bed but sleep evaded him.

He couldn’t get the picture out of his mind.

It doesn’t make sense.

Are their family related to Maya dela Rosa?

Who is Maya dela Rosa?

Why does she invade his dreams and even his heart?

Then his musings were interrupted by a phone call.

He carefully hit the answer button not caring to know who called.

Then a strangled, pleading and very familiar voice was heard.

“Richard come back to me.”

Before he could even reply, the call ended and when he checked who the caller was, it was Amor Powers.


A/N If you love CarMor (the fierce version of our dear Maya and Ricky😁), please follow @CarMorOfficial on Twitter.

I am still amazed why this LT still has the same effect despite just putting them together in pictures, memes, videos which our creative CarMor creators get from Ricky and Maya’s ongoing different projects. Magical and eerie for me too.

Good day and let’s continue to support them. I’m sure sooner or later they will again work together and continue giving the goodvibes we missed for nearly nine months now.


11 thoughts on “Vague Clarity : A Carlo-Amor Crossover with Richard and Maya (Part 8)”

  1. So heartwrecking Ms Timmy …was Amor dreaming when she called Carlo saying “Richard come back to me” its getting more interesting i cant wait na Ms Timmy ☺️☺️☺️

    1. Thankee din for the flashbacks. Same effect pa rin kahit matagal na at paulit ulit. I’m sure they will work together again. Wala naman silang problema maliban sa conflict sa ongoing project ni jsm. After psy ata pwede na.

  2. lalong naging masalimuot ang mga pangyayari … agree ako dyan sa mga sis na sana magkaroon muli sila ng project, sana after na maging sila dito sa fanfic, sa movie or another teleserye, hindi lang nawawalan ng pag asa, baka mag iba ang ihip ng kinauukulan

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