Love Will Lead You Back : A Carlo-Amor Crossover with Richard and Maya (Part 9)

Carlo dialed Amor’s number first thing in the morning.

“Hello Carlo. Napatawag ka. I’m impressed. You really start your day very early.”

Carlo hasn’t slept the entire evening that the moment the first ray of sunrise shone on his window, he dialled Amor’s number.

“Oh I’m sorry Amor. Did I wake you up?”

He felt embarrassed all of a sudden when he glanced at his watch on top of his bedside table and it showed that it was just five in the morning. He forgot that sunrise is early in Benguet.

“Yes you did but it is nice to wake up hearing your voice. It energizes me, makes my day alive and brighter.”

Then she giggled.

He felt hot all of a sudden despite the very cold weather in his hometown.

Amor could be playful, naughty and such a tease but he knows that’s just it.

He shouldn’t put more meaning to it. Not now when the mystery of Maya dela Rosa is haunting him.

“Hey Carlo nandyan ka pa ba? I was just joking. I know its sad and empty there and I’m just trying to make you smile.”

“No Amor. It’s okay. I just checked the time. Maaga pa nga pala. I’m so sorry I disturbed you.”

“Walang problema. I’m about to get up anyway. So kumusta na kayo dyan? How is your nanay?”

“She’s still coping pero naaawa ako sa kanya. Sanay siya to have tatay around. Magkasama kasi sila sa lahat ng bagay.”

“Kakayanin nya yan Carlo basta nasa tabi ka nya. You really should bring her with you here in Punta Verde. So teka nga pala, why did you call? You need something ba aside from hearing my voice?”

“Ah eh Amor, I was just returning your call. Why did you call kanina?”

“Huh? I didn’t.”

“Yes you did around 3 am. I took the call but you sounded different. Tapos binaba mo na agad. When I called you back, your phone was turned off already.”

“No Carlo, I didn’t.”

“Oh. Baka nga you just accidentally dialled my number.”

“Ikaw Carlo ha! You missed me that much na at kung ano ano na ang naiisip mo.”

“You’re funny Amor.”

“I’m just trying to lighten your mood. Medyo I could sense kasi that something is bothering you. Maybe I could help?”

“Ah wala naman. Malungkot lang at namimiss si tatay.”

He indeed missed his tatay but the real reason why he was bothered was Maya dela Rosa and her resemblance to Amor and why did she call him and address his as Richard and tell him to come back to her.

“Masasanay ka rin Carlo. When you get busy with work, you will forget the pain. That worked for me.”

“Yes it would but it won’t leave at all especially when you get reminded of it even in small things. The pain of losing tatay will never leave me.”

“Yes. I know. It’s just like love. Two persons destined to be together will always find their way back to each other despite distance, despite time. Love will lead them back to each other no matter how long it takes.”

Amor couldn’t stop herself from saying what she just blurted out. Its like someone wanted her to say those words.

But Carlo answered…

“Yes Amor I am sure of that. Soulmates will always find each other. Do you think we are soulmates Amor?”

She was taken aback.

“Ikaw talaga, palabiro ka rin eh.”

“No Amor I’m serious. I mean these little accidental meetings, me being so drawn to you, we click, we get along. Its seems so….”

Amor cut him off…


“Yes it is. Do you feel that too?”

“Baka naman nagkataon lang Carlo. Maliit lang ang Punta Verde. Di malayong magkita tayo.”

“Maybe. Sige Amor I won’t take much of your time. I’m sure you are a very busy person.”

“Okay Carlo. Say hi to everybody from me especially to Nanay Fe.”

As soon as they ended the call, Amor checked her called numbers and Carlo was right. She indeed called him at 3:05 in the morning.


“Hindi ako iiwanan ni Richard. Nangako siya Lino.”

“Maya maghanda ka na. Pupuntahan natin yun bangkay ni Richard. Iwanan na muna natin si Rico sa Lola nya.”

Maya prepared to go with Lino to retrieve Richard’s remains.

Nanay Teresita pitied her daughter.

She and Richard just got married a year ago and they just had their son Rico.

Richard was a leader of the Filipino soldiers battling the Spanish troops.

He was unfortunately killed trying to defend the civilians who were being maltreated by the Spanish troops.

Maya lost the will to live when her husband died.

Every single night she went to bed crying, longing for her husband.

Nanay Teresita was there for her.

Whenever her daughter couldn’t do her role as mother to Rico, she would take over.

She knows that her daughter’s fragile heart couldn’t take the loss of the most important person for her.

She would lock herself in her room and get busy writing letters and looking at photographs of her husband.

Then one night, Nanay Teresita decided to bring her food inside her room for she refused to eat the whole day.

She saw atop her daughter’s table the pictures and the letters.

Her heart was crushed but not as much as when she found the lifeless body of her daughter Maya.

Nanay Teresita’s scream was heard at the dead of the night.




Carlo woke up in cold sweat, heart pounding and facing a very upset Cecilia.

“Walanghiya ka Carlo! Sinong Maya! Kaya pala ni hindi ka tumatawag sa akin. Ni ayaw mo akong tabihan! Walanghiya ka!”

She was already hitting her boyfriend, Carlo.

He was still recovering from his vivid disturbing dream that he didn’t even notice that Cecilia was with him in his room.

Carlo just arrived from Benguet and Cecilia visited him in his place.

She tried to make it up to him by preparing a special meal.

She wanted to make amends for her inability to even be with him during his tatay’s death.

Carlo accepted her peace offering. She was still his girlfriend anyway but he refused any chance of getting intimate with her.

Cecilia stood up, grabbed her bag and stormed out of Carlo’s room and out of his house in the middle of the night.


Carlo couldn’t shake the image of the lifeless Maya dela Rosa from his mind.

He found himself getting worried of Amor.

A sense of panic engulfed him.

He grabbed his keys and drove towards the house of Amor Powers.


A/N Cecilia is still needed to add spice to the story. Wag na muna nating isasako ha!✌

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17 thoughts on “Love Will Lead You Back : A Carlo-Amor Crossover with Richard and Maya (Part 9)”

  1. Exciting na buti naman at narinig ni Cecilia yung name ni Maya sana this will be the reason para kumalas na si Carlo sa kanya !!!!!! Thanks sa update Ms Timmy got your update while driving talagang binilisang umuwi so I could read it ha ha ha !!!! Buhay ng ADIK talaga πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  2. inaalog ko ang utak ko sa kaiisip kung ano kaya ang posibleng nangyari at naging kamukha nina Maya at Richard sina Amor at Carlo pero nalolok alang ako sa kaiisip, kaya hintay hintay na lang sa update hahahaha para lang naghihintay ng sentensya πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜€

  3. ako alam ko sis Anne…hahahhahaha….It’s just like love. Two persons destined to be together will always find their way back to each other despite distance, despite time. Love will lead them back to each other no matter how long it takes.” – says Amor altho it was Maya’s soul inside of her who wanted her to say that….meaning…sinasapian silang dalawa ng mga souls ng dating magsing irog pra maipagpatuloy ang naantalang pagmamahalan nila – o ha!!! obvious naman eh…reincarnation ang peg!! so…kamag anak ni Amor si Maya…at kamag anak ni Carlo si Richard…at sana dulong dulong o sa sakong na pra pde pa sila magkatuluyan…

    next question: how did Maya died? ngpakamatay? hmmm…next na nga Timmy pra d na namin kalugin mga utak namin hehehe!! thank you and God bless!!!

  4. miss timmy, next po please kasi ayaw matahimik ang mga utak at puso ng mga adik…..napapanaginipan na si Maya/Amor at Richard/Carlo…….I was not watching NKNKK, until RY made his special appearance there, and now I can truly relate to the CarMor, and still JoChard pa rin!

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