PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 1

Philip, Carlo and Amor : the primetime characters of Richard and Maya 😁

It was 9:00 pm, December 24 and Amor Powers just arrived from California.

Her flight had been delayed for 20 hours that her supposed early arrival had been moved to coincide with the busy Christmas eve.

She was seated at a coffee shop near the airport waiting for her driver.

Metro Manila traffic was so bad and the heavy downpour worsened the situation.

Her driver had been stuck in traffic for almost 3 hours already and her Executive Secretary Roma Christie called to inform her that she might have to stay at a nearby hotel.

With the traffic and flood she might be forced to wait for many hours so Roma Christie suggested that she must stay at the hotel she already booked in anticipation of emergencies like this.

Amor had competent staff and she trusts each of them with her life.

She agreed with the suggestion.

She doesn’t have anyone to spend Christmas with anyway.

She just instructed Roma Christie to go back home since they were still near their house anyway.

Despite having a staff to take care of her needs, Amor could still do things on her own so this is definitely not a problem at all.

Besides it would be a new experience to spend a night alone at a hotel where no one would recognize her, on Christmas eve.

She could also momentarily forget the reason why she’s back in the Philippines.

Just for a night, she thought, just for a night.

She got excited at the thought.

She hurriedly stood up and was about to leave the coffee shop when a man by his lonesome caught her attention.

He looked dashingly handsome and his chinito clean cut features made her heart flutter unexpectedly.

He was in a business suit and was busy reading a book that allowed her to freely scrutinize his features.

She inwardly laughed at her juvenile act.

She felt like a teenager with a crush.

She felt silly that she let out a soft giggle.

He heard her and directed his gaze at her direction.

She was caught staring at him that she blushed.

He just gave his lopsided grin.

She shyly avoided his eyes and hurriedly left.

He just shook his head.


Alone in the hotel room, Amor decided to enjoy the night.

There was a Christmas celebration for the hotel guests and she might as well make the most of her stay.

She changed into a red dress which showed her curves. She had a short messy hairstyle and a red lipstick.

She looked at herself in the mirror. She smiled. She looked ‘wild’ but she was definitely amused and excited.

Amor proceeded to the hotel bar and ordered a few drinks. In the States, they own a vineyard so she id definitely confident that she could manage to drink.

She just sat on the bar stool, trying to look inconspicuous, still testing the area, but she already attracted many guys the moment she entered the bar.

Then an upbeat song played and the guests at the bar were all on their way to the dancefloor.

Amor didn’t want to miss the opportunity so she joined and danced all by herself.

Her hips swayed and she was lost in the song. She was enjoying herself when a pair of hands made its way to her hips, joining her in the dance.

She was startled but tried to maintain her composure. She wasn’t used to being held or touched that her body jerked but she acted as if its okay.

She mustn’t make it obvious that she was nervous especially that she was alone.

While dancing, the guy tried to start a conversation.

“Hi! I’m Diego. I’ve been observing you and you seem to be enjoying yourself.”

She smiled, she was a bit tipsy with the wine but she could still manage.

“I was until you came.”

“Oh I’m sorry. I was just trying to be friendly and I saw that you’re alone. Being alone on Christmas eve could be very sad. I would know. I am also alone right now. We could do something about it.”

He grinned and it sent shivers down her body.
The guy was good looking but he seemed rough, bastos and she was never fond of guys with facial hair.

She cringed at the thought of this guy kissing her.

“I’m sorry that you are sad being alone but i prefer to be by myself so if you would excuse me, Diego, I will be going back to my seat.”

“By all means… Miss…?

“I’m sorry but I don’t give my name to strangers.”

She smiled then left the dancefloor totally disgusted.


Diego went back to his friends and was teased relentlessly for not being able to have his way on the beautiful, attractive and mysterious woman on the dancefloor.

He was a regular customer at the bar and the bartenders already knew him.

He was the brother of a governor in some province outside Manila.

He saw the woman order some more drinks so he called the waiter and asked him to interchange the wine she’ll be having with the glass he was holding.

“That lovely lady right there should have a taste of your best wine. But she wouldn’t accept any drinks from friendly people so it would be a big favor if you could give this to her and not mention that it was from me. Or interchange it with whatever she is ordering.”

The waiter agreed. It was Christmas and he thought that people were indeed friendly.

Diego and his friends laughed.

His friends were patting his back.

“So you will definitely be out of touch for the next couple of hours?”

He grinned.

His dark plan in place.

He wasn’t amused at being rejected awhile ago.

This lovely lady will have to pay a hefty price.

So he slipped some pills on the wine, the wine she was holding right now.


Amor was again at the bar stool but was now contemplating on leaving.

If she was brave awhile ago, she was now a bit scared of the dangers she might encounter.

She decided to have a few more drinks before she returns to her hotel room.

But as she took the last glass, she felt dizzy, her head swirled, she was about to fall off her chair when a pair of strong hands held her.

He carried her and informed the bartender to charge all the drinks she consumed to his name.


Amor woke up with a terrible headache. She was naked under the covers. Her eyes burned as tears were finding its way to be released.

She was raped? She couldn’t recall anything that happened last night.

All she remembered was the guy who tried to hit on her.

She was trying to find her phone and she saw it on the bedside table.

Underneath was a note.

“Dress up and join me for breakfast downstairs. -Carlo”



12 thoughts on “PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 1”

  1. Haist!.im holding my breath till the last paragrah! I really hopemits NOT that Diego! Its very interesting Ms Timmy..goodluck and hoping for an update soon.thanks

  2. Thanks ms timmy, bigla aking kinabahan buti nalang carli was just around the corner, hope diege will be punished sa ginawa nya kay amor. This is another exciting story

  3. Sa Iba ang Traffic worst, but for Amor it’s a Blessing. First in counter coffee shop, then at the bar. Good moves Carlo. Love at first sight agad. Thank you Ms. Timmy such a lovely story.

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