PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 2

Her tears have stopped and she took a bath, scrubbing her body like she wanted to remove the dirt, the scent of whoever was in bed with her last night.

She wanted to scream, she hated herself for being so careless.

She didn’t come home for another complication like this.

Everything she did for 20 years to regain her dignity, self-worth was put to waste just because of some careless action she did last night.

She was so ashamed of herself.

She berated herself.

“So his name is not Diego but Carlo?” She wondered as she tried to recall what happened last night.

But she wasnt even sure if the man who took advantage of her was the same man who tried to dance with her.

She would find out for sure.

She got nothing else to lose anyway.


After taking a bath, she wore her clothes from last night which surprisingly had been washed already.

She opened the room and was greeted by the fully decorated home.

She momentarily smiled at the joy the Christmas spirit still gives her.

So she was brought to his house.

The thought creeped her out.

But his home was cheery, had a warm feel to it.

It seemed like a home of a good person.

But he still took advantage of her.

She was at the top of the staircase when a Latino looking guy met her.

“Merry Christmas po. Ma’m hinihintay na po kayo ni Boss Carlo. Mag-almusal na daw po kayo. Dito po.”

The guy guided her towards the dining area.


Carlo Asuncion was having a few drinks with a good friend Ryan at the bar where Amor went.

The moment she entered the bar, he already noticed her and remembered that she was the same woman at the coffee shop earlier.

His eyes followed her wherever she went.

She was obviously alone and he got worried of her.

Ryan went ahead and he promised to go home already but he witnessed the scene earlier when a group of guys definitely had something planned that would make the lovely lady a victim.

He wouldn’t allow that. Not with any lady. Not in his hotel, not elsewhere if he was around.

That’s when he intervened.

It wasn’t a lovely sight earlier as the group of men tried to make it harder for him.

“Pare, wag kang makialam dito. Baka may paglagyan ka!” The guy named Diego threatened him.

“Excuse me! Are you trying to pick up my wife?”

He lied.

He didn’t want other guests to suspect that he was also like the other guy, picking up a stranger.

“Wife? Asawa mo yan? Eh kung ako hindi ko palalabasin sa kwarto yan. Kaya naman pala naghahanap ng good time kasi wala ka.”

He snapped.

What he heard hit him hard for his wife left him for another guy just a few months ago.

He got mad but he remained composed aware that being the owner of the hotel, he should be careful with his actions.

Instead of engaging in a fistfight, he just called security and had the guys escorted out of his hotel.

He had them blacklisted too in his chain of hotels, restaurants and bars.

He asked his driver Joma to prepare the car and asked him to call Sabel to prepare his room.

All this happened while he was still carrying the woman in his arms.

He brought her to his home which was just a few blocks from his hotel.

He didn’t want to leave her at the hotel especially that he wasn’t even sure what those men slipped in her drink.

He wanted her safe. He won’t risk leaving her behind.

The moment they arrived home, he carried her to his room, laid her in his bed and pulled the covers to her body.

He left her in his room.

He consumed a few more drinks in his veranda before deciding to change for bed.

He proceeded to his bathroom and realized that he had company.

His thoughts were in disarray lately that he didn’t even remember that he brought a woman to his room.

He gazed at her features.

She’s very lovely.

Her eyes mesmerized him when they stared at him earlier in the evening.

He loved her shy demeanor when he caught her staring at him at the coffeeshop.

It made him smile even just for that moment.

It made him smile despite the state he is in right now.

Now she was in his bed and he was drawn to her lovely face.

Her red lips which was partly opened was so tempting that he couldn’t help himself and was about to kiss her when she started screaming in her sleep.

“Wag! Bitiwan mo ako! Bitiwan mo ako!”

He was startled that he moved backward then he heard her sobs.

She was still asleep but she was crying.

He immediately gathered her in his arms and hugged her trying to soothe her.

Then all of a sudden she vomited.


The moment she came face to face with the man named Carlo, her heart skipped but the thought that he took advantage of her far overshadowed her attraction of him when she saw him at the coffee shop earlier.

She attacked him with her hands.

“You bastard! Walanghiya ka!”

He was startled.

He didn’t expect her going ballistic on him.

“Stop it Miss! Stop it!”

Joma and Sabel rushed towards the scene but he dismissed them.

She stopped hitting him but she was now crying.

He stood up and put his arms around her.

She recoiled. She avoided him.

“Hey I didn’t do anything. I witnessed the guys at the bar slip something in your drink then you became unconscious so I intervened and brought you here. I wouldn’t allow anyone getting hurt, not when I could prevent it. I wouldn’t want to leave you in the hotel either. I’m not even sure what they slipped in your drink. If you’re wondering why you don’t have your clothes on when you woke up, you vomited so your clothes have to be washed and it was Sabel here who removed it. Now do you have questions.”

She shook her head, relieved at what she heard but embarrassed that she even accused him.

“I’m sorry but anyone in my place would do the same.” She reasoned out.

“I know and I understand. Come sit here. Let’s have Christmas breakfast together. I’m already starving. Ang tagal mong gumising Ms…?”

“Amor… Amor de Jesus -Powers.”

“Amor, very lovely name. I’m Carlo, by the way. Carlo Asuncion. Merry Christmas Amor.”

“Merry Christmas to you too Carlo.”

Then she threw her arms around him and gave him a kiss.

“Thank you for being my hero last night.”

He caressed her back.

“You’re lucky. I was Santa last night.”

Then both shared a laugh while having breakfast together.



14 thoughts on “PhilCarMor : More Than The Usual 2”

  1. at naka hinga ako ng maluwag, pero teka lang … si Carlo iniwan ng asawa few months ago? meaning he’s attached pa? e process na ang annulment at wala ng hadlang sa CarMor. 2 hearts destined to be together on a cool Christmas Day.

  2. mabuti nman at no harm done to Amor….pwede sigurong mag-step up ang kanilang Christmas breakfast to getting to know each other up to celebrating New Year’s eve together and to new beginnings….another RM story to follow….next chapter please!

  3. Thank you Carlo, pero wife talaga. At inuwi Muna sa mansion mo. Breakfast agad. Talagang merrier ang christmas mo Carlo at napa payag mo si Amor na mag stay, Dapat lang Kasi ikaw ang tagapagligtas Nya.
    Pero may Alex at Abby kana. Miss agad si Amor?thank you Miss.Timmy.

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