A Reconnection : A Carlo-Amor Crossover with Richard and Maya (Part 3)

A/N Again I’m making the two characters bearable for me and the others. GoodVibes! 😊😊😊

Carlo was awakened by an incessant phone call.

It was his seldom-used home telephone, perched on top of his bedside table, that had been ringing.

He abruptly sat up, his head throbbing from the alcohol he excessively consumed last night.

He picked up the phone, his heart pounding as he did so.

Only one person calls him on that number and she only calls him on weekends.

It was just the middle of the working week and he doesn’t expect a call from her, unless…

“Carlo anak!”

“Nay? May problema po ba?”

“Ang tatay mo…. kailangan ka namin dito anak…”

“Bakit po? Anong nangyari kay tatay?”

“Inatake siya sa puso habang binabantayan ang mga tauhan natin na nag-aani sa bukid.”

“Po? Asan na siya? Saan na ospital? Tatawagan ko para asikasuhin nilang maigi si tatay.”

Carlo frantically answered.

“Wag na anak. Wala na ang tatay mo. Hindi na naagapan…”

Then he heard his mother’s cries.

He felt numb all of a sudden. His tatay’s face, naughty demeanor, caring ways, calming words of encouragement instantly occupying his mind.

The person he loves so much, aside from his mother, is gone.

He felt his cheeks get wet from the tears that had been flowing the moment his mother told him the sad news.

“Uuwi po ako nay.”


Carlo Asuncion grew up in the care of his two loving parents Felicidad and Anastacio.

They lived in Benguet, Mountain Province.

Even though the farm Anastacio is tending barely sustains their needs, he made sure that Carlo would be sent to school.

Felicidad just stays home to take care of her husband and son and ensure that they would have a meal waiting for them in the comforts of their humble home when they arrive from work and from school.

On weekends, she and her son would be selling strawberries to tourists frequenting their place.

They were happy.

Carlo was able to finish highschool and was studying as a full scholar in UP Baguio.

Until the family of a certain Eduardo Buenavista Sr. came to their place and began investing in properties, purchasing vast lands in the area.

The property they were occupying wasn’t spared as well.

It was sold by the heirs of the owner to the Buenavistas and Anastacio couldn’t do anything coz he didn’t own the land anyway.

They were just caretakers of the former landowners when they were still alive.

Anastacio was given cash in exchange of the priceless place his family calls home.

Left with no choice, Anastacio accepted the cash and left Benguet with his wife and son.

Good thing that Carlo was a top student and it was arranged by his school for him to transfer to UP Diliman.

Felicidad and Anastacio, who were not used to the fast paced Manila life, tried to cope.

Anastacio and Felicidad sold vegetables in the market to sustain their daily needs. They were supplied by their friends in Benguet.

When Carlo finished at the top of his studies, and was immediately hired by a big company, he worked so hard to provide for his parents until he was able to close a billion peso deal for the company where he works.

Out of gratitude, the owners, generously compensated him and made him a CEO of one of their many companies.

That company he would be handling was the bank and building being rented out at Punta Verde.

Before taking the offer, he requested to arrange for his parents to be brought back to Benguet.

He was sure that his parents would be happy with their friends and relatives there.

With the money he had, he easily purchased a big property for them. It included a house which only needed minor repairs and a farm to plant strawberries, vegetables and palay.

Carlo helped them settle then left to begin his new life and journey at Punta Verde.


He’d been running the bank and other investments for nearly two years now but he never failed to visit his parents.

They were his top priority.

He never forgot the hardships of his father just to be able to put him to good schools.

He never forgot his mother’s caring ways.

That love of his parents always gives him warmth and comfort despite being far from each other.

He will forever be grateful to them for without them, he will never reach what he has now.


Carlo was fixing his luggage when he received a call.

“Ano ba Carlo? Kahapon kinancel mo yun date natin tapos ano na naman to? Uuwi ka na naman sa Benguet?”

“Kailangan ako ni Nanay doon.”

His voice was somber. But Cecilia was agitated.

“Eh bakit ba? Ba’t di mo na lang padalhan ng pera ang magulang mo?”

“They need more than money, Cecilia.”

“Bahala ka nga!”

She ended the call without even asking why he needs to go home, without even asking how he is.


Carlo dropped by his bank before proceeding to the airport.

He needs to brief the employees before he goes on a leave.

His flight will be from Punta Verde to Manila then he will be brought by his company’s private chopper in a safe private landing area near Benguet.

As he settled on his seat at the plane, everything came rushing in his mind.

It finally sunk in. His father is already gone.

He couldn’t help but let out a silent sob, not minding if his seatmate could see him at this state.

He doesn’t care really. He was really devastated.

His shoulders were uncontrollably shaking, his sniffles were getting louder and his hands were trembling as well as he was overcome with his pain and anguish.

Then a hand came over it to calm him.

He directed his attention to the owner of it.

And there staring back at him were the doe-shaped eyes and very concerned face of Miss Amor Powers.


A/N: How do you find it? Ipagpapatuloy ko pa ba? Oh yes I will. 😊

CarMor – the splitserye where even characters come from different shows, the magical chemistry never fails to amaze me.


28 thoughts on “A Reconnection : A Carlo-Amor Crossover with Richard and Maya (Part 3)”

  1. I just love all your stories… Lahat i follow it… Thanks at you gave me the pw for Love in A Soap. Lahat im waiting excitedly for all the continuation for all your storiesss 😊

    The CarMor series, just love it. More please. Talagang sila ang bagay.
    I was even hoping that since PSY had differences in the storyline from the orig PSY, na sana they will introduce another character, for RY, and in the end sila ang magkatuluyan ni Amor πŸ˜‰ Iba talaga pag sila ni RY ang pinagsama … Dynamite ang pairing nila.
    Hope for more βœŒπŸ˜„

  2. Go go go ms timmy! just like u bearable lang carlo and amor if sila pa din together kahit sa ff lang.. yaw ko tlga sila paired with others, sakim lang ako hehe πŸ˜‰

  3. Yes Pls Ma Timmy tuloy mo na po…. Grabe basta iba man pangalan nila pero if ang name na un is associated kayla RY at JSM swak na din… Missing them so much pero napapawi dahil sa mga talented writers na tulad nyo… Maraming salamat… Nxf update po pls….

  4. Agree with u Tams14… Sabhin na possesive at selosa basta sa imagination ko sila pa din… Cute lang si Ian kaya natutuwa ako sa kanila ni JSM na pair pero JoChard pa din ako… Di ko tanggap ipair si RY sa iba kay maya lang…

  5. Thanks ms timmy. Please continue the story. I can really feel what carlo is feeling right now, growing up from a farmer dad and stay at home mom but got everything we needed and went to school in manila all 4 of us and losing both our parenrs in a span of just more than 2 months just recently, relate talaga sa life ni carlo. Thanks once again ms timmy.

  6. Very intriguing story Ms. Timmy. Please continue. I would rather have CarMor at JoChard than Amordo o Cerlo… hehe… Like you said it becomes bearable. Thank you!

  7. Im a solid Jochard fan…honestly d ako nanunuod ng psy at nknkk. D ko feel mapanuod cla with other partner…so thankful ako kc parang me bagong teleserye cla sa story na to…dko man cla napapanuod imagination KO na lng ang pagaganahin ko habang nagbabasa.

  8. nung una hindi ako maka relate sa CarMor dahil hindi naman ako nag t-twitter or nanonood ng TV, BCWMH lang ang the first and only na na hook ako sa harap ng tv and JoChard lang ang kinabaliwan, marami naman akong like na mga actors, pero ang pagka adik ko sa loveteam nila hindi abot ang level ng imagination hehehe kaya siguro hindi ko kayang makita sila with other partners 😒 (buti na lang hindi ako mahilig manood ng TV, mas pipiliin ko pang balik balikan ang mga episodes ng BCWMH, GV pa ang araw ko) thanks sa pag connect ng kanilang kwento ms. timmy

    1. Ms.Anne pareho pla tayo…DVDs nila at itong ng story sa EB lng ang lagi ko pinapanuod at binabasa…gang ngyn still hoping and waiting. Sana nga d magsawa yun mga nagsusulat sa EB gumawa ng mga story tungkol sa kanila kc yun iba writer sbi d nila matapos mga story nila dahil wala inspiration or cguro kc d na nila nakikita yun 2 magkasma..so sad pag nangyari yun…

      1. tama sis, nakapanghihinayang ng sobra at sad din na maraming mga stories na hindi na natapos, pasalamat pa rin tayo ng sobra na marami pa rin tayong masisipag na writers na patuloy na nagsusulat para sa ating mga adik kahit na malapit ng mag iisang taon na wala ang show and of course salamat din na may DVDs collection tayo at sana lang mag last sa kauulit natin hehehe

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