A Photograph and a Memory : A Carlo-Amor Crossover with Richard and Maya (Part 2)

A/N Again this is for us fans who want our most loved reel couple together and who can not stand seeing them with other partners in their other projects.

In a way it will help promote their separate shows as well since we get the materials for pics, stories and videos from their respective shows. Sabi nga ng other adiks, dagdag viewing din yun for their shows.๐Ÿ˜ŠSo here’s another contribution for our loved CarMor couple aka Maya and Richard.

I love to call their shows #LimFamilyRakets para naman hindi natin sila masyadong mamiss.

CarMor – the first splitserye on social media, where actors from two soaps converge as one.๐Ÿ˜

Credits goes to the twitter adiks who coined the name, made the videos, memes and other entertaining projects of our fave couple who is working on different shows at the moment.

Again please follow @CarMorOfficial. You will enjoy it. Promise.

Just for fun. Goodvibes!


“How can I remember things that never happened?
Arms that never held me,
lips I’ve never kissed.
How can I remember?

Why do I keep seeing someone’s face before me, eyes that say they know me,
shining through the mist, eyes that I remember.

I don’t know why or when or where.
I feel suspended in mid-air,
somewhere between a dream and a memory
Where then and now meet somehow?

Why do I keep hearing some familiar music
half forgotten love songs
running through my mind
why do I remember?

I don’t know why or when or where.
I feel suspended in mid-air,
somewhere between a dream and a memory
Where then and now meet somehow.

There are many things I may not understand,
but somehow I knew that you would take my hand.
I always knew you’d find me,
always knew you’d love me.

Long before I met you
don’t ask me how I know
ever since I can remember
I remember you.

Carlo Asuncion was in front of his piano playing and singing this haunting song again.

He had a glass of Scotch perched atop his piano.

He didn’t finish his work for the day, he cancelled all his meetings and even his date with his childhood friend, Cecilia.

The moment he saw the woman, named Amor Powers in his bank, his day had been turned around.

He felt a certain connection to her.

She seemed familiar.

He’s been racking his brain for answers but like every time that same familiar face appears in his dream, he can’t find answers to his questions.

When Amor hurriedly left his bank, a handkerchief she owned fell to the ground.

Richard picked it and the moment he saw the initials embroidered in it, his heart began racing again.


His hopes were raised again.

Can he find that very person his heart longed for?

Can he find the woman who continued to occupy his mind and heart?

Does she even exist?

He carefully held that single link to her closer to his heart.


Amor went directly to her room the moment they arrived.

She asked Roma Christie to cancel all her scheduled appointments for the day.

“But Miss you have a meeting with the Governor this afternoon.”

“Cancel it. I am not to be disturbed today.”

“Miss you better eat first before your rest in your room. You haven’t taken anything since this morning.”

“I don’t want to eat Roma Christie.”

“Okay Miss.”


Amor was gazing at the vast land seen outside her bedroom window.

She was seated in her chair.

Her thoughts of longing, of pain, or hurt, of love for someone she doesn’t even know came back again.

The name Richard Lim seemed very familiar to her, but where and when she met him, she never knew.

All she knows was that the mere mention of that particular name could reduce her to tears.

He was just a name before, but as her dreams became more vivid, that name had a face and that very same face was owned by the man she met at the bank earlier today, the man named Carlo Asuncion.

Amor stood up and proceeded to her attic where paintings and memorabilia of her family were kept.

She wasn’t sure why her feet led her to the attic.

She was engulfed with a sudden feeling of nostalgia as she browsed at her old family pictures. It was her first time to do it.

Then there it is… a faded photograph of a man, the man in her dreams.

She turned the photograph and in it was written…

Richard Lim, war hero 1855-1895.


Ano kaya ang patutunguhan nito? Hindi ko pa alam.

Or may patutunguhan kaya?

Magsama na nga kasi kayo Maya at Serchief!


12 thoughts on “A Photograph and a Memory : A Carlo-Amor Crossover with Richard and Maya (Part 2)”

  1. Galing talaga Ms. Timmy! Frustrated na.mga adiks kaya gumawa ma ng sariling show. Hahahaha! Favorite part ko yung he cancelled his date with Cecilia.. Be inspired always Ms. Timmy!!!

  2. May continuation na ang Carmor FF. May serye na May FF pa. hahaha Ang saya talaga! Di pa ba sila nabibingi sa hiyaw ng sangkaadikan.
    Thanks again Ms timmy, May inspiration be with you always & forever!

  3. Ms Timmy thank you…looking toward for the continuation.โ€ฆ..sabi nga nila mahirap yong nagbibingi – bingihan. Kung sini-sino ang binibigyan ng project….but still hoping for a JOCHARD project.โ€ฆ

  4. OMG miss Timmy! Ang ganda, ang galing……sagad sa buto ang saya ng adik na ito, you made my Saturday morning, and I will guess for the rest of the adiks din. Thank you for this ff, and will pray for continued inspiration be with you and for all the others too.

  5. Ms. Timmy… Kahit saan pa patutungo ang storyang ito, kahit saan pang lupalop mo dalhin, sasama ang sang kaadikan!! I like what i am reading so far! ๐Ÿ˜‰ take us with you. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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