Figment of the Past : A Carlo-Amor Crossover with Richard and Maya (Part 1)

“Miss, we have to go. The driver is waiting.”

“Wait Roma Christie, I think I saw someone. You go ahead.”

Amor sauntered along the long corridor of the bank. She wanted to get a glimpse of the man she saw earlier.

She inconspicuously peeked though the glass windows of the offices in the bank, her heart doubling up its beat.

She was at the last glass window when….

“Ma’m may I help you?”

She stood frozen hearing that very same voice, the voice that never fails to haunt her in her sleep, the voice that never fails to make her heart beat faster.

She slowly turned to face him.

He was smiling.

“Good morning. Do you need something? Are you looking for someone Miss…?

“Powers… Amor Powers.”

They shook hands but the man’s expression changed upon hearing her name.

“I’m Carlo Asuncion.”

She smiled too but it didn’t reach her eyes.

“Hi Mr. Asuncion. I better get going.”

“Oh I thougt you need something. Maybe I can help.”

“No I don’t need something. I need someone and I thought I saw him. Sorry my mistake.”

“I see. Nice meeting you, Ms. Powers.”

“Yes. Its nice to meet you too, Mr. Asuncion. I have to go.”

Then she hurriedly left the bank trying so hard to stay composed.

Carlo followed her and stared from a distance.

In his thoughts…

“Why do I always see you in everyone I meet, Maya. I miss you…” Then he wiped a lone tear at the corner of his eye.


“Are you okay Miss?”

“Yes Roma Christie. I am okay.”

She looked out the car window then her tears silently flowed…

“Richard please come back to me.”

She silently uttered as she held a vintage necklace close to her heart.



Inspired by Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour’s ‘Somewhere in Time’

One shot lang to ha.

My contribution to the CarMor craze.

Sabi nga sa twitter “if di tayo mapagbibigyan na pagsamahin sila, pagbibigyan muna natin ang ating mga sarili.”

This is just for fun. Also a way of supporting both even if they are not working together now.

Since some of us can’t stand seeing them with other costars, ayan we found a way to put them together in this split-serye.

Please follow and like @CarMorOfficial for updates.

This is not intended to jeopardize their current projects but a way to show that we support them and we will wait for the day to see them work together again.

Good vibes! Kapit bisig! ☺☺☺

And yes po I’m trying to finish thnf. Di ko lang mahagilap si inspiration. πŸ˜†


22 thoughts on “Figment of the Past : A Carlo-Amor Crossover with Richard and Maya (Part 1)”

  1. R&M forever. curious lang talaga ako sa ABS, bakit ang dami na nag a-ask ng JoChard loveteam, bakit bingi ang ABS? yung mga batang loveteam, ang babata pa ang dami ng kissing scenes, hay naku kaya dito na lang ako sa mundo ng fanfic, dahil dito buhay ang pangarap natin. sana masalubong ko si inspirasyon ms. timmy at ipapadala ko dyan dahil naghihintay ang mga adik mong followers ng update ng lahat ng stories mo πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ kala ko di na jochard bka imbyerna ang peg. Buti nlang nag evolve na into carmor .. iba tlaga kc pag cla tlaga ang mag partner sori nman sa mga present partner nila di ko tlaga feel.. hehehe CARMOR pa more..πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. That’s how we miss them. Ayaw ipagsama ng abs eh, so let’s improvise 😁 follow mo sis yun twitter account nila. Aliw yun pics. And no doubt, kilig pa din even pagtabihin lang pics.

    1. Wala!!! Hahaha! Seriously para rin sa kanila yan. We get to promote their other characters kahit hindi naman ng iba sa atin pinapanood. I don’t watch eh. Pang light stories lang talaga ako.😊

  3. Ms. Timmy hindi lang some of us, I think it’s a lot of us who cannot stand seeing them with other co-stars. Thank you for this cross-over… Kakamiss talaga. πŸ˜”

    1. ay tutoo ka diyan, miss sophipet! when I was watching last night, and Carlo held Cecilia’s hand napa eeeeewwwww ako; I only started watching the NKNKK bcoz of RY; pero talagang forever JOCHARD eh. Sana naman, ABS will eventually listen and prepare a project for JOCHARD dahil sa clamor na rin ng mga adiks.

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