The Heart Never Forgets 19

“Ricardo bakit naman madalian ang alis mo? Di man lang tuloy kami nakapaghanda.”

A very upset and annoyed Manang Fe was fixing Richard’s clothes.

“Manang emergency po kasi. Kailangan ko talagang makabalik doon at makausap si Father Santi.”

“Hindi ba pwedeng ipagpaliban yan?”

“Hindi na po Manang. Mas makakabalik ako agad dito kapag naasikaso ko lahat sa Rome. Kailangan ko na talagang makausap si Father Santi.”

“Makakabalik dito? Babalik ka pa?”

A hopeful smile was seen in Manang Fe’s face. This stopped her from ranting.

Richard hugged her from behind. Nilambing nya si Manang Fe coz he knows how sad she felt when she knew about his flight tomorrow.

“Opo Manang babalik ako kaya wag ka ng magalit. Dito na ulit ako. Makikita nyo na ako palagi.”


He was on an early flight to Manila and since there’s only one flight from San Nicolas, he was sure that James will be on the same flight. He wanted to talk to him and fix things asap.

True enough James was there.

When they landed in Manila, they spent an hour discussing about the possible annulment and what both their plans for Maya and Luke are.

It was decided that Richard will fix everything in Rome first. He will resign too from his teaching jobs and turnover all his unfinished projects.

James needs to go back to his work as well but he promised to come home if he will be needed by both Maya and Richard.


“Hi Luke. How are you? How’s mom?”

He called Luke the moment he arrived in Rome.

“Tito Ricky! Okay naman po kami ni mom. She’s cooking spaghetti. I requested it kasi.”

The little boy chuckled. He teared up just hearing his son laugh. He gripped his phone tightly trying to control his tears from falling and trying to control his voice from breaking.

“Asan ka po Tito Ricky? Punta ka dito sa bahay. Eat tayo ng niluluto ni mom.”

That did it. He could no longer control himself that he allowed his tears to flow. He was trying so hard to normalize his voice and stop sniffling but the boy already heard it.

“Tito Ricky, okay ka lang po? You sound like may sipon ka po. Wait I’ll call mom.”

Before he could stop Luke, he already left the phone to call his mom.

“Chard you’re sick daw sabi ni Luke.”

“Hindi naman Maya. Sipon lang.” He lied.

“Naku uminom ka ng maraming tubig at magpahinga ka agad. Papuntahin mo dito si Joma. Nagluto kasi ako ng spaghetti kasi Luke topped his class. Padalhan kita.”

“Maya wala ako jan. Nakabalik na ako dito sa Rome.”

“Ha! Okay. Akala ko kasi dadaan ka pa do to bago ka umalis.”

Her voice turned sad.

“Babalik naman ako. May kailangan lang asikasuhin. O sige Maya. Congrats kay Luke. Hug him for me. You guys take care.”

He abruptly ended the call for he can’t control his emotions anymore.


It’s been a month after Richard left.

“Tito Ricky!” Luke hurriedly met him by their gate.

The boy leaped in his arms. He carried Luke and he hugged the boy tightly.

They were on the phone daily when he was still in Rome.

Richard makes is a point to call his son. They talk about piano, school, toys, Maya and anything they could think of. Maya never suspected anything. She was beyond happy that Luke is in constant communication with his dad.

Maya was surprised to see him.

“Hi Luke! I got some goodies for you. Go inside na muna and ask yaya Leah to prepare it.”

When Luke left to go find his yaya Leah, Richard approached a dumbfounded Maya who was glued to where she was standing.

He stared at her and with all the love he was feeling, he gave her a very tight hug.

He had tears in his eyes when he disengaged from the hug. He stared at her eyes…

“Why didn’t you tell me Maya?”


“Why didn’t you tell me about Luke?”

Then she bowed her head, her misty eyes avoiding his gaze.

He held her face gently and wiped the tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry Chard. I’m very sorry. Gusto ko namang sabihin pero… pero…”

Then she cried.

He gathered her in his arms.

“It’s okay Maya. Nandito na ako. I won’t leave you and Luke.”

In between sobs, she asked.

“Pano mo nalaman?”

“James. He went to my place before he left. He gave me your box.”

She was surprised and embarrassed as well. She knows then contents of the box bared her life to him.

He noticed it.

“Thank you Maya. Thank you for Luke. Thank you for those letters. Thank you for all the memories you had in that box. I could relive the early years of our son which I missed with that.”

Then she slowly gazed at him with her doe-shaped eyes brimming with happy tears.

He smiled.

Both of them with eyes welling with tears, he slowly claimed her lips and kissed her with the longing, love he felt for her. He hopes for the wonderful future together.


Preview of the Next Chapter:

“Mom you’re kissing Tito Ricky?”

A bewildered boy witnessed his mom kissing his Tito Ricky, the person he is so fond of.



The boy alternately stared at them with confusion.

Richard held Maya’s hand tightly as they both faced the most important person to them, their son Luke.


The Heart Never Forgets – A note on the story

A note on the story

I wrote this story when Be Careful with my Heart was still being shown, last months of 2013 to be exact. I never intended to post this.

I got my inspiration from the story of my friend Amy and her husband Nick.

Earlier this year, as i was fixing my files, i saw this story again together with my other bcwmh files – pics, videos and some stories i tinkered on. I read her story and I told my friend that her very moving journey deserves to be shared.

She agreed thats why i decided to revise, edit and post it para hindi naman masyadong heavy. It was also sort of a catharsis for me since I was also affected by her life.

Baka may lessons din na makuha from their story. Sana.

Since I so love the characters of Richard and Maya and since the show helped me when I was so sad for my friend, I decided to write their story using Richard and Maya in their place.

Yes. Amy and Nick are Maya and Richard in the story. And Luke was their son Archie.

They encountered the same ups and downs like Richard and Maya of the fanfic but in the end they also found their way to each other and spent a happy and blissful life with their son.

I won’t include the details of their real story na out of respect for both of them. Ayaw din naman nya. 3/4 of the one I wrote naman are really true.

They were together for almost 9 years until binawi na ni Bro si Nick. He died in a car accident last 2013. Yes when ongoing yun show. Kaya nga big help talaga ang bcwmh to forget sadness even for few minutes a day lang.

We were kidding each other nga na pinahiram lang sakanya si Nick kasi nga he was about to be a priest before.

But my friend said that she was very grateful that they were given a chance to be a family and spend their time together with their son, albeit, a very short-lived life together.

Now her son will be graduating in college and my friend is now taking charge of the businesses her husband left with their true to life dependable staff they consider as family. She stopped teaching already.

Si James? Well he is our friend, John. Same yun kwento nya sa story but he is not a pilot but an engineer in Dubai. He frequently visits my friend pa rin. I asked him and Amy if hindi ba pwedeng sila na lang, their answer was Nick could never be replaced and they love and respect him so much to do that. No hindi sila nagkatuluyan ng true Rafi. Rafi is already married but very good friends sila. Single pa rin si James, gusto nyong makilala? Joke! Ipapasubo yun friend.

Si Mother Elena? She really exists din but di naman siya aunt ni James in real life. At siya talaga reason why naglihim si Maya. (Sinisi talaga. Hahaha!)

The true Maya has no nanay tere. Siguro part of her bad decisions came from the fact that she has no loving mom who took care of her. At siguro kaya nalito na rin ako kung saan ko isisingit si Nanay Tere sa story. I realized na missing na siya sa last chapters I posted.

Asan ako sa story? Aba siyempre hindi ko isasali sarili ko. Pero isa ako sa super kinulit ng Richard ng story ng pinagtaguan siya ni Maya. I honestly didn’t know where she was then kaya abswelto ako.

Sad? Yes but life was still good to them. They also have their son who grew up like his dad.

You wonder why hindi nakilala ng dad yun anak nya? Hindi naman po kasi sila singkit like Richard Lim na madali madistinguish eh. Seriously, he looks more like his mom when he was younger. Now, aba kamukha na ni dad nya. Kaya parang lagi lang naman ni Amy nakikita si Nick.

And my friend said, the memories they shared could sustain her until they see each other again. Huhuhu…

Thanks for reading and sorry if pinaiyak ko kayo.

And yes. Amy is okay now. In fact she sometimes reads stories here and is amused with your comments. Yun son pala nila is Nicolas (di ba connect din sa San Nicolas ng bcwmh) ang name but medyo slow ang daddy for he never realized it. Sabagay he doesn’t use the name naman at napakalayo ng nickname nya na Archie (very sly ang mom.. tsk!) But yes pagong din yun daddy ng slight, hahaha!

Sad to say hindi bcwmh adik ang friend ko kasi she doesn’t have time to watch TV eh. She buried herself in work. But pipilitin ko talaga to be one of us (parang cult lang😁).

She also insists na mas gwapo yun asawa niya kay Richard Lim. Owwkayy… Sige na nga pagbibigyan ko tutal I used their story naman eh, hehehe! ✌

Well, I’m just trying to lighten the mood kasi as I said mabigat at hindi careful sa heart ang story nila.

I was supposed to post this after ko matapos yun Richard and Maya version kaso I prefer na happy and good vibes yun last few chapters ng story and if I’ll post this in the end, aba eh di malungkot yun last part.

And yes, iba yun magiging takbo ng R & M version of this story.

Buti pa si Maya at Ricky may happy ending at may forever.😊

I’m supposed to post this tonight but since dalawa na napost ko today, I’ll schedule this for 9:30 tomorrow that is if hindi pumalpak ang wp.

Thanks again for reading. Good eve/ day!