The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and Captain James : Missed! Sent!

At the conference room of Lim Aviation Institute.

The proposed school curriculum would be presented to Engineer Richard Lim and the board of directors of the LAI for approval.

In attendance were LAI President and CEO Engineer Richard Lim, Atty. Ryan Molina, Liza, Minerva, Engineer Gutierrez, Captain James Ventura, the newly hired faculty members of LAI and Mr. Ruiz, the former School Principal of the school Ricky Lim purchased to be converted as LAI.

Maya was also inside the conference room together with Ricky’s mom, DoΓ±a Esmeralda.

They will be having lunch after the presentation.

Maya and DoΓ±a Esmeralda were just seated by the couch at the corner of the room.

Those who will actively participate were seated around the conference table.

Ricky chose a seat where he can see the presentation and at the same time where he could have a clear view of his lovely wife, Maya.


Just this morning, he woke up with the urge to make love to his wife again even after the very steamy night they just had.

He couldn’t seem to get enough of her.

And lucky for him, she couldn’t get enough of him too.

On the way to LAI, even with their Mama Esmeralda at the back seat, Ricky had been holding and kissing Maya’s hand.

Whenever the car halts on a red traffic light, he takes the opportunity to kiss his wife.

The duration of the kiss would depend on how long the car stops.

Maya was blushing.

She was very embarrassed that her husband was amorous even in front of her mother-in-law.

“Ricky si Mama.”

“Okay lang yan Sweetheart. When I was young ginagawa rin nila to ni papa in front of me so Im just returning the favor.”


“Don’t worry my dear. Go ahead. Just continue with what you’re doing. Besides tama si Ricky, ganyan din kami ng papa nya. And nakakakilig di ba Maya?”

She shyly answered, unable to control her blushing face.


Then Ricky gave her another thought-obliterating kiss before returning his attention to his driving.


While the presentation was ongoing and the lights are dimmed to draw their attention towards the slides in front, Ricky was uneasily seated on his chair.

He kept glancing at his wife, wanting her to look at his direction.

But Maya seemed busy using her phone.

Then an idea hit him.

He fished for his brand new LAI-provided phone and began texting Maya.

“I miss you Sweetheart. I want you beside me….”


“Smile naman dyan Sweetheart. I’m bored na.”


“Ang tipid mo namang magsalita… ”


“Ah so you want me to do all the talking?…😘”

“Quiet Mr. Lim!”

He glanced at her and caught her staring at him.

He smiled.

She smiled.

Then he resumed texting.

“I will be quiet only if I have your lips in mine… Sweetheart….”


“Oh so you don’t want to listen to me now. Well how about imagining my touch… on your long creamy legs…”


“You want that Sweetheart?”


“Di ako sanay Sweetheart na ang tipid mong magsalita. Don’t worry about Mama sa tabi mo. Hindi naman nya mababasa yun messages mo.”

James who was across Richard in the conference table, curiously glanced at the very busy Mr. Lim.

When Richard caught James grinning at him, he just smirked.

Then his phone beeped again.

“Pay attention to the speaker in front, Mr. Lim.”

“How could I when all I can see is you in front of me. I love how your hair is tied that way to expose your neck I badly want to kiss.”


“So you’re mad now Sweetheart? Why? Could no longer handle it? I can excuse myself. Ryan and Liza is very much capable of handling this presentation so we can also handle our very own private presentation.”

“Mr. Lim!!!!”

“Sweetheart we can just call Luke to drive Mama to the mall and accompany her for lunch while you and I will be having our ‘you and me time’ in that newly opened five star hotel nearby😜”

“Richard Lim!”

“This is your fault Sweetheart. You shouldn’t have teased me in that hot red lingerie I gave you this morning. Now I can no longer get my mind off it.”


“You’re unfair! You’re making me suffer here… Sweetheart! Well to be fair, I’m also using the Superman briefs you gave me. Di ba that’s your favorite?”

He glanced at Maya who shyly looked at him.

“Sabagay, I can wear anything or nothing at all kasi you always like it dark naman sa room di ba?”


“God Sweetheart let’s get out of here. Ang tagal ng presentation and I never understood a single thing Mr. Ruiz said.”

“Mr. Lim stop it!”

He again caught James grinning at him.

He laid his cellphone face down in the table in front of him then addressed James…

“Is there a problem Mr. Ventura?”

“Ah wala naman Richard. You seem so busy, di mo narinig yun tanong ni Mr. Ruiz kanina.”

Richard was suddenly embarrassed for not paying attention.

He directed his attention towards Mr. Ruiz who is still busy with his presentation.

“Oh don’t worry Richard. Atty. Ryan already answered on your behalf. Sobra ka kasing busy dyan sa bagong cellphone mo. Sabagay I love these phones LAI provided. Nakakabata yung designs and I love the camera and yung smileys or what do they call that ba? … yun emoticons… and….”

Richard cut him off.

“Pay attention to Mr. Ruiz James.”

“Oh I’m sorry. I easily get bored kasi kaya I thought we could have a little chit chat.”

“I’m a busy person James.”

“Oh busy texting.”

“This is very important!”

“Like matter of life and death important?”

He just ignored James’ last statement and resumed texting Maya.

Good that Maya glanced at him in time to see his annoyed face.

She raised her eyebrows in silent query.

He texted her.

“Eto kasing kaibigan mong pakialamero. He’s getting in my nerves Sweetheart!”


“Don’t speak for him Sweetheart. If he wanted peace, he wouldn’t make it his habit to “piss” me off.”


“Enough of him Sweetheart… so where were we?”

Before he could get another reply from Maya, everyone in the table stood up.

He didn’t notice that it is already their lunch break.

Since he was so engrossed in his texting, Ryan and Liza took it upon themselves to take charge of ending the presentation and having the next ones, 2 days after.

Each one bid him goodbye.

“Brod tawagan kita mamaya. Obvious na hindi ka pwedeng kausapin kasi mukhang napakaimportante ng kausap mo jan sa cellphone mo. Sino ba kasi yan? Kanina ka pa tawa ng tawa (then Ryan whispered) parang kang highschool na katext ang crush.”

“Wala to brod. Sige na. Salamat. Lalabas pa kami nina Maya at Mama. Tatawagan na lang kita.”

Ryan left.

DoΓ±a Esmeralda went with Liza for she wanted to see the classrooms of LAI.

Minerva was fixing the folders and projector and slides used awhile ago.

Maya sat beside the widely-grinning-pumped-up-with-their exchange-of- messages-earlier husband of hers.

“O bakit ngingisi ngisi ka ng ganyan ha Sweetheart?”

“Nagtanong ka pa alam mo naman kung bakit.”


“Don’t play innocent with me Mrs. Lim.”

He saw Minerva leaving the room so as soon as she left and they were the only ones inside the conference room, Ricky made Maya sit on his lap.

“Ricky! Ano ba… Nakakahiya! Baka may pumasok!”

Namumula na si Maya.

Nahihiya na siya.

He was on the act of kissing his wife’s neck when suddenly the door opened and came in Captain Ventura.

Maya left Ricky’s lap and sat beside him again.

Ricky was clearly pissed.

Suddenly Captain James Ventura sits in front of Ricky.

He hands him a glass of ice cold water.

Even though he hired James as one of the instructors of LAI, Ricky still couldn’t remove his annoyance at the cocky, conceited, arrogant, feeling-gwapo attitude of this guy, his wife considers as a very dear friend.

He would be civil with James but he never intended to be close friends with the guy he despises.

“What’s that for James? I didn’t ask for water.”

“You didn’t but I’m sure you will be needing it Mr. Lim.”

Then James let out that ‘to-exclusively-piss-richard-lim’ kind of grin.

Ricky smirked.

Maya who was was now busy with her cellphone looked up and stared at the two.

She was getting worried that Ricky would lose his patience on James.

Si James pa naman mahilig mamikon.

“Chill Mr. Lim. I thought we were already friends.”

“What do you need James?”

“Oh I thought, you were the one needing something, or may i correct that, many things awhile ago.”

Ricky raised his brows at James.

James was grinning naughtily at Ricky.

“James I’m a very busy man, I don’t have time for jokes… or any of your games.”

“Relax Mr. Lim. I’m just here to give you something.”

James gets his wallet, fishes something out of it then hands Ricky a platinum card for a week long stay in the new five star hotel Ricky was mentioning about.

“Here, you would need this. Let’s just say its my gift to my favorite couple.”

He winked at Richard.

Maya curiously stared at James then at Richard who was now red with anger and embarrassment.

James stood up to leave.

Before he left….

“Don’t worry Richard. I will delete your messages…”

Richard couldn’t say anything.

James continued…

“I’ll delete them after I read them over and over again. At least i would be less intimidated of you when I read them.”

Then James let out a boisterous laugh.

Richard had clenched jaws, and balled fists while staring at James.

Then James proceeded to the door.

But he paused, pondering… then went back to the couple again..

He went near Richard again and said in a whisper…

“Oh before I forget, Superman briefs definitely look good on you but since sabi mo nga, Maya wants to do it in the dark, I would prefer neon colors – green or orange perhaps if I were you.”

He turned his attention towards Maya.

“Best friend Maya, kaloka ka ha! Superman briefs talaga for Mr. Richard Lim!”

Then he again sniggered.

He left the furious Mr. Lim and the very curious Mrs. Lim.


On their way home…

Maya was laughing sa hard while reading Ricky’s exchange of messages with James.

“Stop it Sweetheart.”

“Eh kasi naman, nakakahiya ka talaga!”

“Stop it na sabi!”

“Karma yan Sweetheart kasi lagi mong pinagiinitan si James eh wala namang ginagawang masama sa’yo yun tao.”

“Kakampihan mo?”

“Hindi… Kaya lang….”

Then she again burst into fits of laughter.

Lucky for him, his mama asked to be left in the mall with some friends.

Joma will just pick her up tonight.

“I’ll have Liza return all those cellphones.”

“Hindi naman kasalanan ng cellphone kung mali yun recipient mo. Atsaka why on earth would you interchange my number with James’ number. Ang layo naman ng Maya sa James o kaya ng Sweetheart sa James. Aber?”

Then he remembered, he asked Liza to key in significant contact numbers in his new cellphone.

He dialed her number….


“Liza you erroneously interchanged Maya’s number with James in my phone book.”

“Oh my God Sir! I’m so sorry! May naisend ka ba sa kanya? Kasi my hands were full kanina so I asked Minerva to do it…I’m really sorry Sir.”

“It’s okay Liza, no harm done. Just double check it next time.”

He ends the call.

“Dapat ko na atang palitan talaga si Minerva.”

“Sweetheart magaling naman si Minerva. Wag na kasi asset naman siya ng company. Atsaka loyal siya.”

He’s clearly pissed.

Maya leaned on his shoulder.

“Ricky, kalma ka na. Si James lang naman yun.”

“Yun na nga ang problema. Si James yun. I would never hear the end of it. Siya na lang kaya ang tanggalin ko sa trabaho.”


She was clearly opposing the idea.

“Okay, for you… I’ll let him stay.”

“Good mabuti pa pumunta na lang tayo dun sa hotel na sinasabi ni James.”

“Wag na Sweetheart, sa iba na lang. Malalaman ni James. Nakakahiya.”

“Sus ngayon ka pa nahiya kay James pagkatapos ng exchange of naughty messages nyo.”

They drove to the hotel with Ricky as the recipient of Maya’s unending pangaasar.

He may as well benefit from all the mishaps he encountered earlier.

And he will claim it from her, in bed.

A/N. Bakit busy din si Maya sa phone? Ah nageedit lang siya ng pictures nina Sky and Sunshine.😊