Tell Me Your Name

Tell Me Your Name

Tell me your name you’re lovely
Please tell me your name
Just when I thought
This would be one of those boring games
You walked into these feelings
You looked at me and smiled
My heart unfroze and started going wild

A/N I was listening to Jose Mari Chan and loved this particular song. Siyempre next to pbcwmh lang. Ayan nagawan ko ng one shot.

“Good Morning Mr. Lim. Enjoy your first day in Manila.”

The guard of Cervini Residence Hall greeted him.

“Good Morning Manong.”

Richard Lim was invited by the school’s president Fr. Jett to give a week-long seminar on Physics.

The Department of Physics in the School of Science and Engineering was having a week-long celebration and the president, being a physicist himself, sought the expertise of his younger colleague, Engr. Richard Lim, who also has a Ph.D in Atmospheric Physics.

They met in a convention in Singapore but were actually both graduates of Georgia Institute of Technology.

Fr. Jett became the President of a university while Richard has a career as a researcher and scientist in Georgia Tech.

As he stepped out of the campus dorm, the cool breeze of the early weeks of December met him.

He missed the Philippines.

He’s been away for 30 years.

He never visited in those 30 years.

The seminar he will be giving will start 5 days from today.

He intentionally flew in earlier for he wanted to visit places and enjoy the culture, people and everything Manila could offer.

He requested to be housed in a dormitory instead of the hotel.

He wanted to interact with the students, with people.

Working in a field that seldom interacts with people, Richard wanted to experience the opposite while here in the Philippines.

He made an itinerary. He will be visiting as many places as he can.

So this morning, just wearing a simple faded jeans, dark blue polo shirt and a pair of sneakers, the bedimpled Chinese Richard Lim embarked excitedly on what he’s been longing to do – be carefree and just enjoy the experience of being in Manila.

He was strolling near the Church of Gesu on his way to look for a cab when he saw a little boy crying alone near the entrance of the Church.

He approached the boy. By the looks of it, he could be around 2.

Richard couldn’t speak Tagalog but he understands it.

“Hi kiddo. Are you lost? Who’s with you? What’s your name?”

He asked the kid many questions that he stopped crying and just stared at him in awe.

“Are you with your Mommy? Where is she?”

The boy remained quiet. He’s just staring at him.

Then all of a sudden..

“Sky! Naku naman anak, sabi ko naman sayo wag kang lalayo kay Mama.”

She hugged the boy tightly. Then while looking at her son she again said..

“Pinag-alala mo ako. Di ba sabi ko magtratrabaho lang muna si mama kaya sunod ka lang at wag lalayo. Halika na. Late na tayo. Hahanapin na tayo ni Tito Simon.”

He was just watching the mother and son. He was amused. It was a very heartwarming scene for him.

But he wasn’t prepared when the woman looked at him.

His heart skipped several beats when her doe-shaped eyes stared at him.

He wasn’t hearing what she’s saying for he was mesmerized by her beautiful face and her moving lips.

What he felt could put the high school kids who have crushes in shame.

“Sir okay ka lang?”

“Ah yes. What were you saying?”

“Sabi ko po salamat sa pagtulong sa anak ko. Kung wala kayo baka kung napano na to si Sky.”

“Ah no worries.” He was still tongue tied so that’s all he could say.

Then before he could say anything else, the woman with her son hurriedly rode a tricycle and left him.

He felt empty all of a sudden, the anticipation for his planned activity for the day suddenly gone.

All he could focus on was the woman he just encountered.


Three days after their first encounter, Richard was inside a cab traversing the busy streets of Katipunan when he saw the very same woman who had been occupying his thoughts for the past days.

He instructed the driver to park the cab so he could run after her but the moment he alighted the cab, she also rode one.

He run his fingers through his hair in frustration.


Five days after their first encounter and the first day of his seminar.

He was speaking in front of an audience consisting of educators, students and government representatives when he again caught a glimpse of her when she passed by glass enclosed room where he was giving his talk.

Completely distracted at the sight of her, he immediately excused himself to run after her.

The moment he went out of the venue she was nowhere in sight.

He’s all the more frustrated. He wanted badly to meet her.


“Engineer Lim, Father Jett asked me to bring you this.”

He was inside his room in Cervini when one of the staff delivered a native kakanin he tasted during the seminar.

He’s been raving about it in front of the Jesuits that Fr. Jett decided to have some delivered in his room.

“Lino yung luto ba yan ni Maya?”

The cleaning lady in the hallway asked the staff who delivered the food.

“Oo Sabel.”

“Asan siya, magoorder kasi ako para sa binyag ng pamangkin ko.”

“Nakaalis na ata kasi dapat makauwi agad siya para mapakain si Sky.”

He heard it. That’s the name of the boy whom he met. That’s the name of her son. He couldn’t be mistaken.

It was an unusual name for a person. The chance that it was her whom they were talking about was indeed high.

“Where is the person who cooked this? Do you know where she lives? Where can I see her?”

His heart was beating so fast as he directed the questions to Lino, the staff.

“Ah eh nakaalis na po ata. Nandun siya sa benches sa may Rizal Library kanina.”

Then without waiting for Lino’s further information, he stormed out his room, hurriedly running to where he was informed she is. He even left his door ajar.

Lino was left still holding on to a small bilao of suman sa latik. He decided to leave it on top of Engineer Lim’s table.


He was out of breath from running just to be able to catch her..

When he finally saw her approaching one of the trikes, he called out for her.

“Hey… Miss… please… could you tell me your name..”

She was surprised to see him catching his breath and obviously was running after her.


“Miss, I’ve been looking for you and whenever I see you you are always in a hurry. I can’t even have the chance to be near you .. I just need to at least know your name.”

She smiled at him. Maybe she finds him amusing.

But her smile warmed his heart.

He smiled too.

“Maya dela Rosa po.”

She extended her hand.

He took it.

The simple contact of her hand on his sent shivers through his system.

“Maya, I’m Richard Lim. I’m pleased to meet you.”

“Hi po Mr. Lim. Eto uminom po muna kayo ng tubig kasi mukhang hingal na hingal na kayo.”

Without hesitation he took the bottle of water from her hand and drank it.

Then smiling like a lovesick fool, Richard began his journey of friendship with the lovely lady who captured his heart.



21 thoughts on “Tell Me Your Name”

  1. bitin ang kilig , same sentiments with the sisters here ms. timmy, pwedeng masundan? pero kung loaded talaga, pwede after ng AOOH and THNF

  2. Ms Timmy I agree one shot story isn’t enough parang mas magandang gawan ng ilang chapter yung kanilang love story….parang na love at first sight si Mr Singkit love it !!!!

  3. Thanks ms timmy kaya lang bakit one shot lang pwedeng damihan pa please atan na eh nakilala na, talaganh tell me your name tapis boom bitin, gulong at patiwarik mga adik

  4. Ginaya ko lang yun bcwmh na mahilig mambitin at manghooia 😁 pero sorry…. I did this in one seating lang kasi. Sige itutuloy ko pero after the others na. Wala pa akong maisip how this story will progress. Give kayo ng ideas.

  5. Richard will ask Father Jeff to always include kakanin sa meal nya,tapos dadalhin ito ni Maya after his seminar para makakapagusap sila. tapos on weekend e yayayain niya si Maya with Sky na mamasyal reason niya e me mga gusto siyang mapuntahang lugar na namiss nya nung nangibang bansa siya. o hayan madam me contribution na ako sa itatakbo ng story.

    1. Thanks sa idea. Sige itutuloy ko ito. Maybe series of jmc songs. After Tell Me Your Name,”Can We Just Stop And Talk Awhile” ang sunod. Pero tapusin ko muna yun other stories.

      1. then yung pang wedding/finale na songs ay “My Girl, My Woman, My Friend” and “A Love to Last a Lifetime”, oh my, songs pa lang pinag uusapan, kinikilig na ako ng sobra

  6. ‘Tell me your name’ ang title, so end na ba? kasi sinabi na ni maya name nya. Next series is, ‘tell me your adress’ ahahaha! Joke lang Ms timmy. Torete lang kahihintay ng AOOH & THNF, update na please, excited much. Thanksss!

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