The Heart Never Forgets – 8

Maya woke up to find Richard lovingly staring at her.

“Good morning mahal.” He gave her his famous smile.”

“Mahal? Anong mahal na pinagsasabi mo?”

Smiling still.. “After last night i think we should have a term of endearment na. Di ba ang sarap pakinggan ng mahal?”

“Naku Chard, ang corny ha. And when did you start getting cheesy?”

“Last night. After that wonderful thing we shared. I love you so much Maya.”

He was in cloud nine.

She sheepishly smiled remembering what they did last night.

It was both their first time and despite their lack of experience, their love for each other guided them in exploring each other, in discovering one another.

“What are you thinking mahal?”

“Ah eh yung kagabi… ay ano ba yan… hindi…wala… basta!”

She was blushing.

He chuckled.

“That makes the two of us. I also can’t seem to get it out of my mind. But it would definitely help to have little reminder.”

“Ay naku Chard ha!” She was trying to get up but he snaked his arms around her waist.

“What?” He was kissing her shoulder and it sent shivers to her entire body.

“Stop what you’re doing Chard. Once lang yun last night and it was a mistake.”

“No it wasn’t. Something that beautiful could never be a mistake.” He didn’t stop his kisses which was now near the corner of her mouth.

She tried to get up and avoid his kisses. She was successful this time.”

“Mahal….” he groaned.

“Chard tumayo ka na diyan. Maliligo ako then breakfast na tayo.”

“But i want you for breakfast, mahal.” He was grinning.

She threw a pillow at him.

“Naku you are getting naugthy. Nawawala yun immaculate image i have of you. And please stop calling me mahal. Kinikilabutan ako.”

She held the blanket which covers her still naked body tighter, afraid that he might remove it.

“Eh di Sweetheart na lang.”

“No. That is used by married couples lang.”

“Eh di lets get married.”

“Tumigil ka nga sa mga biro mo. Tayo ka na diyan.”

“Hindi ako nagbibiro Maya.”

She saw his serious face. It scared her.

“Richard, I’m getting uncomfortable already. I’ll take a shower na then breakfast na tayo. End of discussion.”


But she already entered the bathroom.

Awhile ago..

Richard woke up ahead of Maya. He gazed lovingly at her sleeping form laying cuddled in his arms. He kissed the top of her head and caressed her bare shoulders.

Last night was wonderful. They may have done it as a result of her being emotional and upset with his scheduled departure but it was the best night for him. It was his first and definitely hers too and he felt so connected to her not only physically but emotionally.

After what happened, he wanted to do what he thinks is right. He will ask her to marry him. He was already of legal age anyway.

He was having his elaborate plans in his mind. He could see his future with her. He could see their little kids running around. It made him feel a certain kind of happiness.

Growing up practically alone, Richard definitely wanted someone to share his life with even at his young age of 18.

He wanted to be with someone, to have kids of their own. He couldn’t wait for that to happen.

After what he and Maya shared last night, he was all the more certain that it is her whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

He also knows that Maya feels the same. It was obvious with how she reacted last night, from her being emotional because of his scheduled departure to the special night they shared together.

He will propose. He will surprise her. He needs Manang Fe’s help. He needs a ring. He will give her his grandmother’s ring.

Richard was so excited that he already forgot that he will be leaving soon.

Nothing matters at that very moment. No one matters, just Maya.


Maya was at her desk.

It had been 2 days after their weekend vacation and Richard had been extra sweet and extra attentive to her.

He calls her more than his usual twice a day calls.

He gave her flowers on two consecutive days already and had lunch delivered yesterday and today.

She was enjoying the extra sweetness he’s showing her.

Her co-teachers were teasing her.

They weren’t aware that Maya is in a relationship with their former student Richard Lim.

They kept it that way knowing so well that many people would judge them.

They knew, despite him already having graduated from Northwest Hills, that it is still unethical and some people would always have a say on it.

They didn’t want that. It would likely affect her work if they find out.

That’s why they kept their relationship from anyone else.

Only his companions at home, only her mother knows.

They were discreet.

Like now when he sent her lunch. He ordered for her but didn’t give his name.

She received a text message:

“Enjoy your lunch Mahal.♡”

“Ikaw din Chard. Salamat sa lunch.♡”

He was at home in front of the dining table smiling like a fool while reading her message.

“Ricardo, kain muna bago yan.”

“Sorry po Manang. Si Maya kasi.”

“Naku kayong dalawa talaga.”

He was smiling at Manang Fe.

“I’m so happy Manang.”

He stood up and hugged the woman he treats as his mother very tight.

“Masaya ako para sa’yo anak, para sa inyo ni Maya. Alam na ba nya ang mga plano mo?”

“Not yet Manang. I want to surprise her.”

“Mainam yan. Sigurado ako matutuwa si Maya.”

“Sana Manang. I really want to spend my whole life with her.”

“Gusto ko rin siya sa’yo dahil napapasaya ka niya at mas bumuti kang tao.”

“Manang do you think she will say yes?”

“At bakit hindi. Ang gwapo, talino, bait at lambing kaya ng alaga ko.”

“Si Manang talaga. Siyempre you’ll say that kasi kayo nag-alaga sa akin.”

“Hindi ako marunong magsinungaling Ricardo, alam mo yan.”

“I know Manang kaya mahal na mahal kita kasi you always say the truth about me.”

He was beaming at Manang Fe who just shook her head amused at her lovesick alaga.

“Sige na kumain ka na at mamaya titingnan natin yun singsing ng lola mo.”

“Okay po Manang.”

Richard decided to just take an intensive 6 months short course at Berklee. He already arranged it.

He couldn’t stay away from Maya for a long time.

He would surprise her with that news.

And he would give her a bigger surprise… his proposal of a lifetime commitment to her.


He visited her at home and was met by Maya’s mother, Nay Teresita.

“Magandang gabi po Aling Teresita.”

“Magandang gabi rin Richard. May lakad kayo ni Maya?”

“Wala naman po. Dalawin ko lang sana.”

“Sige tawagin ko. Masyadong busy yun kanina sa pagcompute ng grades. Tawagin ko muna.”

“Salamat po.”

“Hi Chard.”

She was obviously very tired. She is tired for she for she buried herself in her work in order to get her mind off his impending departure.

She may not tell him for she doesn’t want him to worry anymore but she was really feeling sad that he will leave soon.

The past days that he was extra sweet didn’t help at all. She got used to it. And after another week, he will be gone.

“Good evening, Mahal.”

“Umayos ka. Nandyan si Nanay.”

He just chuckled.

“O bakit parang sobrang pagod ka?”

“Computation of grades.. alam mo na. Gusto ko na kasing matapos agad.”

“Good para free ka next weekend.”

“Next weekend?”

“Yes. Kasi i will invite you for a special dinner sa bahay.”

He was excited for the plans he made for that dinner.

“Sino ang mga nandun?”


“Tayo lang?”

“Oo kasi it will be a very special dinner.”

She knows that it will be his sort of despedida. He will be leaving 3 days after that.

“Maya? Is there something wrong?”

“Ah eh wala. Inaalala ko lang kung may schedule ako sa araw na yan.”

He smiled. He wasn’t aware of the different. emotions playing in Maya’s face. He was very excited to even notice.

Little did he know that tonight will be the last time she will be seeing her.

A/N sorry for the delay. Medyo workmode muna. No preview for the next chapter kasi hindi ko rin naman nasunod yun dapat ilalagay ko sa chapter na to.

Thanks for the patience and for reading. Again, this is just my way of coping for the absence of my fave show and fave couple on tv.

Protected personal files are not fanfics about bcwmh po.


19 thoughts on “The Heart Never Forgets – 8”

  1. Yup. I am looking for that line Ms. Timmy……. hehehe. Baka sa next update na lang?
    I’m kinda confused is Maya older than Richard in this story?

  2. Ouch he prepared for a proposal and wanted a family and lifetime with Maya. Iiyak na naman ako sa next chapters pag nalaman ko paano sila nagkahiwalay 😦 Thanks for the update Miss Timmy!

  3. Thanks for updates..?Getting better every chapter…that’s what I thought Richard was younger than her…of course she is a teacher and he is a student and its unethical to have a relationship. One night with him and that’s how Luke came around. I hope he didn’t become a priest…then they will never be together…thanks ms Timmy for update and looking forward for next…hope soon😀

  4. Thanks ms timmy. Hay mag propropose na pala si richard, bakit kaya last night na ni Richard to see maya na sad naman ako sa super dopper bitin. Sana di mag papare di si richard but i have aprehtions kasi nga this is a true story dedicated to someone in a better place.

    1. Dont worry, happy ending naman ang gagawin ko. I will change other parts para hindi siya sad. Yes true story and so far ok naman daw sabi ng isang kasali sa story.

      Thanks for reading

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