The Heart Never Forgets -7

Richard immediately entered his car, turned on the ignition and drove as fast as he could. He had been subjected to all kinds of emotions that day and he was so overwhelmed already.

He wanted to understand what just happened.

He was totally surprised at what Maya said.

He knows that her sudden confession should make him feel happy. It should have removed the pain he’s been keeping in his heart all these years.

He is happy to know that it was not only him who seemed miserable after they ended or rather she ended what they had years ago. He was, but that happiness came with regret, anger at himself.

He berated himself for giving up easily seven years ago. Oh well, he believed that he did everything he could to convince her not to leave him. He pleaded, he begged.

Begged. This word has totally struck a chord in him. It brought him back to his last encounter with Mother Elena

“What happened to you Richard?”

Mother Elena reprimanded an unshaven, drunk and incoherent Richard Lim waiting inside her office.

“Gooood eevening Mother Elenaaa.” He slurred his words.

“Richard you are drunk!” Mother Elena raised her voice totally disappointed at the sight in front of her.

“Just, just a feeew bottles po… to haavve courage to ask abouut Mmma…yaa.”

“Maya? You mean Ms. Dela Rosa?”

“Yes, the one and only, my geerlllfriennd, Maya” He beamed, proudly smiling at what he revealed to Mother Elena.

Mother Elena was surprised at what Richard said. She did not like what she heard. She has been so strict with regards to teacher and student relationships and find them unethical.

“Oh so Ms. Dela Rosa is your girlfriend.”

“Yes!” He proudly exclaimed at her with glassy eyes.

“So if Ms. Dela Rosa is your girlfriend, why are you drunk? Is that her effect on you? This is not the Richard Lim that I know.”

Mother Elena was disappointed.

She left Richard who was sprawled on the sofa of her office. He passed out due to drunkeness.

She dialed Richard Lim’s home number.


The moment Richard left, Maya sat on their living room sofa needing support at that moment. She felt so weak, so vulnerable, so embarrassed at what she confessed.

It was never her intention to open up to Richard but the pain she felt compelled her to say what she felt.

Now she is again regretting it. Like how she regetted doing what she did years ago.

They just celebrated their 2nd anniversary then. Richard was now 3rd year college while Maya was still working at Northwest Hills. Before they became a couple, Maya and Richard were already the best of friends.

She was his confidante, his adviser and his source of happiness. They shared every success together and they faced challenges and problems be it in their personal life , career or school together.

Their relationship was laid back, like more- than-friends yet less-than-lovers kind of thing. Richard was a complete gentleman and Maya was his first girlfriend. Maya too is a very conservative lady, having been raised by her mom Teresita alone. Her focus was to succeed in her profession. She had bigger plans for her and her mother. She wanted to pursue further studies in her education field, she wanted to be able to give her mother the life she deserves.

She wasn’t supposed to accept Richard for a boyfriend having promised herself that she would never get into a relationship if she hadn’t reached her goals yet but, she couldn’t resist her bestfriend, who undeniably, is every other woman’s ideal guy.

Richard on his college years became more attractive, more handsome. He exuded confidence. He became more responsible especially for the household, properties, companies and foundations his grandfather left. He was faced with a very big responsibility when his grandfather died when he was younger. With a competent staff, what his grandfather left when he died was well taken cared of but now that Richard is grown up, he took it upon himself to manage what his grandfather left of course with their very loyal staff he considers his family.

Their relationship was convenient for both of them and it inspired them in eveything they’ve been doing. No one dared to level it into a certain kind of intimacy with the fear of not knowing how to handle it.

Everything had been smooth until Richard had been accepted in the Berklee College of Music for a full study grant.

They were both ecstatic with the news. It had been Richard’s dream to be able to study music and instruments in that very prestigious school. Music was actually his life and being able to be admitted in Berklee was a dream come true to him.

They both made plans already. Richard was going to stay there for a full four year music course. They were happily planning it and Maya was very supportive.

But as the euphoria died down, alone in her room, Maya would cry herself to sleep as Richard’s departure gets closer. She doesn’t know how she could handle not seeing him for a very long time.

In truth, though she was the more mature one in their relationship, she was the one with insecurities, she was the dependent one.

She can’t take the thought of Richard meeting other women who would definitely get attracted to him. She can’t bear the thought that he might eventually find someone better than her.

Two weeks before his scheduled departure, they were celebrating Maya’s new position in school. Richard did everything to make their sort of last celebration special.

He asked Manang Fe to prepare one of their cottages in a beach resort they own. They were to spend the weekend together. This was always their way of celebrating special ocassions since both of them loved to swim and loved the sea.

But during that certain weekend, Maya was already not a very good companion. She was moody, sad and she was mad at herself for being such when she was supposed to make Richard happy on this sort of last celebration together before he leaves for Boston.

She even provoked him just to elicit an argument. Maybe she wanted anger more than sadness. She thought that if he leaves while she’s mad at him, it would be easier for her to come to terms with his departure.

“Maya, hey what’s the matter with you?”

Richard said when he sensed that Maya wasn’t as excited as he is with their short weekend getaway.

“Nothing. Im just tired. Nakakapagod yun trabaho.”

“That’s the reason why we’re here. Para makaunwind. Halika na dito. Im making a schedule on how we should regularly communicate kahit nandun ako.”

Richard was holding a planner which he prepared. He meticulously prepared one which showed the time of both philippines and boston so they could decide on the best schedule and time to talk to each other.

But Maya showed disinterest.

“Hindi naman importante yan. Im sure pag nandun ka na, magiging sobrang busy ka na. You wouldn’t even bother to keep that schedule once magstart na yun classes nyo.”

She was in a foul mood and he already sensed that she was in for an argument.

“Hey, don’t say that. Did I ever give you a reason to think of me as someone who would not keep my promise?”

She just shook her head and turned her back on him.

She hates herself so much for trying to pick a fight with him but she cant help it. She’s becoming emotional because the truth is she doesn’t want him to leave.


“Sige na Chard. Magpapahangin na muna ako.”

“This is supposed to be our last celebration together. Bakit nagkakaganyan ka?”

“Yun na nga LAST. How could we even celebrate? Sabagay, when you get there, mas masaya dun and you’ll get to experience new things that a boring person like me could never do.”

He was surprised at what she said. He never wanted her to feel bad about him leaving.

“Maya, I could stay if you want me too. You are far more important than anything or anyone. Bakit nagkakaganyan ka?”

He tried to reach for her but she entered her room and closed the door behind him.

She cried. She hated herself for the way she acted. She was immature, unreasonable and completely unfair to him.

He knocked.

“Maya please. Ayaw ko na nagkakaganyan ka. Please tell me what to do.”

He was pleading.

Disregarding modesty, reason, she opened the door.

She went to him, held his face with one hand then his nape with the other then gave him a full kiss of longing, kiss of all the love she has in her heart for him.

He wasn’t able to react. It was too much for him. He just stood glued to the floor, not returning her kiss.

She broke the kiss feeling rejected, unwanted, unforgiven, unloved. She was looking straight into his eyes while crying.

“Maya… I’m… I don’t….”

“I just wanted to feel how it’s like Chard kasi with the years you will be away, I’m no longer sure if I will still be able to do that. Baka…. baka may iba ka nang mahanap dun…”

That did it for him. He now cupped her face and kissed her full of passion with the simmering desire he had always felt for her but was afraid to even try before.

Maya just closed her eyes, allowing Richard what he is doing.

He brought her to her bedroom and closed the door. There is no turning back for he himself wanted her for a very long time already. They ignored all caution and fear and gave in to what they both are feeling at the moment.

So in that room at his grandfather’s resort, Maya and Richard became one. They never realized that the one mistake could change their lives forever.


46 thoughts on “The Heart Never Forgets -7”

  1. Oh my at may nangyari pala before he left that means that theres a possibility na siya ang daddy ni Luke ??? Sna maging okey na sila at sana eh makapagusap na finaly so the clear the air and will find out what really happen to them before😞😞😞

  2. Wow top notch ang swimmers ni Singkit… Luke is the product of that πŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ˜† time to face the music Mayabels …..truth is crucial …. Thanks for the update.” Kaya Lang bitinπŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  3. tama ang hinala namin about Luke, time na Maya na mag usap kayo upang magkalinawan at maipaliwanag ang nangyari, salamat ms. timmy sa sipag mong mag update, sobrang happy kaming mga adik πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. Bonggang misunderstanding pala ang nangyari, kasi naman Maya dapat naging vocal ka dati sa feelings at insecurities mo. Super ouch for Richard, grabe ka talaga magmahal. Sana maayos na nila agad next chapter kasi deserve ni Richard to know about his son and spend time with Luke, seven years na kaya ang nawala sa mag-ama.

  5. thanks Timmy_77 sa update. Isang malaking misunderstanding ito at kailangang magusap sila R&M. Hindi naman yata maganda yung di makilala ni Richard ang anak nya. Maya lakasan mo ang luob mo at sabihin mo lahat kay Richard. Wala kang dapat ialinglangan kay Richard, mahal ka nya, mayaman at tatanggapin si Luke. Next chap na pls…. cheers!

      1. Ok Ms Timmy. Sshhhh na ako. πŸ˜€. Pero sana naman kung anuman ang nangyari sa totoong buhay itong story mo ay may happy ending.

  6. Hi Timmy!! First off, let me tell you how happy I am to have found your blog. I didn’t know you have one. Had I known, I would’ve definitely followed you even then! Second, I am just so glad to see that you’ve continued writing! I still can recall the single shot stories you posted on EB. I loved your stories and I can’t believe that I can now continue to enjoy your writing, stories & stuff. Here’s to more good stories and creative writing! Cheers!πŸ˜„

    Just finished getting up to date with this story. I don’t know what to say or how to feel with our fave couple’s current predicament, but for someone like me who’s quite a sucker for a good happy ending, I just hope they’ll have their own too in this story. But whatever! I am very much anticipating the next chapter.πŸ˜„ I haven’t finished reading all the chapters of ‘Angel of our Hearts,’ but I’ve already read the first & last chapter and it was very good too! And my heart just cried for Maya when Luke died. But as they say, there’s always a rainbow after the rain.πŸ˜„

    1. Hi to one of my faves kris! I also wonder what got into me that im now a bit enjoying writing our dear maya and serchief stories. Maybe i just missed them so much and since fanfics about them are scarce nowadays, we try to compensate, hehehe!
      Please write more stories. I love even your adaptations. Patiently waiting for Terminal, incognito and promise of forever. And thank you for bringing back one of EBs feel good,funny story of tikoyman

      Dont worry, i also love happy endings. All the stories ill do will have a happy ending. Sad na nga that they ended the show, siyempre dapat happy lahat ng stories.

      1. Sorry napost agad looking forward for the update din ng mga stories nyo.. Ang gagaling nyong mga writer kahit mapaadaptation or newly written stories pa yan hands up ako sa inyo nila Ms Timmy at ng iba pang writer… Basta para kay Richard at Mayabells 100 – 200 % support kaming mga adiks…

  7. With just one mistake, it cause to change the lives of Richard and Maya. They were together in the past. But Fate was unkind and so Richard and Maya went their separate ways.

    And now that Richard and Maya meet again, their love is rekindle. But they seem to have some changes in their status which make it complicated. What is most awaiting is the discovery that Maya’s son Luke is Richard’s begotten son.

    “It might take a year, it might take a day, but what’s meant to be will always find its way.”

  8. Ms Timmy_77 thanks. I’ve been reading your updates and loving it. Pls next kabanata na, I’m eager to know what would be Richard’s reaction upon knowing Luke is his son and real status of Maya and James.

  9. ah that’s was it why there’s Luke ….but how will they end up if maya has James na? Ha…ha I’d rather follow nalang …this story is getting exciting! Thank you so much!

  10. Thanks ms timmy sa update now malinaw na sa mga adik. I know that this is a true story and you dedicated this to someone who is in a better place out there. Thanks so much. This is really touching the hearts of the adiks.

  11. Hi Miss Timmy, have you changed the PW for your latest post? if so, may I please request the newest one and email me at Twill be greatly appreciated as this adik is so ataters to learn what had happened after the night Richard and Maya became one resulting with Luke’s arrival….katulad ng lahat na adik I wish and pray that they will get to have their chance to rectify and correct what had gone wrong for them to have their happy ever after….kung kailangan
    i-sako si James and Someone (ni Richard) I volunteer myself and the whole sako sisterhood to do the dirty job (ihahagis namin sa planet Pluto – where they will freeze for all eternity! diba it’s called the dead planet???)
    please don’t forget to send me the new PW!!! thank you po ng marami…. GB!

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