Angel of our Hearts 3

Dr. Richard Lim and Dra. Celeste Madrigal proceeded to Richard’s clinic on the top floor of the hospital building. They were chatting on their way.

“Thank you for coming in such a short notice Celeste.”

“Naku Ricky hindi rin sana kita sisiputin eh kaso my duty is far more important than my annoyance at you for standing me up the other night.”

“Sorry na nga. I was really held up by something important.”

“Something or someone?”

“Both.” He chuckled.

“Ay naku sinasabi ko na nga ba, Dr. Richard Lim, kaya pala wala lang sayo even you knew how boring that friend of yours Engr. Yamaguchi is. God Ricky I was listening to his boring stories the whole 2 hours and I hated you talaga!”

“He is not boring at mabait siya. Di ba you said you prefer foreigners, kaya ayun si Yamaguchi.”

“Oo pero you are very much aware that i dont speak his language. Ikaw talaga ipinasubo mo ako don ah.”

“I asked him. Mukhang natuwa sa date nyo kaya I was thinking that I made the wise decision of not showing up. Naging third wheel lang sana ako.”

“Ay nako Ricky, isusumbong talaga kita kay Tito Roberto.”

“Sorry na nga. Don’t worry Dr. Ryan just separated from his girlfriend, malay mo kayo ang meant to be.”

“Kilabutan ka nga. Usapan ay usapan. Walang talo talo di ba? And why are you so pakialamero with my lovelife ha.”

“I just want you to be happy.”

“Ay naku. Stop the topic na nga. Para naman tayong teenagers nito. And please stop teasing Ryan to me ha at talagang kakalimutan ko ng bestfriend kita.”

“Ang sungit.”

When they reached his private clinic, he immediately showed Celeste the results of the blood tests of Luke.

Dra. Celeste Madrigal is a pediatric hematologist. She together with Dr. Ryan Molina who is an oncologist and Dr. Richard Lim, a cardiologist went to medical school together and until now, they are the best of friends even if they work in different hospitals with different specializations.

“Is Ryan coming over?”

“No but Liza already brought the laboratory results to him. Why?”

“Ricky, this is not good.” Celeste was looking at Luke’s record.

“What do you mean?”

“This is a possible leukemia case Ricky.”


“Where is the patient?”

“I discharged him kanina.”

Then all of a sudden Richard’s phone rang. Dr. Ryan Molina was calling him.

“Richard I’m on my way there. Dapat maagapan natin ang bata. Liza briefed me with his medical history. I need to talk to the mother.”

“Umuwi na sila Ryan, kanina lang but I’ll have Joma fetch them para makausap nyo ni Celeste yun nanay.”

“Oh hindi ba pwedeng papuntahin na lang sila? Kasi malamang maipit ng traffic sina Liza at Joma. They took Edsa at may aksidente ata kanina kaya one lane lang. ”

“Okay ako ng bahala. How many minutes pa before you get here?”

“40 minutes max Ricky.”

“Okay see you.”

The moment he ended the call, Richard left Celeste who is busy reading the history of Luke and the test results as well.


Maya was busy doing the laundry. Her and Luke’s clothes piled up after their 3 days stay in the hospital. Luke was in their small apartment’s living room playing with his new transformer toy.

Maya is washing their clothes in the kitchen sink. She was in her plain white shirt and shorts just a little above the knee. Her hair tied in a simple ponytail.

Emman left to do the grocery. Maya and Luke are living with Emman ever since Luke was born 7 years ago. Emman is such a dear friend to Maya that Maya took it upon herself to make sure that her dear friend eats well, has clean and ironed clothes to wear and has a clean place to live in.

That is the only way she could repay Emman for allowing her and Luke to stay in his apartment for free, for being instumental in Luke’s scholarship and for being like a father to her son and the only family they have in the Philippines. Her only sister is in Dubai working.

Their doorbell rang.

Maya rushed towards the door.

“Dr. Lim?”

“Maya I’m sorry but you and Luke have to return to the hospital.”

“Ha? Bakit? Atsaka kakarating lang namin. Hindi po pwede bukas na lang kasi pagod na si Luke at marami rin akong gagawin. Si Emman wala rin siya.”

Maya was surprised to see Dr. Lim by their doorstep. She was self conscious especially with the way she looked in front of him.

“Maya it is very important that you could talk to our specialists with regards to Luke’s condition.

If awhile ago, she was just shy to be in front of Dr. Lim, now she felt the dread in the pit of her stomach. She was sure that Dr. Lim wouldn’t be here if it isn’t important or serious.

“Bakit? Ano po bang meron kay Luke Dr. Lim? Seryoso po ba? Ano ba naman to. Naku…”

Maya was frantically pacing back and forth at their small living room.

“Sige na Maya, magprepare na kayo ni Luke. I’ll wait here.”

“Ha talagang sinundo mo po kami?”

“Yes kasi dapat nang matingnan agad si Luke at dapat ka na ring makausap ng doctors.”

“Pwede naman pong tinawagan nyo na lang ako.”

“Yes. But matatagalan kayo and this is urgent so i decided to fetch you. I also would like to believe na friends na tayo, di ba?”

“Ah eh….”

“Bakit ayaw mo? Hindi pwede?”

“Ay siyempre opo, ay oo. Pwedeng pwede po doc!”

“Good. O sige na. The doctors who will check Luke are already there.”

Maya quickly prepared Luke and also changed her clothes. She brought small overnight bag with some of Luke’s clothes just in case he needs to be admitted again.

On their way out, they met Emman who was surprised to see Dr. Lim with Maya and Luke.

“Emman Luke needs to be back in the hospital. Sinundo ko na para wag ng mahirapan si Maya.”

Emman couldn’t utter anything. He just nod his head.


On their way back to the hospital Maya, who was seated at the front passenger seat was quiet and Dr. Lim was very much aware of the fear and worry she is feeling right now.

“Maya, kumain na kayo ni Luke? Do you want anything? Pwede tayong dumaan saglit.”

“Ah eh wag na po doc.”

“How about you kiddo? You want something?”

“No po. Busog po ako kasi Ninong Emman bought spaghetti kanina.”


He smiled and glanced at Maya again who was trying so hard to calm herself.

He reached for her hand and held it tight with the intention of making her feel his support.

She glanced at him and smiled a bit but her eyes mirrored the fear she has for her son, who is the most important person in her life.

“Hey, don’t worry, I am here. Di ko naman kayo pababayaan ni Luke.”

She was teary eyed again.

“Maraming salamat po doc.”


30 thoughts on “Angel of our Hearts 3”

  1. Ohhh! Wawa naman baby Luke.. pero surely Doc Richard will be there for them… btw sorry pala doc Celeste. Mukhang mali anh assume ko sa iyo (fingers crossed ) hehehe

  2. hay,nakahinga ako ng maluwag,bff lang pala si celeste. sana maagapan ang sakit ni luke.dr. lim to the rescue.

  3. party party ang mga adik dito, friends lang sila yehey – pasensya nya mabilis lang kac mag-isip ang mga adik dito hehehe, sobrang possessive dinaig pa si Maya 😀 but kakaawa c Baby Luke, don’t worry Maya 3 doctors ang karamay mo. aba Dr. Lim kung hindi ka inlove kay Ms. dela Rosa, ano ang tawag mo dyan na personal pa talagang sinundo sa bahay at may pa hawak kamay na kaagad?

  4. Thankee Timmy_77 sa update. Ayan isang girl friend lang pala ni Dr. Lim si Dra Celeste and as in isang close friend only. Naku I’m quite anxious sa lagay ni Luke. Every doctor na tinawag ni Dr. Lim ay aligaga sa seriousness ng illness ni Luke but as Dr. Lim said – nandyan lang daw sya to look after him. Naku may crush na yata si Dr. Lim kay Maya at ang stepping stone nya is Luke. Timmy_77 will it be too much to request for a double treat – medyo excited lang…..cheers!

    1. Friend na lang siya para goodvibes. Ill try to post again later. Tinatapos ko muna yun hnf. Either this one ulit ang susundan or yun isa naman. Thanks for reading.

  5. Haha! Nag-ala Gabriela Silang agad mga adik. One of the good guys pala si Doc Celeste. Mabuti na lang at surrounded by good people ang mag-ina.😉

    1. Change track yun role ni celeste which was supposed to be a karibal. Pinalitan ko kasi anniversary eh. I want good vibes atsaka baka isako nyo ako. Scary! Hahaha!

  6. Everybody assumed wrong about Celeste. To think she is a doctor, only a dear friend and colleague to Dr. Richard Lim. She is on the good side together with Richard and Dr.Ryan helping to find cure to Maya’s son who was diagnosed with Leukemia.

    Again we assumed and maybe it’s true that Dr. Richard Lim is lovestruck with Maya and perhaps it’s the same feeling she has for Richard. It’s to Maya’s advantage especially now that her son is ill and she will be needing Richard’s help.

    “It’s so amazing when someone comes to your life and you expect nothing out of it but suddenly there right in front of you is everything you ever need.”

  7. Nakakaloka naman ang sakit ni Luke buti na lang andyan si Dr. Lim ang bait mo ha sana kayo na ni Maya ataters lang ang peg hehehe thank u ms. Timmy sa update next chapter na pls. Hehehe

  8. Thank you ms timmy. Nakaka iyak pa din i can feel maya’s fear and worries having my mom suffered acute anemia and the only survivor among the patients the doctor was treating that same period. Si luke nga yata talaga ang angel to bridge dr lim and maya. Hay sorry din dra celeste mali pala ang akala namin nga adik best friend ka pala ni dr lim please help luke too. Ms timmy bakit di pa lumilitaw ang tatay ni luke does this mean na lilitaw sya sa time lukes needs blood?

  9. Galing!! this is what’s good pag original ang story, the writer can easily twist her characters, to be a kakampi or kaaway or karibal 🙂 keep posting please….

  10. thank you for the update Ms.Timmy…ano ba’yan ngayon pa lang i cried a bucket na…di pa pwedeng maging happy ang trending ng story na ito?…but then again I trust you Ms.Timmy for coming up with a good twist…hehhe

  11. Richard and celeste are just good friends…adiks so happy. looking forward Maya status and what will happen to Luke…next chapter please

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