Angel of our Hearts 1

The clouds turned gray. An impending downpour is expected anytime soon and Richard is already late for his 6 pm date with Celeste.

His car didn’t cooperate with him coz it just stopped in the middle of road somewhere in Salcedo St. He didn’t have a choice but to leave his car and ask his driver Joma to pick it up.

He will take the cab.

He didn’t have a choice coz he cant seem to convince Celeste to move their date to another day.

Ten minutes after, a cab stopped in front of him. Just as he was about to board it, a woman came rushing towards him, begging to be allowed to use the cab first.

“Sir puwede pong ako na muna kasi kanina pa po ako naghihintay ng masasakyan dito. Kailangan po ako ng anak ko.”

“Miss, si Sir po ang nagpatawag ng taxi. Sa susunod ka na lang sumakay.”

“Parang awa nyo na po.” She addressed the taxi driver then looked towards the other passenger with worried, pleading eyes.”

“Saan ba yun anak mo Miss?” Richard asked the woman.

“Nasa Don Bosco po. Tumawag kasi yung teacher nya kanina pa. Hinimatay daw yun anak ko. Kanina pa ako dapat nakapunta kaso wala po akong masakyan. ”

“Miss kung nagiimbento ka lang para maunahan mong makasakay yun ibang…..”

Richard cut what the taxi driver was about to say.

“Okay Miss. Get inside. Idadaan ka namin sa school ng anak mo.”

“Naku salamat po. Hulog po kayo ng langit.”

“Pero Sir…” the driver was about to object.

“Ako nang bahala Manong. Ang importante ay mabilis tayong makarating sa anak niya.”

She stared at him with her teary doe-shaped eyes conveying gratitude towards him.

“Maraming salamat po Sir.” She timidly said.

“You’re welcome.” Richard said as he retrieved his cellphone from his pocket.

He was keying in his message for Celeste when the other passenger’s cellphone rang.

In a low voice, afraid to disturb the other passenger, she talked to the person on the other line.

“Hindi ko alam Emman. Basta tumawag si Teacher at sabi natumba na lang daw si Luke.”

“Natatakot ako Emman. Sana okay lang si Luke.

“Sige itatakbo ko na lang siya sa hospital na malapit.”

“Di ko pa alam. Basta tatawagan kita mamaya at sumunod ka ha.”

Then she ended the call. After a few minutes, he could hear her stifling a sob and trying to wipe her eyes with her hands.

He offered his handkerchief.

“Ay wag na po Sir. Okay lang ako”

“Sige na take it.”

“Nakakahiya na po.”

“Walang nakakahiya and I’m sure you wouldn’t want your son to see that you cried.”

She hesitantly accepted the hankie from him.

“Maraming salamat po.” She shyly told him.

The taxi halted in front of Don Bosco Makati. He got off the taxi so she could use his door which was on the safe side of the road.

She reached out to pay the driver but Richard was quick to object.

“Wag na. You go ahead. Ako na bahala.”

“Sir may pambayad naman po ako atsaka sobrang abala na ako sa inyo.”

“Sige na. Just spend that para ibigay ng pasalubong yun anak mo para makabawi ka sa tagal mong makapunta rito.”

“Maraming maraming salamat po Sir. Hinding hindi ko po ito makakalimutan.”

Sige na Miss. I’m sure your son is waiting for you.”

Hearing him mention her son, she left and rushed towards the school entrance.

As soon as Richard got in the taxi, loud thunder was heard and the heavy rain began to pour.

Without thinking twice..

“Ah Manong, park ka muna sa tabi. Here’s my payment pero antayin mo ako. I just wanna make sure na okay yun anak ng pasahero mo kanina.”

He handed the driver a 1000 bill.

Pero Ser, napakalakas po ng ulan at baka abutan tayo ng baha dito.

“All the more that I should check on them. Sige na Manong. Mabilis lang ako.”

Scratching his head, the driver relented.

“Sige po Ser. Ayan po sa may likod nyo, gamitin nyo po yun payong.”

With the umbrella to protect him from the rain, Richard rushed towards the entrance of the school as well.

When he entered the school premises, he requested to be accompanied to the school’s infirmary where he was sure the son of his fellow passenger was brought.

Upon reaching the infirmary, he immediately saw the woman, whose back was facing the door talking to someone he suspects to be a teacher. He saw her son lying down on the bed. The teacher saw him.

“Sir may kailangan po ba sila?”

“Ah I’m here for her and her son”

She immediately turned when she heard his voice.

“Sir, may nakalimutan po kayo?” She asked wondering why the Good Samaritan she met awhile ago followed her.

“Ah i can no longer go to my appointment since ang lakas na ng ulan. I just decided to check if your son is okay.”

“Nalapatan na po ng first aid pero inaantay pa yun doctor kasi kailangan pa daw tingnan. Traffic pa kaya wala pa yun doctor.”

Then he rushed to the boy. He checked his pulse, temperature, eyes. Then in a few seconds he requested the teacher to ask the guard to allow the taxi he hired to enter the school. He will bring the boy to the hospital. The boy needs to be checked immediately.

Sensing the apprehension of the mom on his drastic actions, he pulled his wallet and retrieved his calling card.

“Don’t worry Miss. Your son will be taken cared of. I am a doctor”

She stared at him in awe. Then read his card. She stared at him again. He caught her eyes and he smiled in return.

“We will now bring him to the hospital. Hindi tayo pwedeng maghintay pa ng matagal. The floods might worsen.”

She just nodded, completely trusting the stranger named, Richard Lim, who is now generously extending help to her and her son.

As they were in the taxi, he’s been busy in his phone calling the hospital to prepare for their arrival.

The moment, they reached the hospital, a doctor, some nurses were already waiting for them.

They immediately took charge and Dr. Lim was giving instructions to them.

Then he glanced at her and saw her worried face.

He went near her.

“We will check your son so we could know the cause why he fainted. You need to provide your son’s medical history.”

“Okay po doc.” was all she could say.

“If you need anything just tell me or my secretary over there. Her name is Liza. She is a nurse.”

She just nodded her head, worried about her son especially that it seemed that his condition must be more serious than what she thought it is. Based on how many doctors were called and nurses were assisting, it didnt seem like a simple fainting spell.

“O sige, i have to check him now. Just wait here. I’ll make sure he’s fine.”

Then he went over to Liza and gave some instructions as well.

After Dr. Lim entered the ER, Liza approached her for some questions regarding her son’s medical history.

An hour has passed and she was already very worried as to why it took that long for the doctors to check on her son. Liza has left already and she was ushered to a waiting room.

Then she saw Dr. Richard Lim approaching her with a very serious look on his face.

Her heartbeats raced, dreading what news he has about her son.

“Mrs. Dela Rosa, your son is being brought to his room right now. I already had my secretary arrange it.”

“Kailangan ni Luke magovernight dito?”

“Yes because we have to run some more tests tomorrow.”

“Pero doc hindi po ba pwedeng bumalik na lang kami bukas? Hindi naman malala yung anak ko di ba?”

“Mrs. Dela Rosa, it is better that your son be admitted so he could rest and also be ready for the tests tomorrow.

If she is only capable, she would readily have Luke admitted in this hospital. If she had the means, she would want to have Luke checked herself but she doesn’t have the financial capacity to afford any of the facilities, medicines, doctors of this hospital. She can’t even afford the regular vitamins of her son.

She was just blessed to have a very generous friend, Emman, ย whose cousin is a priest in Don Bosco, that’s why Luke was a full scholar of the school.

She looked worried, embarrassed, helpless that she can no longer contain herself and wept in front of him.

“Hey, your son is okay. We just have to run tests thats why we need to admit him.”

“Kung pwede lang doc ako mismo ang magpipilit na ipasok yun anak ko kaso hindi ko naman po kayang bayaran ang ganitong klaseng ospital. Wala naman po akong kakayahan para ipagamot si Luke dito. Dadalhin ko na lang po yun anak ko sa health center.”

She wept openly in front of him. She felt pitiful in her current state. She cried for her son, whom she can’t even afford to be treated in this hospital.

Though he never gets personal with any patient or any relative of a patient, he couldn’t help himself so he hugged the woman in front of him, intending to give her the support she badly needs.

“Sshhhh, hush now Mrs. Dela Rosa. What’s important is to make your son feel better. Ako ng bahala sa lahat.”

She glanced at him with her doe shaped tearful eyes.

“O sige na. Puntahan mo na si Luke. Liza here will accompany you.”

“Liza ikaw na ang bahala. Tawagan mo ako kung may problema.”

“Okay po doc. Maya, halika na samahan na kita.”

Liza, who interviewed Maya earlier, had already been aware of some information regarding Maya Dela Rosa and her son Luke so she felt at ease calling her by her first name. It is also, for her, a way to make the patient’s mother at ease despite the worrisome situation her son is in now.

“Dr. Lim maraming maraming salamat po. Napakabait nyo po. Sabihin nyo lang po kung paano ako makakabawi sa’yo”

She’s again teary eyed while thanking the very handsome doctor in front of her.

He smiled and patted her back.

“What i need you to do para makabawi ka sa akin is to stop worrying and go to your son’s room. He needs you there now.”

“Salamat po doc.”

She smiled back at him and that single smile she gave him brought a warm fuzzy feeling in his heart.

A/N hnf7 will be posted tomorrow. I had to redo a part kasi nadelete ko accidentally, kaya this one na muna.


25 thoughts on “Angel of our Hearts 1”

  1. Thank u Timmy_77 sa new ff. Bakit so anxious naman agad agad. Sana di serious ang illness ni Luke. Scholar pa naman sya. Dr. Lim may Celeste kana, may ibang tibok si puso mo sa smile ni doe-eyed lady? Next chap please………cheers!

  2. First chapter pa lang …napapalaban na ang mga tear duct ko!!! Whew swak na swak sa emote ni Egay at Falcon! Salamat sa bagong aabangan ms Timmy!

  3. Ms Timmy just stumble on your site accidentally but I”m happyI did !! I like the plot of the story medyo i wonder ehat Celeste would do once she founds out the reason why their date was cancelled aside from the rain of course and looking forward on whats gonna happen between Maya amd of course Dr Lim ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

  4. First I would like to thank Cyber Chwirrer for posting your blog’s site hence I was able to find this. Please know I am an avid fanfic reader of R and M. I hope I am welcome here to be your regular viewer. Thank you and goodluck. I am Abby, a JSM avid fan.

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