The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and Ryan: The Anniversary Surprise

A/N This was supposed to be this weekend but since it’s our dear JSM’s (aka Maya’s) birthday, and I’m feeling happy today, i decided to post this one now. Yes, hindi birthday ang theme pero may celebration na rin so pwede na ata to. Pardon the errors. Just did this for fun. Good day to all!

Maya and Richard has been married for three years. Well actually they’ll be celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary in 3 weeks time. They had Sky and Sunshine and are working on another baby.

At bed that night…

“Sweetheart anong plano mo sa anniversary natin?” Maya asked as she lay cuddled in her husband’s arms.

“Hmmm wala pa akong naiisip Sweetheart eh. Maybe dinner. What do you think?” Ricky glanced at his wife.

“Pwede naman Sweetheart kaso parang common na yun eh.”

“What do you have in mind ba?”

“Outing or road trip kaya tayo ng mga bata? ”

“I think it’s a good idea. Or pwede naman tayong magspend ng whole week sa Baguio like we did before.”

“Ay oo Sweetheart. Masaya ngayon kasi kasama na yun kambal.”

“Yes at sina Mama at Papa baka we can ask them to join also. Even si NayTere , TayArturo, Kute at Cho.”

“Ang dami na natin Sweetheart!” Maya quipped.

“Ayaw mo no’n, masaya?”

“Magastos naman masyado Sweetheart.”

“It’s okay tutal we don’t get to do it often. I think it’s a great idea.” Ricky was really getting excited now.

He continued. “Si Sonny may bahay sila sa Baguio, maybe I can just ask if we could use his place para we wont stay at a hotel. Better yun kasi we’ll get to feel like living in a home in Baguio.”

“Ay sige Sweetheart! Masaya yan!” Maya said enthusiastically.

Her mind was now working on how to prepare for the trip. She could finally enjoy time with the whole family. It will be fun to see the kids bond with thier lolos and lolas. Cho and the twins could finally get to see Baguio. And she could buy a new Bahay Kubo brand of puting kumot.

Puting kumot… she smiled sheepishly at the thought. Her mind drifted elsewhere as she reminisced the first time she was with her then employer, Richard. He accompanied her in buying a “Bahay Kubo puting kumot” for her Nanay Teresita during their first family outing in Baguio.

That same puting kumot was the one she and Richard shared on their first night to sleep together (yes sleep only) after their wedding at San Nicolas.

Richard noticed his wife in deep thought, smiling as if remembering something special.

“Sweetheart why are you smiling?”

Maya was startled so she blurted out without thinking…

“Ah naalala ko lang yung first night natin.”

Ricky’s eyes grew big, his eyebrows raised in amusement. He smiled naughtily at Maya.

“At anong naalala mo Sweetheart?” He was teasing the already blushing Maya.

“Mr. Lim!!!”

“What? I was only asking?”

“Eh iba na naman yun nasa isip mo. Ang naalala ko lang yun natulog tayo sa San Nicolas pagkatapos ng kasal. Kasi yun kumot na galing ng Baguio yun gamit natin, nakakainis ka!” She slapped his arm.

“Awww! That hurts Sweetheart ha!”

“Ang naughty mo kasi Mr. Lim!”

“Of course not! You’re the one na nag-isip ng ganun, not me.” He was having fun teasing Maya.

Hindi na kumikibo si Maya, pikon na siya kay Ricky.

Tumalikod na siya kay Ricky.

“Hey Sweetheart, I was just teasing. Pikon ka naman masyado.”

She glanced at him, pouted her lips then glared at him.

“Hmmm alam ko na ang gusto mo Sweetheart…” he wiggled his eyebrows then attacked Maya with tickles and kisses on her cheeks and neck.

Maya was protesting at first until she got tired and allowed Ricky to continue what he’s doing. She wasn’t really angry at him anyway.

Her shrieks, and his laugh were all that was heard in their bedroom.


At the Principal Office / Ricky’s home office (again)

“Sigurado ka brod magugustuhan niya ang gift?”


“It’s difficult to get plane tickets kasi eh. Alam mo naman pasukan ng mga bata. Maraming pasahero.”

“We have special privilege at Time Airways. We can use that.”

Maya was on her way (again) to the principals office….

“I can already imagine it brod. Spending anniversary together in a beach. Swimming together tapos spending the night away from busy Metro Manila. Ganda talaga ng idea mo.”

“I told you so.”

“Perfect anniversary gift indeed!”

“Oo naman at baka magkaroon pa ng anniversary baby.”

“Bilib talaga ako sa’yo brod.”

The two friends were happily discussing…

Maya can’t contain her excitement behind the door. She was so happy hearing that Ricky has a surprise for their wedding anniversary.

As much as she was also excited with the Baguio trip, she honestly wanted to spend time alone with her husband. They were always busy with work. It would definitely be a welcome respite for both of them.

She just left the two on their own. She doesn’t want to disturb them especially that Ricky was asking Ryan’s help for his anniversary surprise to her.


On the phone one morning while Maya was still taking a bath…

“Yes Liza you should ask the florist to fill the room with flowers.”

“Okay Sir. How about the food?”

“I think steak and wine will be perfect. Please don’t forget the pianist.”

“Yes Sir. I have informed and paid him already.”

“Okay thank you Liza. I want this to be perfect.”

“Of course Sir. I’m glad to be of help.”

“Wait Liza, have you asked the owners to close the beach? There shouldn’t be any customers on that area we chose.”

“Ah yes Sir. It would be exclusively closed. All taken cared of Sir. You don’t have to worry.”

“Thank you very much Liza. I can really count on you.”

“Anytime Sir.”

“And Liza, please don’t mention this to anyone especially to Maya.”

“Of course Sir.”

“Thank you Liza. Bye.”

He ended the call.

Unknown to him, Maya heard his conversation with Liza.

She was so giddy, happy, excited.. kilig. But she definitely wouldn’t want to ruin her husbands surprise so she will pretend to not know of it. She could definitely do that.


Driving to work Ricky asked her.

“Sweetheart did you talk to Kute about our Baguio trip?”

Nagulat si Maya. She thought hindi na matutuloy because he already has an anniversary surprise for her.

“Ah hindi pa Sweetheart. Mamaya tatawagan ko.”

“You better call her para naman makaprepare sila.”

“Okay Sweetheart. Sina Mama at Papa?”

“Okay na sila. They will arrive three days before our outing.”

“Ang saya sweetheart. Makakasama sina Mama at Papa.”

He smiled at her and squeezed her hand.

She feels so happy. Maliban sa time together anniversary ni Ricky sa beach, they would still push through with the family outing. It is really happy to be married to Richard Lim, the best husband in the world, she thought.


That night before going to sleep.

“Sweetheart, this weekend LAS will have a meeting with some foreign investors at Boracay.”

“Eto na yun” Maya thought giddily to herself.

“Tapos we might sign a deal on the acquisition of a property there. Since wala si Ryan coz he has some important matter to attend to with his wife, ikaw na lang ang sumama sa’kin.”

She was smiling happily while staring at her husband.

“O bakit ganyan ka naman makatingin?”

She kissed her husband and pinched his cheeks.

“Wala! Ang gwapo gwapo mo talaga Sweetheart. Nakakakilig kang masyado!”

Ricky was amused at Maya.

“Naku Sweetheart, baka naglilihi ka na nyan ha!”

“Hindi Sweetheart. Wala lang. Nanggigigil lang ako sa’yo.”

Then she hugged him so tight and pinched his cheeks again.

“Sweetheart, you’re not listening to what I’m saying kanina. It is important.”

“Nakikinig ako Sweetheart. Magpapasama ka sa Boracay. Tayong dalawa lang. We will go there for business.” She stressed on the last word then winked at Ricky.

Ricky just raised his brows. Alam nyang nilalambing na naman sya ni Maya.

She thought, “Si Ricky talaga, ginamit pang palusot yun negosyo nya.” She was happy at the thought that Ricky was doing everything to keep the gift a surprise kahit alam na alam na rin nya.

Though they would celebrate their anniversary a week earlier, it is okay with her. Besides they will still go to Baguio on their actual anniversary date.


She got the details.

Ricky and her will leave Manila Saturday morning. They will stay until Sunday lunch then be back to Manila in the afternoon.

She happily called her former roomie Emman.


“Naku Emman, magpapasama ako sa’yo sa mall mamaya. Okay lang ba sa’yo? May bibilhin tayo.”

“Sure roomie kahit ngayon pa.” Emman excitedly replied.

That afternoon, Maya and Emman spent the day looking for swimsuits she would be using on their wedding anniversary celebration.

She chose two sets which were a bit daring for her. Kakayanin nya to wear them for her husband.

She also bought a bright red lingerie which she knows would make their night interesting. She wants to surprise Ricky and being a little feisty and bold on their anniversary night will surely make him happy. Alam nya na matutuwa si Ricky with her purchases. She also bought boardshorts for Ricky and some plain white and gray shirts and boxers and some Hawaiian polo.

The two friends happily went home after the successful shopping at the mall.


Friday afternoon, Ricky didn’t report to work. He was busy in his home office attending to some documents. He wants to be prepared for their travel tomorrow.

He requested Maya to just prepare his clothes for their travel.

She was excited coz she would be able to sneak in her surprises for Ricky. She would be the one choosing his beach wear.

Richard was always conservative like her but for this travel, she wants them both to be carefree and at least shed some of their inhibitions. She wont allow Ricky to wear those soft jeans he usually wears on their beach outings.

All she packed for him were shorts, undershirts, hawaian polo, body hugging shirts, boxers, slippers, hat and an extra polo and jeans for their flight back home.

Ricky would definitely be forced to wear what she brought as he has nothing else to choose from.

She smiled at her naughty thought.


The travel to Boracay was smooth, from the plane to the boat ride. Maya was excited. Ricky was anxious.

“Sweetheart, okay ka lang?”

“Yes. I am fine. Just a little nervous on how the deal would turn out.”

Sa isip nya. “Si Sweetheart talaga, in character pa.”

Sinakyan lang nya si Ricky. Pretending not to know anything about the surprise. She doesn’t want to spoil it since alam nya that Ricky went through all the trouble just to surprise her.

They proceeded to their hotel room.

“Sweetheart, magprepare ka na. I’ll just check our reservation sa restaurant. I’ll change after you’re done. Shower ka na para you’ll be comfortable later.”

Ricky then left her. She showered.

Ricky was already back in the room frowning when Maya went out of the bathroom.

“Sweetheart bakit?” She worriedly asked.

“Sweetheart, you didn’t pack any business attire for me? Anong isusuot ko pagharap ko sa potential investors natin?”

He was upset.

Maya was surprised. She thought….

Upon realization that there have been some misunderstanding, she got speechless, embarrassed, worried. Her feeling was so unpleasant that she wanted to hide and not be seen by Ricky.

Ricky was staring at her in wonder. Then he saw Maya’s worried face and misty doe-shaped eyes staring at him.

He just closed his eyes and took a deep breathe to calm himself.

Maya bolted the room to hide herself in the bathroom where she cried in shame and where she admonished herself for not learning her lesson. She again jeaopardized Ricky’s business. She felt a failure. Hiyang hiya na siya kay Ricky.

Even though he was upset, Ricky wanted to comfort Maya. He never wanted her to feel bad. She is far more important than business. He loves her so much.

He changed his clothes.

He knocked at the bathroom door. He heard her stiffled sobs.

“Sweetheart please open the door.”

She didnt answer but he can still hear her crying.

“Halika na. We might be late for our meeting.”

“Di na ako sasama. Ikaw na lang.”

Her voice was shaky.

“Pero i want you to meet them.”

“Ikaw na lang Ricky. Nakakahiya. Maga ang mata ko.” Then she cried again.

“Okay pero could you please open the door first. I need to use the bathroom.” He lied. He just wants to see and hug his wife to let her feel that everything is okay. He couldn’t stand seeing her crying.

Maya opened the bathroom and as soon as he saw her, he engulfed her in a tight hug.

Maya cried louder as she felt the love of her husband despite what she did.

He held her face to make her look at him. She wiped her tears.

“Hey, don’t cry. I’m sorry I got upset kanina. Im sorry Sweetheart. I didn’t mean to do that.”

“Pero nasira ko na naman ang business meeting mo.” She said in a tiny voice.

“Wala kang sinira. I could still meet them even with these.”

He was already in the board shorts and hawaiian polo Maya chose for him.

He was smiling at her. He wants to let her know that it’s okay.

Maya let out a small smile.

“Atsaka Sweetheart baka mas madaling matuloy yun deal kasi they wouldn’t want to be with me while I’m looking all handsome and cool”

He tried his best to remove Maya’s feeling of embarrassment and guilt.

“Halika na Sweetheart, samahan mo na ako.”

“Ikaw na lang Ricky.”

“You’re sure okay ka na?”

“Oo.. sorry ha…”

“Hey there’s nothing to be sorry about. Don’t cry na. I love you so much Sweetheart.”

Maya’s eyes were again misty with what Ricky said so he hugged her and kissed the top of her head.

“Sweetheart I have to go meet them na muna ha! As much as I want to stay here and ravish that figure underneath that robe, I dont want our potential investors to think negatively of LAS, of me.”

He quipped naughtily.

“Ricky naman eh. Sige na puntahan mo na sila.”

So wearing that same outfit and adding his aviators, he proceeded to the meeting.


Later that night…

Maya was lying under a very thick comforter when Ricky joined her.

He was in his boxers and gray undershirt that Maya brought on their trip. He’s not fond of these sleepwear as he was always used to wearing his pajamas but he didnt want to offend Maya. He wants to make her feel better. He was certain that wearing the stuff she proudly bought as a surprise for him, would at least make her feel better. Besides he has no other choice since she didnt bring any other clothes for him to use.

“Sweetheart are you feeling cold? Bakit balot na balot ka naman?”

“Malamig yun aircon sweetheart.”

“I can just hug you.” He smiled at her. He was in the mood.

“Sweetheart matulog na tayo.”

“Hmmm okay pero share tayo ng comforter. Nilalamig na rin ako Sweetheart kasi look at what I’m wearing naman.”

He slipped inside the comforter. He hugged Maya’s back when he felt that she was wearing a robe.

He abruptly sat and removed the comforter revealing Maya using the hotel robe.

She didnt have any sleepwear too aside form the red lingerie she bought. She has no guts to wear that alone in front of Ricky now after all the embarrassments she had.

“Sweetheart bakit ka nakarobe?”

“Kasi Ricky… sweetheart kasi…”

Then she covered her face. She was blushing, suddenly shy.

Ricky realized it so he opened her robe and swallowed hard when she saw her bright red lingerie.

“Sweetheart, wow! Had I known na may dala ka nyan, di na sana ako nagtagal sa meeting kanina. You shouldn’t cover yourself with that robe.”

Ricky then slowly lowered his lips to hers and in that quiet hotel room, they both spent the night pouring the love they had for each other.


As he lay after their steamy night together, he realized that Maya must have overheard him and Ryan.  Or she must have forced Liza to spill the secret. Natawa siya kay Maya. His wife is really amusing, silly and that’s what he loved so much in her.

Pero kailangan nya ring bumawi. He didn’t want to disappoint her since he knows she was expecting na talagang para sa kaniya yun surprise.

The following morning, Ricky got up very early leaving his sleeping wife. He needs to do something and he only had a couple of hours to do his plan.

So he went out early to find a florist and have them deliver and decorate or rather fill with flowers a new room he booked for him and his wife (he decided to extend their stay for another night). He also rented a pianist and specifically chose the songs that would be played.

He also bought a dress for Maya and a new set of jeans and polo for him since nakita nya na lahat pangswimming ang dala ni Maya. He asked the hotel’s restaurant to cater for them tonight.

Everything should be perfect even though it was just a spur of the moment thing.

He wants to make this evening extra special for both of them.

He loves Maya so much and he knows she loves him so much too. He can never imagine himself with anyone else.

They would celebrate tonight and still continue with the Baguio trip.

He doesn’t mind. If he had it his way, everyday is not enough for him to show how he loves his wife.

Same time somewhere in Amanpulo…

Another couple lay cuddled in bed.

“Honey, thank you for this wonderful surprise.”

“Anything for you.”

“Pa’no mo nagawa lahat to?”

“I asked Richard’s help. Sina Liza ang nag-ayos ng lahat ng ito.”


“Oo kasi nga ang hirap makalusot sa’yo. Mabubuko agad ako.” Ryan laughed.

“Ang galing Honey, I was talking to Maya the other day and she never slipped.”

“Ah hindi rin nya alam. We decided not to let her know kasi alam mo naman si Maya…”

They both laughed as they continued their celebration.

Happy Anniversary Ryan and Ivy

Advance Happy Anniversary Maya and Ricky!

Happy Birthday Jods!


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  1. Thank u Timmy77 sa episode today. Ay naku Maya dahil ang nadinig mo ay gitna na buong plano at nagassume kaagad, ayan napahiya ka tuloy. Buti na lang lab na lab ka ni Ser Chief mo at ok lang sa kanya amg nangyari. Sa susunod iverify mo muna ha. Cheers

  2. grabe ang tawa ko sa u Maya. ms. timmy, naalala nung time sa BCWMH na palagi pang aligaga si Maya towards Ser Chief na kung minsan tinatakpan ko mga mata ko habang nanonoob pero tawa naman ako ng tawa. naku, pano yan Maya? magtatanda ka na ba? pero mas kakatuwa kung ipagpatuloy mo yang palagi mong pakikinig sa usapan ng mag bro, pero semplang ka naman hahaha supah cute ms. timmy, thanks for the GV

  3. Katuwa ka talaga maya, hindinpaka sayo ang narinig mo but ok lang may surpise din naman si ticky sa para di ka ma disappoint hahaha. Thanks mis timmy.

  4. Hi, newbie here…just saw a link to your site then start reading your stories. Nakakaaliw naman ang mga misadventures nila. Funny Maya.

    BTW sis are you the sae Timmy_77 at PEx? I remember you’re the one who gave me a compilation of fanfic sites after nag end ang BCWMH. Fro then on doon na ako nagstart maging adik ng fanfic hihi. Marathon reading ang ginawa buti na lang may Christmas break.

    I’m still doing the Flasback sa PEx—kcrica there.

    Here’s your comment on today’s post.
    Originally Posted by Timmy_77
    It’s a very good show and i don’t want it to end and be replaced with the likes of the current shows on tv (of both networks) na halos lahat na lang kidnapan, fantaserye with the nakakatakot na costumes, halikan ng halikan na di naman kailangan sa story, patayan, barilan, drama, amnnesia here and there, rape, violence….

    Hindi siya nakakaumay coz wala naman siyang kapareho na show na light, value-laden, with good/ talented casts, charismatic actors, good directors, great writers. Also this is Jodi’s first lead role and definitely Richard Yap’s too so instead of watching the usual actors/ actresses na andaming shows to the point na you wouldnt remember their roles na, id rather watch this two na kahit konti ang shows eh tumatak naman ng masyado sa audience.

    They can explore many plots pa sa kuwento and wag lang mapressure ang writers sa clamor ng mga tao or ng management, im sure bcwmh still has a long way to go.

    That’s my opinion. Maybe some wouldn’t agree but the show has positively affected me, made me feel good. Nakakawala din ng pagod. Would you prefer a stressful show over this one – not me?

    —and here’s the link sa Pex last page….

    1. Oh… I still visit pex sis kcrica. I really love it there. Its still fun going back to the old threads. I guess that’s the positive effect of bcwmh in all of us. We tend to look for what’s good, what’s happy, what’s positive. Sana we still get to see the show and the entire cast after all their other commitments had been honored and finished. I’m certain that a show as good as bcwmh shouldn’t be forgotten but instead continued.

      Thanks for visiting and reading. I never imagined that i would be writing ffs too. Maybe a way of coping for the absence of it on TV, I guess. Very appreciated sis your flashbacks. Please continue and never get tired. Who knows, soon you may be posting recent episodes na ulit. I’m sure babalik sila. Think positive! Hahaha!

      And opo I’m Timmy 77 of pex and twitter. 😊.

      1. Sabi ko na nga ba ikaw yan eh!!!

        Glad to know you’re writing fanfic too. Dami talagang talented sa PEx.
        Yeah, I always go there to finish all the Flashback episodes at pag wala na yong last thread at lumabas na lahat ang DVD’s. I’m planning to post them in a separate blog by volume or episodes for easy reference. I will share it to everyone.

        Ang sarap kasing basahin while watching the DVD’s.

        Siyanga pala pahingi naman password ng protected story mo hihi…Thankiee!!!!

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