The Heart Never Forgets – 2

A/N I will be posting on weekends only. Here’s the continuation. Pardon the errors. This is just a product of my fondness of our dear couple Richard Lim and Maya dela Rosa.  I hope you guys like this. 

Inside the faculty room, Richard was being introduced by Rafi to the other teachers.

“Ricky meet my colleagues – Edz, Ruby, Simon, Lino, Emman, Jeff. Guys this is Mr. Ricky Lim, our new musical director, our saviour” Rafi was proudly introducing him.

They shook hands and exchanged pleasantries.

“Good Morning! Im excited to work with the kids. As for being a saviour, naku hindi naman. Napressure naman ako dun. I’ll try my best but I would also assure you that you don’t have to worry. We can work things out. Fr. Francis said na talented ang students dito so I’m sure hindi naman tayo mahihirapan. I’m excited to work with you guys.” He said positively.

They were discussing with Richard about the show, the school and the students. They weren’t aware that Richard knows the school very well. He didn’t want them to find out either. And he was relieved that everybody was new. He didn’t recognize anyone anymore and he was happy about it.

After giving in to Fr. Francis’ request, he probed Rafi on who were the teachers and the staff of the school. Rafi informed him that she was the lone faculty member who worked the longest time in the school. Fresh start, he thought to himself.

The Mother Superior though, was someone he knows very well. He practically grew under her guidance having stayed in the said school for twelve years. He spent his childhood and teenage years here.

But according to Rafi she just visits every Christmas for the schools annual charity event. She is based in their main campus in Quezon City. Their San Nicolas campus, the Northwest Hills Montessori is being handled by someone else.

Now he just hopes that they wont cross paths. He thinks he cant handle meeting with someone from his past yet. The last conversation they had was something that scarred him . The pain was still embedded in his heart.

“Ah Ricky, eto si teacher Edz is incharge of the school instruments so if you need anything coordinate with her na lang. Ako naman sa choir, but disclaimer lang ha, I don’t sing that well, hahaha!” Rafi joked.

Her personality was infectious and he was certain that he can easily work with her. She actually reminded him of someone. The thought made him smile, albeit bitterly.

Richard was just listening and observing, taking in all the information as Rafi continued.

“Si Teacher Jeff naman sa string ensemble ng school naka assign.

Yung dance troupe and choreography naman si Teacher Emm ang incharge. She’ll be here later. She’s actually the head of our music and arts department so its her you will be closely working with.

Ako kasi I handle Sibika subjects too kaya medyo toxic. I’ll be there naman siyempre for the choir practice.”

As they were chatting, Luke Andrew, the school’s piano prodigy entered the faculty room to get his bag for his classes.

Richard recalled him from the wedding he attended a week ago where the school choir was requested by the bride and groom, who were Richard’s classmates and friends. Richard sang during the mass and Luke Andrew was the pianist during the entire ceremony. He was greatly impressed with the boy’s skill especially that he seemed very young. He could play any song by ear. He even indulged the guests with the songs they requested. He was amused that this little kid is so well versed musically. He actually was reminded of how he also started. He smiled at the kid.

“Luke where’s your mommy?”” Rafi asked as Luke was giving her a kiss.

“She’s talking to someone po outside.”

The kid greeted all the teachers kissing each one of them. Richard was looking at the child with fondness.

Rafi noticing it smiled at him.

“Naku Ricky hindi ganyan ang usual greeting ng mga students dito. Siya lang. He is Luke Andrew, anak siya ni Mrs. Ventura, ni Teacher Emm. Baby namin yan dito.”

Richard smiled and Luke looked at him and proceeded to offer his tiny hand for a handshake.

“Good morning Sir!”

Ricky was amused at the little boy’s gentlemanly act of offering his very tiny hand.

“Good morning Luke.” He shook the kid’s little hand and smiled warmly at him.

“Just call me Kuya Ricky or Tito Ricky.”

Luke’s face lights up as he smiles after remembering Richard.

“I remember you po. You were the one singing sa wedding.”

” Yes that’s me. And you are the very talented piano player.”

He looks at Luke with a very impressed look on his face.

“You have classes? Sige na. You go to your classroom now. You might be late. I’ll see you around. Maybe we can play the piano together.”

“I would love that Tito Ricky.” And off Luke went to attend his classes.

The school bell rang to signal the start of classes. The teachers left the faculty room to go to their respective classes.

Richard was ushered by Rafi outside the faculty room towards the school lobby. They were behind Luke when Rafi noticed that she forgot her cellphone at the faculty room. She askedRichard to go ahead.

He was walking towards the school lobby when he saw Luke being kissed by a woman seated in one of the waiting chairs.

“She must be his mom” (he muttered to himself).

As soon as the parent, with whom the woman was talking to, left, Richard walked towards her when she suddenly turned around now facing him.

Now facing each other, both were speechless, color drained from her face, his feet glued to where he was standing.

They were like this for a few seconds when suddenly they heard footsteps towards their direction.

“Glad you’re here na Teacher Emm. Eto pala si Ricky Lim, he was the one Father Francis sent to help us sa concert. Ricky, this is Teacher Emm, Mrs Maya Ventura. ”

Still staring awkwardly at each other, he was the first one to recover after hearing her new name. He moved near her and offered his hand for a handshake.

“Hi! Good Morning!”

Snapping out of her reverie, Maya Ventura or Emm to her co-teachers extends her hand to accept his handshake.

” Go … Good Morning.”, her voice was obviously shaky

“Naku Emm, I’m late for my class na. May quiz yun mga bata. I’ll leave you two na muna. Sa music room na lang tayo magkita mamaya. Ikaw na muna bahala kay Ricky. Ricky, Teacher Emm will show you around.”

Then Rafi hurriedly left the two of them behind.

Still not speaking to each other, she decided to sit again at the waiting chair at the school lobby.

Her legs needed support. He sat beside her, leaving a rather wide gap in between.

He spoke first.

“Look, Maya, I wasn’t aware you’re still working here. Rafi mentioned na siya yun pinakamatagal na dito so I assumed….”

“I just returned here last year. She doesn’t know.”

She was blankly staring at the floor overwhelmed with finally seeing him after all these years.

“Had I known you were here, I would have readily declined. I could still ask Father Francis to assign someone else.. if you’re not comfortable with me around.”

He was glancing at her as he spoke. She, on the other hand fixed her gaze on the floor, afraid that looking in his eyes would reveal what she feels at the moment.

” I can just look for someone to take my place. we haven’t started yet anyway.”

“No Chard, I have no problem with it. It’s been a long time already. We need to at least be civil while we prepare for the show. Let’s do this for the kids, for the school.”

“That’s fine with me.”

He briefly glanced at her and put on a small smile.

“I just want to request that we should not let anyone know about anything. It’s better that way.”

Richard nods in agreement.


They walked towards the music room in silence. Neither wanted to start a conversation. She opened the music room.

“I’ll leave you na muna Chard. You can check the instruments. This place is still the same. No major changes have been made and Im sure you’re still familiar with it. I’ll just call the other teachers assigned so we can talk about the show. ”

She tried her best to be calm while talking to him. Her eyes were evasive though and he was very aware of it.

“Okay. I’ll just wait here.”

Maya was on her way out but suddenly stopped and turned around.

“By the way, have you eaten breakfast? They serve breakfast at the canteen now. Do you want me to order anything for you? Tocilog? Tapsilog? Sandwich? Coffee? Iced tea?”

She blurted the words in such a hurry that made her nervousness evident.

Richard declined.

“No Maya, I’ve eaten already. Thanks anyway.”

“Okay .”

Then she hurriedly went out of the music room.

Richard couldn’t control that sad smile in his face when she left the music room. Oh God she looks so gorgeous – those sultry bambi eyes that once pierced through his soul, the full luscious lips, her long sexy legs, her long straight hair and that sway of her behind when she left the room.

Unlike before, he now noticed how sexy she was. All the curves in the proper places, her bosom grew bigger, an evidence of her being a mom and he felt envious of the man who is allowed to bask in her beauty. Damn Richard you are not supposed to have these thoughts, he scolded himself.

But most of all he was happy at her small show of concern.

Seven years. Seven years ago he was hopelessly in love with Maya. Actually 7 years ago was the time they parted ways. They’ve been together as a couple for 2 years and were friends for quite sometime before they became a couple.

And she still remembers the food he likes, especially his fondness for iced tea. It’s been seven years but his heart still skipped a beat upon seeing her. But he knows that he must not allow himself to fall for her again, or more accurately, he must stop his 7 year old longing for her. It’s difficult, but he must, especially now that he’ll be closely working with her.

All these years he tried to ignore the feeling, thinking that the years would numb his pain and would make him eventually forget her but the meeting awhile ago showed him how vulnerable he was when it comes to her.

She still has that same effect on him. He knows it’s wrong and he would never hurt anyone just to get what he wants.

He stares at the ring on his finger.

” Oh God please help me…”

Preview of the next chapter

“James can you please come home?”

“Why Maya? May problema ba?”

“I need you here.”


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  1. omg, kaabang-abang, exciting hope to read the update soon ms. timmy. i guess i read some of your word sa EB dati … thanks for sharing this 🙂

  2. OMG….how fate plays a cruel joke on them…. I can not wait for the next chapter!!!! sana with more of their past to enlighten us…..thank you for this new ff

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