The Heart Never Forgets – 1

A/N Matagal na rin to. I just cant get enough of our dear couple so heto while  spending a lazy weekend, i’m tinkering on some of my bcwmh “naka baul” na files again. I hope i could find the complete story pero dont worry, i’ll finish this one whether I find the other parts of this ff or not. 

Ay ang haba ng paliwanag. Here goes na lang.

He is standing in front of the huge gate of his alma mater, Northwest Hills Montessori. He’s been there for more than 10 minutes already. Upon parking his car outside the school premises, the feeling of nostalgia engulfed him. This school had been his home for twelve years.

Twelve years. He could still remember his very first day here. He was with his grandpa. Since his mom and dad separated when he was barely 3, his lolo and lola, acted as his mom and dad. They lived together in a large mansion a town away from where his school is.

His lolo is quite known in their place. He’s a well-known politician and businessman. He was well-loved too. His lolo is also a known philanthropist and despite just living with his only grandson, many people frequent their mansion. They have a very efficient household staff. Manang Fe, Mang Lem, Joma, Liza, Doris and Sabel. Manang Fe and Mang Lem have been working with the family since they were on their teens. His great grandpa was their employer.

His reminiscing was disrupted when the school gate opens and he is greeted by a lady guard.

“Good Morning Sir! Sino po ang kailangan nyo?”

“Good Morning! Im here to meet Ms. Rafi Alcantara.”

“Sino po sila Sir? Para matawagan ko po muna sa faculty room si Ma’m Rafi.”

“Please tell her its Mr. Lim. She is expecting me.”

“Okay Sir. Tawagan ko po muna.” She dials the number of the faculty room.

Minutes later, Ms. Rafi met Richard by the gate.

“Ricky, I’m really glad that you’re here. ”

“I’m glad to be of help. Besides I wouldn’t hear the end of it from Fr. Francis. He’s been bugging me the whole weekend. ”

“Hahaha! Malakas talaga ako kay Father.”

Rafi led Richard to where the faculty room is.

“Well, honestly, I love working with kids and besides my schedule isn’t busy for this month so it’s really okay with me.”

“Salamat naman. Highly recommended ka ni Father kaya ngayon pa lang Im looking forward to your work with the kids and with us na rin. Baka mas mahirapan ka sa mga teachers at parents kesa sa kids ” Rafi kidded.

“I’ve prepared myself for it, hahaha!”

On their way to the faculty room, Rafi updated Richard of the show they will be staging next month. It’s a concert to showcase the talents of the students. It is also a fundraising activity of the school so it definitely should be worth every audience’s pay.


A week ago, Rafi was frantically talking to Father Francis about the concert. She dropped by the convent to return some books borrowed from Fr. Francis. The former vocal and instrument trainer of their school just resigned due to some illness and they were left at a loss on how to go about with the show.

They need someone to train the kids and pull off a good show. They could not cancel the show since the tickets have already been printed and the sponsors have given their financial donations. They have no other option but to push through with the show.

The Music Department is deep in talent. They have good musicians, dancers and singers but they need someone who could make the talents of each student blend well with each other. They need someone who knows how to handle concerts and live shows, someone who could direct the students and someone with the leadership.

Hearing Rafi’s dilemma, Fr. Francis, the former school chaplain of Northwest Hills Montessori, readily suggested Richard Lim to her.

Richard Lim was also visiting Fr. Francis when Rafi arrived. They were briefly introduced to each other awhile ago and they were having breakfast at Fr. Francis’ convent when Rafi discussed her school’s problem.

“Ricky, mabuti pa tulungan mo na sila sa Northwest Hills. ”

“You know Rafi, Ricky here is a musical director. He directed plays and concerts already and I’m very sure he would love to help you.”

Fr. Francis volunteered Richard in such a way that it was difficult for him to decline.

Richard just smiled. He was non-committal. But when he saw Rafi’s hopeful look, he had no choice but to say yes.

“Oh my God. You are such a lifesaver Ricky!”

Out of relief and excitement, Rafi hugged him.

Richard was happy to be of help. Besides he really loves the art of entertainment. He loves kids and he always feels alive when he does what he loves most.

The only thing that bothers him is how to face the school that he vowed never to set foot on for the rest of his life.

Preview of the next chapter:

“Look, Maya, I wasn’t aware you’re still working here. Rafi mentioned na siya yun pinakamatagal na dito so I assumed….”

“I just returned here last year. She doesn’t know.”


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