The Adventures and Misadventures of Ricky, Maya and Ryan: First Night Jitters

Ricky and Maya just finished another day of the Marriage seminar. The discussion today was about the Marriage Inventory which tackled their views of each other, their compatibility, how they see each other and the topic which Maya can’t seem to shake off her mind – intimacy.

The moment their discussion reached the part regarding intimacy, Maya felt uneasy and embarrassed. She tried her best to act composed but her body language betrayed her. She was blushing, her ears and cheeks were fast turning to the different shades of red. Even her hands wont cooperate that she fidgeted with her bag, her hankie, her hair, with her pen and even with the inventory sheet. Ricky was eyeing her carefully, completely understanding that Maya is totally inexperienced with all these and she was overwhelmed with the way he explained what intimacy is. He thought he did it the proper way so as not to scare her.

Ricky: (reading what Maya wrote as her definition of intimacy)”Ang intimacy ay parang rosaryo, puno ng misteryo.” (He couldn’t control himself from laughing) “Ano to slumbook?”

Maya covered her face with both her hands in embarassment. Ricky was quick enough to remove her hands.

Ricky: Dont cover your face. I want to see you. Ang cute ng sagot mo and we both need an icebreaker. Ang boring kaya nitong seminar (he whispered in her ear, with the intention of making their discussion bearable for her)

Sensing that Maya is a bit relaxed now, he turned serious. He believed that since he was the mature one, the experienced one in their relationship, he should be the one explaining and he should be leading the way.

Ricky: Well intimacy is basically being physically and emotionally connected to one another. And sa mag-asawa, when you have to make love.

Maya was at first eagerly listening to him but the moment he said the second line, she felt herself blush again and now she can’t bring herself to look at him. He silently reprimanded himself for being so casual in mentioning that word to her. He should have known better. Now it would be even more difficult to make her relax throughout the seminar.

Ricky held both her hands to try to calm her down.

Ricky: Maya, relax. This isn’t the actual thing yet so don’t worry. Besides I’m here. I will be with you every step of the way. (he was staring at her evasive eyes while saying this)

This didnt help especially with his voice and the way he stared. Maya turned even more red and became more jittery. She excused herself to go to the restroom.

Ricky: Do you want me to accompany you?

Maya: NO!!!! (she said in a bit higher-than-normal voice which surprised even herself)

Ricky: Okay. I just want to make sure you’re okay. Are you okay?

Maya: (now he voice lower)Uhm oo, o..ookay lang ako.

Then she asked the facilitators permission and went out to go to the restroom.

Inside the LAS office, Ricky was pacing back and forth feeling anxious. He called Liza with the original intention of asking her to find him a copy of the dvd he saw at Maya’s condo.

Lisa: Sir, what do you want me to do?

Richard: Ah, Lisa… uhmmm…. do you know where to find rare dvds?

Lisa: Documentaries Sir? Or Movies?

Richard: Ah, a tutorial video… do you know where to find those?

Lisa was looking at him and wondering why her usually-composed-calm-and-sure-of-himself boss is now fidgety and finding it hard to give her the details on what he wants her to do.

Lisa: It depends Sir on what videos you need. If rare movies pwede naman sa video stores. If they dont have a copy, I can request them to find us one. But it would take a couple of days before we actually get the copy. If super rare naman Sir na not sold sa market, baka we can search online for some hobbyists who might have those. Ano po ba na video Sir?

Lisa was frustrated of her boss’ incomplete information and seemingly hesitation to tell her what he really needs. She’s a person who wants to get things done at once and like Richard Lim she also wants people who are frank, straight to the point, and not beating around the bush. But right now that’s what her boss is like.

Lisa: Sir? what video po ba?

Richard: Ah, uhmmm… forget it…. Just call Ryan and tell him to see me this afternoon.

Lisa: Okaaayyyy… I’ll tell Atty Ryan to come over. Sir, okay lang ba kayo?

Richard: Yes. Im fine. Thank you Lisa.

Richard heaved a sigh of relief. He couldn’t believe that he actually was supposed to ask Lisa to find him that dvd. Good thing that he was able to restrain himself. It would be embarassing for him to ask his longtime trusted assistant to do that for him. He was someone Lisa respects and Lisa would be totally shocked and might even picture him differently had he proceeded with his plan to ask her to find that video.

Richard stayed in his office during lunchtime. He didnt have the appetite to eat so he spent it answering emails and also talking to Maya who is now in Cebu. She would be back in Manila in the afternoon. While busy with his laptop, he heard a tap on his door..

Ryan: Brod, you want to see me?

Richard: Yes brod, upo ka muna. Have you eaten lunch? Let’s ask Lisa to order.

Ryan: Ah wag na brod, kumain na ako. Tubig na lang. Ang init kasi sa RTC kanina.

Richard called Lisa and requested for 2 glasses of water.

Ryan: What’s so important ba? Lisa said na i should be here asap. Ano bang atin? (Ryan seated himself comfortably on the padded chair across Richard’s while drinking the ice-cold water Lisa served)

Richard: (still fidgety but he wants to get this over with and there’s no one else to help him but Ryan) Brod, can you help me look for a particular tutorial video (he was trying subtly), yun “Lovemaking and the Modern Ways to Satisfy your Partner & make them want more ?” (the last line said in almost a whisper but clear enough that Ryan almost spat the water he was drinking. His eyes grew big with surprise then it turned to a teasing look. Then he broke into fits of uncontrollable laughter.)

Ryan: (now laughing) Brod, ano bang pinagsasabi mo? What do you need that for? Para kanino ba yan? Ang haba ng title ha!

Richard: (smirks) Basta! Can you find me one?

Ryan: Ay teka, that’s a big favor you’re asking for. Tell me muna all about it. (he’s still teasing the embarrassed Richard) Atsaka bakit ako ang tinatanong mo? Malay ko ba dyan.

Richard: And who would I ask? Di ba you’re familiar with those? Naalala mo yun bag mo full of those, yun nakita ni Maya? Remember?

Ryan: Brod, linawin ko lang ha. Hindi akin yun. Sa client ko yun.

Richard: Still, you know more about stuff like that than me.

Ryan: Naku brod hindi, ha! I’ve never heard of that. San mo ba nakita yan and what do you need it for?

Richard cant seem to answer Ryan’s question. He’s really embarrassed and couldnt get himself to speak.

Sensing the uneasiness of his friends but his seriousness in what he is asking from him, Ryan decided to get serious.

Ryan: Seriously brod, why are you looking for that. May ganyan ba na video? San mo narinig yan?

Richard: Kina Maya..

Ryan: Wooah! Mahilig manood ng ganyan si Maya!!!???

Richard: No… Si Emman ata. Maybe he made Maya watch it. Maybe para… para she’ll know what to do kung… alam mo na….

Ryan: Brod ano ba yan… para kang highschool jan. As if you dont know these things. Ano ka ba? Nakakatuwa ang hitsura mo actually. The great Richard Lim is…

Richard: Stop it Ryan…

Ryan: Ang akin lang brod, why are you worried that Maya and Emman is watching that. Eh di ba gay naman si Emman so practically safe….

Richard: No that’s not what I meant.

Ryan: I cant get you eh.. You’re talking in riddles. Linawin mo kasi.

Richard: I need to watch that video to know kung ano yun napanood ni Maya, brod.

Ryan: Eh di watch it with her. anong problema non?

Richard: I wont do that!!!

Ryan: Relax relax brod. Masyado mong pinapahirapan ang sarili mo. Eh if you dont want to watch it together… hiramin mo na lang kay Emman. If ayaw ibigay, magpapaisyu ako ng search warrant.

Ryan was laughing now. He finds the dilemma of his friend absurd and juvenile.

Richard: I wont borrow it and I wont let them know na alam ko na nanood sila nun. They werent aware that I saw the video.

Ryan: Naku, e dont watch it na lang. Hayaan mo na sila. Let Maya explore, i mean find out, through those videos of course. You dont have to watch it. Di mo naman ata kailangan ng tutorial.

Ryan was controlling himself from laughing seeing how pissed Richard is already.

Richard: Di naman sa ganun. I just want to see kung how extreme the video was.. kasi.. alam mo… I might overdo it when….

Ryan: Okay stop na brod, dont describe it please. Im a decent lawyer you know…

Richard: Ewan ko sa’yo Ryan. Im serious here. Baka you want me to remind me of your first encounter during first year high …

Ryan: Okay na brod. I get it, you dont have to blackmail me with that… sige i’ll be serious now.

Ryan: Ganito lang, if you want to watch the video, either borrow it from Emman without Maya’s knowledge or yun sabi ko nga kanina watch it together, tutal dun naman kayo papunta eh. If not naman, eh di pretend that you werent aware that she watched it.

Richard: Pero pano yan if I fall short of her expectations after she watched it? Or baka matakot siya sakin if ill overdo it nga?

Ryan: Naku brod ang laki naman ng problema mo. Halika samahan kita kay Dra. Holmes

Richard: Im serious Ryan.

Ryan: Brod, you wont need it. Atsaka kilala mo si Maya. You can adjust your performance to how she reacts. Dahan dahanin mo lang.

Richard: I dont know brod. I want everything to be perfect with her kasi..

Ryan: Naku brod, that’s the price you have to pay for being a complete gentleman nung girlfriend mo siya. Dapat kasi you introduced her to what would happen… prelude ba… Or gusto mo ipakausap ko sa asawa ko.

Richard: Wag! Naku baka kung ano ano ang ituro nyo kay Maya.

Ryan: Aynaku Richard Lim, ang laki ng problema mo. Sige na nga at ako ay late na for my afternoon hearing. Thank you for that icebreaker. I needed that. Akala ko pa naman kung anong problema.

Then Ryan went out laughing at the expense of his friend leaving Richard shaking his head in annoyance.

Now at the condo, he was seated waiting for Maya who was busy preparing snacks

Maya: SIr Chief, may popcorn dito atsaka iced tea.

Richard smiled at her.

Richard: Halika na dito. Merienda na tayo. Why popcorn? wala bang sandwich?

Maya: Ah di pa kami nakagrocery ni Emman. Bukas pa. Until 9 yun pasok nya mamaya. Popcorn lang ang available. Saka mas bagay naman yan kung manonood ng movie di ba?

Richard: Sabagay. Pero arent you hungry, you want to have pizza delivered?

Maya: Ay busog ako Sir Chief. Birthday kasi ni Josh kaya nagpakain siya kanina. Ikaw baka gusto mo, order ka na.

Richard: Ah no. It’s okay. i had a heavy lunch naman kanina. Sige watch na tayo ng movie. What movie ba ang panoorin natin?

Maya: Eto Sir Chief..

Then she shows the video. Tama kayo. Yun ngang tutorial video na pinoproblema ni Richard.

Richard: Maya, wala bang iba. Parang hindi naman…

Maya: Ayaw mo? at least maexplain mo sakin lalo na wala si Emman. Kasi di ako makapagconcentrate pag siya kasama ko.

Richard: Ah eh Maya…

Maya was suddenly disappointed. She was looking forward to ask her Sir Chief about certain points in the video.

Sensing her disappointment, Richard relented but he was now feeling uneasy in anticipation of what the video might show. He might not be able to control himself.

He even finished his iced tea even before the movie started.

He could see the anticipation in Maya’s eyes and he was scared on how to deal with his predicament now.

5 minutes into the video, he was surprised top see that it was indeed a tutorial video, like those human anatomy subjects in med school. Maybe it had the title to entice viewers or maybe it was Emman’s way of teasing Maya.

He shook his head, laughing at himself.

Richard: Tara na Maya, let’s just watch a movie sa moviehouse. Boring naman yan eh. Ako na lang ang magtuturo sa’yo.

He teased her.

Maya: Oy Sir Chief ha! Sige sa labas na lang tayo.

Then she hurriedly changed her clothes and they went watching a new movie together.

Richard was amused with Maya’s naivety, innocence and he felt priviledged to be her future husband, to be the lifetime partner of this wonderful woman.

A/N Matagal na rin to, hence the plot. I didnt send it sa EBU. Pardon the inconsistencies and errors. No time to edit na kasi. Basta I did it for the love of bcwmh


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